The waistcoat or suit vest is ultra versatile and has a major role to play in menswear when done right: tucked under a dapper suit jacket as part of a three-piece suit, or flying solo with jeans and a button-up shirt. If you love the menswear trend, why not try rocking a head-to-toe three-piece suit? This isn't an easy look to pull off, but if you're going to do it keep this one thing in mind: fit is key. Just like with men's suiting, the better the suit fits your body, the better you will look. (If you're feeling too tomboyish, just add a red lip for a little glamorous edge.) You can also try an open vest over a button-down shirt, or lose the jacket altogether!
A cropped, fitted vest is a great way to show off a toned waist and arms. It also looks sophisticated and polished — a perfect option for business casual office environments. 

Spring in Ukraine can be so silly and proud. I can't really give a specific forecast for the weather but one thing is sure summer will soon be here.

Off-shoulder is a perfect obsession for any fashion lover, it comes in different unique styles and textures. The tulle skirt is a cute semi-opaque spring/summer 2017 fashion essential. Looking for how to style a tulle skirt? here is another fun way. 
There are so many ways to wear or style this ballerina skirt. Tips in wearing a tutu skirt should Always be creating a balance between the fabric textures, by pairing with pastel colours and choosing the right tulle skirt that suits your waist size perfectly. Stilettos do it better but you can always pull it off with sneakersAlso styled here.

It's been a long week for me, traveling to another city, eating out, drinking lots of coffee, and meeting new people. These few days have taught me a lot, which involves interacting with people and learning new beliefs and ways of life. I visited Lviv city for a health program about HIV and Aids and had a chance to hear and learn new ways HIV can be reduced or eradicated from our society.

The question has been asked several times: which is better to focus on? Abstinence when it comes to sex as a means of transmission (high rate), reducing the virus, which involves those who have been affected sexually or by body fluids, Breast milk (from mother to child during pregnancy), Sharing needles or syringes, rinse water, or other equipment used to prepare injection drugs with someone who has HIV. HIV can live in a used needle for up to 42 days, depending on temperature and other factors.

Focus :
Reduction: the action or fact of making something smaller or less in amount, degree, or size.
  • Prevention is the action of stopping something from happening or arising.
  • Abstinence: the practice of restraining oneself from indulging in something.
The benefits of abstinence and fidelity have become entangled with the virtues of marriage, and it has been hard to separate personal choices from dominant cultural norms. The promotion of condoms has been portrayed as the promotion of promiscuity. Conversely, and in reaction to the perceived morality of the majority, ‘great sex’ has sometimes been portrayed as a right and a good thing in itself; suggesting or influencing people to delay or restrict has been seen as oppressive.

When it comes to this broad topic, people have different opinions about it. The church says abstinence is the best; parents say the same thing; peer pressure and social health say let's forget about abstinence and focus on reducing the virus.

Now, in my opinion, the virus is fast spreading every year. Reducing the virus should be the main focus, but we cannot forget that we still have young people who we can catch, and so we still need to promote abstinence to help the young or unaffected people.

HIV has eaten deep into our society, and everyone is to blame, as everyone has a role to play in this, starting from our immediate family, religious leaders, health care providers, educational centers, the media, and our government. More awareness has to be made because there are people who do not yet know about HIV or what a condom is. Its a big world, and blaming any person or body can not help us; instead, we need quick, active solutions.

In all this, one thing is sure: for those of you who know about the killer virus, spread the word to help reduce the virus and abstain. Do what you can to help your immediate society, because if your society is sick, it can also affect you.

If you have any contributions to make on this topic, please feel free to leave a comment below and also share. Thank you so much for stopping by. Remember, HIV doesn't show in your physical appearance; your health is your wealth.

Outfit details:
Trench coat :Trendy Turndown Collar Long Sleeves Green Satin Long Trench Coats.

Dress: Spaghetti Strap Black High Low Sleeveless Dress : Zaful. Shoes : SUEDE SNOW BOOTS, the bar heels by Casnaboty.

Glasses: I am wearing the Aspen Black, with a black lens, Mable design which is one of the most trendy designs.
Purchasing good quality Jeans is one of the easiest way to keep up with trends. You can stay current on the latest and hottest trends in denim by purchasing this Lykke Blue block Jeans which has a Retromodern style and vibe.
It has a better fit with more accurate sizing than mass production Jean companies. Most basic Jeans you buy are sized on a sizing scale with predetermined widths and lengths. This often leaves your Jeans either too long or too short in the leg. Dr Denim jeans are sized by both waist and inseam measurements, so you can find the right size for your body.
This Jean is available in sizes 24-32 waist and 24 and 26 inseam.
Stay trendy and stylish in this showing off your ankle in this versatile jeans, Rock it with a block heels, boots or even sandals.
Who says fashion has to be complicated? Sometimes the best outfits are the ones that take minimal effort. A Pair of jeans and a cute top can always look chic when styled with the right accessory.

 I decided to put together a collection of my own "outfit completers" which was not planned, to share with you for back-to-school styling ideas. Basically, this is a fashion tip on how to go about a day to evening look without stress, wearing the same outfit. It is about adding the right accessories to uplift your look.

I added an ethnic print maxi dress, as a kimono from Zaful, to step up my look for the evening. I wore my a pair of creepers from Casnaboty and a long sweater to give a proper school look which is very simple but stylish.

This is an all green outfit, wearing A Size 44 pull and bear baggy Men's wear, Ara lemon green top, Bershka black belt, Sammydress CardiganNora Petite Wrist Watch from Mockberg which represents Scandinavian minimalist elegance and Cairo Tortoise sunglasses from El roy eyewear.
Summer Summer!! yes, I can't get enough of this season. I hope you all feel the same way. Undeniably, the weather just calls for so many outdoor activities, the hustle and bustle is just off the hook. 
It's all fun and games until you leave the house without a pair of sunglasses. Let me paint a picture: Looking at people and objects around is going to take more effort than you can imagine. First, you are going to have to squint all day and probably come home with a bad headache and then you could develop wrinkles around your eyes with time, or worse end up with a cataract as you age. Now we don't want all that happening, do we?
 Sunglasses are just perfect for this season for various reasons. Aside from the fact that they obviously complement your outfit , there are more important reasons you should not leave home without a pair just like this Cairo Tortoise sunglasses from El roy eye wear. 
You do not want those ultraviolet rays penetrating into those beautiful eyes of yours. By now. I am sure we are all aware that good sunglasses offer us those protection.
This Elroy sunglasses are amaze balls, they offer good UV protection. They are very fashionable with beautiful frame colors and shapes and they are also very affordable.

Hello, Thank you so much for stopping by today, since you are here, lets talk about bridal bikinis. What are your thoughts?
Lots of controversies about the bridal Bikini, are you daring enough to wear a beach wedding bikini?.
I am wearing the lace bridal off shoulder  two piece from Glitz up collections, it  fits the beach perfectly and is designed to to fit a wedding appearance. If wearing a bikini wedding dress seems so perfect to you, check out this white lace off shoulder two piece from glitz up summer collections. White which is the traditional color is mostly worn but blue will also fit perfectly.
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