Tuesday, May 16


Being black is never a crime, I can go over and over again about how this affects my career as a black girl. Trying to be on top, I work twice harder so I can fit in. I am done trying to fit in, I changed this 2yrs ago. I give my terms and conditions for working with any brand.

In the fashion industry racism has eaten into the system, its trying to change now but watch runway shows how many black girls photos are reposted on the Instagram pages by the top brands they work with. Now you might be wondering what I mean by black skin, I mean black people with the Dark colored skin. The light skinned ones get to work since they look a little like the white people.

I am a fashion model and lifestyle blogger I collaborate with brands, keep to the terms and conditions and still yet some brands still find it difficult to feature black bloggers on their website and Social Medias. Quality work, well written post, much sales gained and It all stops at the blog.
Most magazines and photoshoots featuring black models and white models together give room to the white skinned person to stay in front. This is so wicked, I can not remember how my skin color offended anyone. The fashion world is full of white-washed runways and black is all an addition.
You keep hearing words like “We’ve already got a black girl,” “It’s not our creative vision,” “Our customer isn’t ready yet.” These are the excuses you get to hear time and time.

Do you know that there are white brands who only work with light and white skinned individuals? Yes. But the sad story is that even when the black brands come up they still go for white skinned individuals. This has been on my mind and If sharing will help how pained I am then so be it.

I wrote an email to an online clothing website, I use to work for and I asked why their Instagram page is white washed and I was replied that It is their management to decide.
It has been a long time view in the fashion industry. Everyone at one point have asked his/herself what the problem is? The black nation need to step up in everything, not just in the fashion industry.

In life, there are constants and there are variables. One of my constants is that I am Black; another is that I will be proud of that regardless of how those around me feel, but that doesn't mean I don't wish for a little warmer welcome in the fashion industry. And that speaks to the variables: I can’t control how people feel about people of color or how blackness is perceived. Fashion’s way of whitewashing cultures will hold us back until it begins to understand the subliminal messages it conveys every time women of color are left out of a runway line-up, and aren't represented in the pages of magazines or catered to appropriately in the beauty aisle. #lynettenylander

No matter where and how Far I go with my journey, after being born into a Christian home, being black is another  thing I will always love, be grateful and die with.
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