Sunday, July 3


Summer Summer!! yes, I can't get enough of this season. I hope you all feel the same way. Undeniably, the weather just calls for so many outdoor activities, the hustle and bustle is just off the hook. 
It's all fun and games until you leave the house without a pair of sunglasses. Let me paint a picture: Looking at people and objects around is going to take more effort than you can imagine. First, you are going to have to squint all day and probably come home with a bad headache and then you could develop wrinkles around your eyes with time, or worse end up with a cataract as you age. Now we don't want all that happening, do we?
 Sunglasses are just perfect for this season for various reasons. Aside from the fact that they obviously complement your outfit , there are more important reasons you should not leave home without a pair just like this Cairo Tortoise sunglasses from El roy eye wear. 
You do not want those ultraviolet rays penetrating into those beautiful eyes of yours. By now. I am sure we are all aware that good sunglasses offer us those protection.
This Elroy sunglasses are amaze balls, they offer good UV protection. They are very fashionable with beautiful frame colors and shapes and they are also very affordable.

Talking about the strappy sandals, they are just perfect for summer, trendy and very comfortable to walk on. For those that really love high straps,they are long enough that  it could almost reach your hip bone..lol! 
Anyways, they come in a variety of colors and sizes, the heels are well balanced, you could almost run with them and here is the best part: you can get them at very reasonable prices!
Get my Strap Gladiator sandals for less from Na-kd.com by using the code melodyjacobs20 at check out.
I am wearing the stone necklace and ear rings  from Taro collection
Short : Sammydress
Top :
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