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This post tells the story of the successful family run team behind the stunning Jovani Dress collection.

Every fantastic fashion studded line of designer dresses have come from a certain history. Their story tells the tale of success and how their collections have made it into the heart of the mainstream woman. The Jovani Dress Collection is a brilliant example of this. Coming from a rich history, we will discuss how the fundamentals of this designer brand were built up over the years.

Coming from humble origins, it’s fascinating to look back and see how this stunning line began. Let’s take a peek into the history of the Jovani Dress Collection originally started by the Maslavis.

The History of the Jovani Dresse
Jovani Fashion had its humble beginnings back in 1980 when the line was originally started by Jacob Maslavi and his sons, Abraham and Saul. Originally, there was only a team of ten people involved in getting things moving. The team of ten was in charge of the operational side, designing and manufacturing.

This all involved a line of 15 styles that were especially designed for boutique stores as specialty dresses. With special occasions being the Maslavi’s expertise, in 1996, the family team took their designs to American designer Sherri Hill to help them grow their brand further. Making this bold move really paid off. After taking it to Sherri Hill, Jovani became part of the fashion house for the next decade as they expanded their line of beautiful ball gowns.

What About Modern Day Jovani?

Jovani is now a successful fashion line of stunning prom dresses that has kept its family-centric vision but has grown its roots further. Now, it is a buzzing company which employs 50 members of staff and ships out their line to over 2,000 online retailers. Now, they are taking their dresses to a global market, their designer line has really picked up and has now become a feature of well-known stores such as Neiman Marcus.
The Jovani range continues to create some daring designs thanks to their chief designer Julie DuRocher. Drawing inspiration from all over the world as she travels, Julie has been incorporating detailed embellishments and bead work in some of their latest designs. Not only this, the dresses feature some dazzling encrusted jewels set on quality, heavyweight materials that provide the dress with the ultimate finish.  

What really separates Jovani as a successful prom dress line is their innovative flair. No matter where they are in the marketplace, bringing out genuinely fresh designs is at the heart of their creativity. Julie, along with the design team, ensures their newest designs are injected with the latest and upcoming trends to mix the exciting with the most-loved designs. It’s no wonder the 2,000 retailers stocking the Jovani line are featuring the line as one of their most popular set of prom dresses.

They Continue To Grow…
The improvement and growth doesn’t stop there. For the Jovani line and their family run business, the company continues to exceed expectations and grow even further. Due to their innovative high-quality designs, the company is now ranked among one of the top selling brands. Their name is featured with other big brands such as Neiman Marcus and even Harrods!

With over 600 new designs coming off their sketch-pads and onto the shelves every single year, the brand never ceases to amaze. Jovani is thriving as an evening wear brand and has established a strong presence in the prom dress market. Many women and girls alike have fallen in love with the striking designs featured in the latest ranges.

Now that Jovani has become an established player in the evening wear market, they have continued to expand their ranges. Now, they cater for everyone from the excitable teenager seeking a prom dress to a bride-to-be’s wedding gown!

Why The Jovani Range Has Become One Of The Best Sellers

As you look deeper into the history of the dresses, it’s clear to see that their strong presence in the marketplace is built from quality and creativity. They have been major players in the evening gown and cocktail dress sector for over 35 years now. Even though the father, Jacob Maslavi, has stepped down from his post, his sons continue the legacy further. Saul and Abraham are ensuring the vision is still strong and in the heart of each cocktail dress designed in the Jovani range.

Nowadays, the brand has become known as a trendsetter in large cities of America such as New York and amongst celebs too. You will also find however the brands popularity has stretched to cover other major cities across the world too.

This growing success has been consistent and is largely down to the talented team behind the dresses. Creating every glamorous evening dress for every glamorous occasion, the Jovani line has become known for their style. With the common theme of femininity running through every dress, the tailored and intricate way the gowns are designed emphasize and complement natural female beauty.

For this reason, the Jovani dresses will never go out of fashion and remain to be best sellers for years to come. They also feature some sexy prom gowns which maintain an air of elegance. If you are looking for a retailer who stocks dresses suitable from prom but with a hint of sensuality then check out the sexy prom dress at www.peachesboutique.com.

Now An Internationally Recognized Brand

Now you are a getting a larger picture of the success of the Jovani range, it’s clear to see that they must keep improving to remain consistent players. With the clear vision of creating the most glamorous designer dresses, the brand has continued to build their world-renowned reputation.
How have they continued to do this so successfully? Well, it’s partly down to the sons continuing their father’s vision and enhancing the line of evening wear so it fits into every element of a woman’s life. To become more of an all-encompassing brand, this means the design team needed to think outside the box. They therefore created twists on the classics that Jovani was well known for. This way they kept their old loyal audience and managed to appeal to a wider range of people from teenagers to brides.

Now they are the go-to designers for a number of special occasions on a global scale. The team behind the Jovani range has built up a stunning collection of dresses that have the hallmark stamp of their brand which gives them a strong presence on any website. New York has made the brand highly popular as the range is now featured in the evening and special occasions garment district.

On a wider scale however, the company has grown holistically. On a business, marketing, design and advertising level, Jovani continues to display creativity. Still keeping it within the family, however, the company’s employees deal with all these elements and will rarely outsource. So along with their fashion-forward designs they have become a business-minded organization with the ability to take sales to the next level.

How Jovani Has Expanded In Their Prom Dress Ranges

You will be pleased to know that their prom dress ranges have also taken off! Not only have the team created dresses for older consumers with more money to spend, they have also catered to younger audiences looking for prom dresses. Now with their more affordable JVN line, the collection features a range of prom dresses. This line also features cocktail gowns and other dresses suitable for pageants, weddings, mother of the brides and much more. You will no doubt find something within your budget and something stunning for the event you had in mind with the JVN range.

Jovani has become an integral part of the major developments in a woman’s life. No matter what the occasion, there is a dress to suit it perfectly. From bat mitzvahs to weddings and proms, the ladies can make a real entrance with the beautiful Jovani evening gown.
Now they have built a loyal consumer base which is continuing to grow year on year, it’s no wonder the Jovani sales are over the roof. Annually, it’s estimated the brand are raking in retail sales of over $125 million per year! Their growing popularity has made them one of the most successful prom retailers across the globe and an appealing choice for women looking to make a statement.

It’s clear to see, the victory of this brand has come from a talented and intelligent team of designers and bold business minds. As they continue to create stunning lines of prom dresses and evening gowns, their designs will grow with their customers through essential events in their lives.


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