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Do you want to relieve itchiness?
Do you want to get rid of those rashes?
Do you want a solution to dry Flaky skin?
The perfect solution is the Oats Oats Baby by Body Blendz. Naturally brewed to suit your skin, taking care skin issues and leaving your skin at its best condition.
                                                          It contains
Arabica beans :  This is the finest quality of coffee plant, Gotten from the highlands of Ethiopia, it reduces the appearance of cellulite , treats eczema, psoriasis, stretch mark and it is suitable for all skin types. (offers protection against skin damage).
Oat meal : Contains lubricating fats that promotes skin anti-aging. Contains anti cancer properties, removes skin dryness, has skin lightening effect, for treatment of chicken pox and serves as a natural cleanser.
Jojoba oil : Produced Simmondsia chinenesis plant which moisturizes the skin, increases skin appearances by  reducing and preventing wrinkles. Increases skin firmness and texture. Encourages regeneration of skin cells and tones. Fights wrinkles and cellulite. Reduces oily skin and regulates sebum production.

Extra virgin coconut oil : Also known as copra oil, Increases natural production of collagen, provides effective protection against sunlight. Fights against skin diseases.
Raw Sugar : It exfoliates your body and scrubs away dead skin. Helps in skin hydration and conditioning.
Sea Salt : It is produced from the evaporation of seawater. Generally maintaining electrolyte body balance, detoxifies, prevents retention of fluid , improves skin tone.

Macademia oil.
Sweet almond oil.
Extra Virgin Olive oil.
Orange oil'
Organic desiccated coconut flakes.
Very interesting and rich product, in my next post i will write the benefits of the mentioned above.Body Blendz does not contain any preservative, artificial ingredients or nasties. Highly enriched with natural ingredients in the correct proportion.

I am so impressed with the result, i will highly recommend this product. Skin patch test is highly required to play safe.
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