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Bright yellow has the pop. I love this gel 604 lollipop collection from Makear. Professional UV/LED gel polish.The polish is so nice, with an attractive color and a perfect shine. This nail color suits summer so much. It lasts long and Dries very fast. High gloss,non-toxic,3-free and Easy to apply.

The application is very easy using my set of Makear, clean my nail surface before the application.
Apply base gel thinly then cure.
Apply color thinly then cure.
Apply color thinly with second coat then cure.
Apply top coat then cure.

Curing time:
90s-20s (36W UV)
60s-90s (36W UV)

Size: 8ml(0.27fl.oz)

Summer colors are always bold and colorful, with bright hues and saturated colors. 
Do not be afraid to try bright nails colors, its very fun and a statement especially when mixed with other colors.

To purchase this Gel nail polish, visit Makear,pl. Feel free to explore by browsing through.

You can find a lot of creative inspirational nails designs, get your nails done and flaunt them. In my next nails post i will be mixing colors and adding so much fun to my nail style. So you don't miss out subscribe to the newsletter.

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