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This is not my 1st time visiting this city but I love sharing my pictures so just sit back and enjoy. As for whether the city is boring or not keep reading to know my opinion. 
Zaporozhye or Zaporizhia, former Aleksandrovsk (before 1921), is a city and administrative centre of Zaporozhye region located in southeastern Ukraine. The city stands on the Dnieper River. It is an important railway hub and river port. There is an airport in the city. Zaporozhye stretches for several kilometres along the Dnieper River, with a green belt separating industrial and residential areas. Population - 762,400 (2014).Area code - +380 61; postal codes - 69000-69600. Local time in Zaporizhzhia (+2 UTC).
I enjoyed seeing my friends again, we went out to eat and I enjoyed walking around the city which is basically what I do when I visit any new city. One thing about this city I don't like is the restaurant timing which is not so flexible deep into the night, tho there were few mentioned but I expected more restaurants. I enjoyed my ride in an old UN-renovated park, the rides were few compared to other cities I visited already. Anyways just before I left I visited the  Hotel “Four Points by Sheraton” which is now KHORTISA PALACE HOTEL. This hotel is located in the centre of Zaporozhye, on the intersection of Shevchenko Boulevard and the Embankment.

The hotel offers beautiful views of the city centre, the lake, the Dnieper and the island of Khortitsa. It is located close to local sights. In the 15-storey hotel building. I had breakfast and rested, the meals were so good and tasty. The hotel has a restaurant (international cuisine), wine bar, summer terrace, lobby bar. Shevchenko Boulevard, 71-a. After that, I took a tour around the riverside. It was a lovely view from the hotel down to walking close to the river. Lots of people around the beachside, ship anchor and beautiful restaurants to have a quick meal. Generally its a peaceful and lovely city, very affordable lifestyle. I will always love to visit Zaporizhzhia. 

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