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Dropship Dresses: Mustard Tiered Sleeve Cold Shoulder Bodycon Dress

Mustard yellow is currently trending and what better way to get into the mood and make more of all the street style inspiration and luxurious runway showcase by wearing dropship dresses
This dress is very cheap and affordable and the fabric is also very OK for the price. The shipping time took a little longer than expected, I guess that was because it was sent during the holiday period.

Styling this mustard tiered cold sleeve maxi bodycon dress was so much fun. I was trying to pose for the camera and the road workers could not help but stare and asked me what part of the world this beauty comes from?. Tho it was a very cold day I managed to take cool pictures which I loved.

This dress has a dramatic sleeve which is the main attraction apart from the bright mustard yellow color. There is an ongoing big sale for you all to get Easter shopping at a good rate.
You can purchase the brown muse lock embellished suede tote handbag from Jessica buurman.
Red block heels from


  1. You look amazing in this dress, babe! I love its color.

    xo, Andreea |

  2. This dress. It looks like it was made for you! It would be perfect to wear once it warms up😍😍

    1. Yes dear,the cold was too much that day.

  3. Wow, this dress is so eye-catching! I love it!
    Kisses, Paola.


  4. Wow! This dress is incredible. I LOVE the bold sleeves. That colour looks so good on you, I can't even deal with it.

  5. This dress is beautiful. I love the dramatic sleeves and the fun color.

    Kathrin | Polar Bear Style

  6. Thank you so much dear

  7. I have a similar dress only in red and I love it. This one looks great on you.

    You are brave to pose in that summer dress in winter.

    1. know how that feels.. crazy.
      Thanks fir stopping by.

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  9. Anonymous6/26/2019

    Few people can control the yellow, but you are very suitable.

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  10. This is very interesting, you are a hot blog.

  11. Anonymous8/06/2019

    Very stylish yellow dress with very special sleeves.

  12. Piękna dziewczyna w pięknej sukni


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