Friday, February 27


Happy weekend sweethearts, i bring you good news, guess what? you all can now resell or sell any item  of your choice to any country at a very low commission. The registration is free, you are also getting unlimited free listing, the first 500 SELLERS to register get a special preference. As a blogger you could create a page linking to your page in dressrug making it easy for your followers or buyers to buy the item you listed. You can sell any item of your choice, such as clothing's, electronics, make up etc,.
The website is for everybody. All you need do is register as a seller, list the item, write description of the item and the location you can ship to, put the price and add the photo of the item. Please when you register you can start listing immediately. This is a great offer, so take advantage it, please invite people, talk about it, share this post on your social networks and register.
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Note: This is open to everybody ( not only bloggers), and country.

Wednesday, February 25

Shop Zero UV Sunglasses

Welcoming spring and waiting for summer gives me joy. Getting a pair of Zerouvs is just the perfect idea for welcoming spring. I could not resist the unique, stylish, and affordable eyewear, ranging from the zerouv + plus ''cunningham' gold revo mirrored lens aviator sunglasses to the oversize square block thick frame clear lens glasses and the women trendy high fashion oversize geometric pointed cat eye sunglasses. You can say we all look good and cute. Zerouv has a lot of stylish eyewear. To get these stylish eyewear, just follow the link, and you can also check for new arrivals here.


Monday, February 23


I couldn't resist pairing my double-breasted blazer with my glasses from Zerouv. This oversize square block thick frame clear lens glasses is very fashionable and noticeable. The frame is thick, bold,bold and smooth; it is made with an acetate-based frame, metal hinges, and clear UV-protected polycarbonate lenses. It adds both style and class to an outfit. The shipping was fast, and the glasses were finely packed; no damage was done. Zerouv has a lot of glasses, ranging in style, price, and quality. The double-breasted blazer was designed by Silver Hans.

GLASSES : Zerouv 
BLAZER : Silver Hans
SHOE : Pull And Bear
PANTS : Zara

Friday, February 13


Hi everyone! School just started, but the holiday spirit hasn't left yet. I was so lazy on this day due to the cold weather. Today's focus is on my flower love statement necklace from HAPPINESS BOUTIQUE. Statement necklaces add a lot to our outfit. I am wearing a simple black pant, a long-sleeve black coat, a black top, a plaid vest, and a pair of white flats. The statement necklace stood out and made the outfit more classy and simple than just being simple. Happiness Boutique deals with clothing and accessories of all kinds of shapes, materials, and colors. All statement necklaces are meant to be noticed. Besides, they arrive very fast; it takes about 5 to 10 days. Now you can get affordable and beautiful statement necklaces from Happiness Boutique and start making your own statement.

NECKLACE : Hey Happiness.
PANT : Cropp Town
TOP : Dorothy Perkins 
FLATS : Boohoo
HAT : Calliope 
PURSE : обувной 
EYE SHADE : Incity 
JACKET : Shein


Wednesday, February 4


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