Sunday, February 15


How was your val? hope you all had a lovely weekend?. Today's review is focused on the klenspop contact lens. I never tried any contact lens until this one, just for you to know it is not medicated. Contact lens can be worn by both men and women for different purposes. The lens is so soft that i did not feel like i was wearing anything, in fact people did not notice i wore a contact lens, it blends so well with your eye color and makes it pop out more. Talking about the shipping it arrived in 7 days and the packaging was really secured. Totally it had about 4 covering before getting to the lens. So if you love brighter eyes you can order from klenspop and here is the lens i am wearing here. You can also order medicated lens, whereby you are asked to send your eye power. All the details you need to know about the lens is written behind each lens on their website.
Let me show you some of my favorites green and the 3 color lenses . Did i mention that they also deal on cosmetics and mostly lens accessories. The prescription is for one year.
Thank you so much, do not for get to follow them on instagram and like their facebook page. Here is my instagram lets keep the conversion going.

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