Friday, August 28

Floral And Pastels: Coral Metallic Puff Sleeve Twist Front Mini Dress

Mini dresses are very versatile, I have been wearing lots of mini dresses this summer which is because I like how I can dress them down to look simple. Soon, we will say a final goodbye to summer but just before the season ends. I plan to wear all my lovely dresses.

Glow in this gorgeous' Coral Metallic Puff Sleeve Bodycon Mini Dress. Featuring a metallic-like design with on-trend puff sleeves, twist front, and plunging neckline. Everyone hearts this fire bodycon mini dress. Team with a pair of barely-there heels and a mini bag, you're gonna be slaying the game, babe.

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Wednesday, August 26

Should I still be friends with her? Would You still be friends with her?

I am a very strong believer that toxic friends and relationships should be well observed and put away.
Last year, I traveled back to my country and I spent Christmas in my country. I was ready to come back to Ukraine but the flights were so expensive. Three times the price because it was during the festive period. I decided to buy my ticket from a third party website to cut down costs. After purchasing the flight ticket, money was deducted from my account but no booking ticket confirmation was sent to me. I haven't used this company before so I panicked a lot, it was a friend who introduced me to this company. I waited for a day and sent lots of emails but the process was so slow and I had less than three days to travel. I also needed to buy a domestic air ticket to the airport where I planned to take off from.

I called the company several times. Each time I called my airtime/call credit finishes due to the high call charges. Sometimes I will be kept on hold for close to 30mins until my call credit gets exhausted, it got really frustrating and I shaded tears at some point and started regretting my decision of using a third party company. I decided to inform someone in Ukraine to help me call the company since it is a Ukrainian company, this will also facilitate the process.

The company is located in Kyiv being the capital of Ukraine and I needed a person who is based in the capital to call and if need be the person can quickly go to the office of the company to help me sort out things properly. I decided to inform the boyfriend of my friend. He made the calls and helped me rectify the problem in less than an hour everything was sorted out. The booking confirmation was sent to me via email and I was super happy. I called my friend and thanked her for the help her boyfriend rathered to me, of course, I said a very big thank you to her boyfriend too.

Later, my friend's boyfriend wrote to me that he would like that I bring a particular fruit for him. That fruit doesn't grow in Ukraine so I understood why he wanted it.  "I promised to bring the fruit for him but he went ahead and said, 'you can come and stay in my place for some days before traveling to your city.'" He also asked that I send my ticket details so he can come to the airport to pick me. This was strange and I immediately informed my man but didn't inform my friend because I felt really uncomfortable. This was so disrespectful to my friend and I. I weaved it off because I felt bad for my friend and didn't want anything to affect her self esteem or for her to feel bad. I simply arrived at Kyiv and didn't call him.

I got to my city, informed him but he kept asking when I will come to Kyiv to spend time in their house, that he was very bored staying all alone. He never informed his girlfriend who is my friend about this. I wanted to keep the situation down and let everything slide so I just gave excuses such as I had to do quick registration, I had to fix my finances, I had a whole lot to fix, etc. I Stated that I will not be able to come to Kyiv and if I have to I will stay at another friend's place. He asked of the fruit and I made an excuse for that. I purposefully didn't bring the fruit because I didn't want him to come to the airport.

At the time this was happening my friend being his girlfriend was in Nigeria. I was communicating with my friend but suddenly she stopped communicating with me. I noticed some changes in her behavior little did I know that he (my friend's boyfriend) felt guilty and thought I was going to tell my friend what he did so he lied to her that I called him to ask him for some money which never happened and would never happen. My friend came back to Ukraine, didn't say a word to me, or inform me. I wrote her but she acted cold so I decided to let it be but my man told me I needed to find out what the issue was because she might be going through some issues. I got concerned again and wrote to her but she gave me the same attitude. I decided to forget about it.


How to wear a long dress with sneakers

There is something special and calmly sexy about chiffon maxi dresses.
I am very sure that I am not the only one who feels this way about chiffon dresses. They are very beautiful, airy, easy to wear and looks good on almost everyone. Growing up my mum used to buy chiffon dresses for me but I never appreciated them because I felt it was old school and didn't look good on me. Fast forward to years back, chiffon dresses are one of my favorite clothing styles because they look absolutely lovely on me. If you want to go for a decent yet sexy look then a chiffon dress does the magic. You can wear them to girls' night out, weddings, office functions, etc.  You can add a hat and a cute basket bag with a belt depending on what works for you.

If you would like to purchase this dress, I am in full support and I give you my word. I washed this dress using a washing machine both the texture and quality remained the same.  So it is a yes-yes for me. Noracora has very nice dresses for different occasions, so head over to buy yours.

Well, you might be wondering why so many poses well, I wanted something a bit different from just standing and doing the normal.

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Monday, August 24

What do you do if your partner with a mental disorder refuses to seek or accept help?

Have you ever been in a relationship with a person who can be happy this minute and in the next second you are already asking him/her what the problem is, because of their mood changes? I am referring to people with mood issues. They literally go cold from 100-0 in splits of seconds. If you have a partner who has this issue it affects you because you care, you start feeling cheated because it is only when they get back to their happy mood that you both get to spend happy moments together. They literally decide the mood/vibe around you both. This can affect your communication and bridge a big gap in between. One of the characteristics associated with people with mood issues is that when asked what the problem is they have a common answer which is always, "Nothing I am fine".

This is an issue some relationships and married couples face, not everyone is psychologically ok and  I believe that we all deserve to be happy even as we try to help them. In a situation, whereby your partner has refused to seek help or visit a psychologist what do you do? how can you help them?

1. Do you walk away to protect/safe your mental health since they have refused help?
2. Do you stay and keep hurting/enduring even as they have refused help?

How do you handle such a partner?

Sunday, August 23

Socking in the last days of summer: wearing Noracora vintage geometric midi dress

 Last days of summer are filled with lots of emotions for me because I am not a winter baby, I don't like the cold season. I feel so sad when the weather transition begins, tree leaves changing colour, the temperature grows colder, plants stop making food, animals prepare for the long months ahead, and the daylight starts growing shorter. It feels like my lover is going away for a long time. I have been taking time out to enjoy the last days of summer, it has been so amazing and beautiful. I have been able to balance myself in a good way, write and also work. Life is beautiful my people and you can only live ones which I take so seriously. Enjoyment is part of my lifestyle.

Have you ordered a dress, super excited to wear but when it arrived it was a bit different from what you expected but you still liked it, yes I have and it is this dress. I was expecting more of a solid textured print and feel but it wasn't so. Tho, I have other items of clothing's from Noracora which fits perfectly well but this particular dress is a bit different from what I pictured in style but nevertheless, it still looks beautiful. I wore it twice already, to the park and to the riverside. I washed this dress inside a washing machine but the texture didn't change meaning the quality is very good.


Friday, August 21

Poem: To My Faraway Lover.

To my faraway lover, I am jealous of the love I have for you. 
Far away you are but closer to my soul as a fall deeply in love with you.
You go away in the morning, saying little or no words, time is jealous of us.
With my heart missing you and my body yearning for your love
 I wait patiently under the orange tree.
As the evening draws near my heart skips hearing the sound of your footsteps. 
That's my lover, coming back to me.
Happy I am again.

By Melody Jacob

Wednesday, August 19

Visiting The Dentist Again: Bittersweet experience everyone deals with.

I promise this is the last tooth I will be pulling out in my life, so help me God. 
It was crazier than before, I think at some point we grow into kids. I was terrified and anyone who saw me today would have seen a child. I woke up with so much pain, my tooth was driving me crazy, It was already pulling out which made it so painful to touch. Has pain ever woken you up from sleep? like hey get up something is wrong..hmm oh no... I jumped out of bed, didn't have my bath, I brushed my teeth and immediately went to the hospital. I couldn't stand the pain and discomfort anymore.
I got to the hospital, paid the necessary fee and headed to the Doctors office. The procedure kicked off and the dentist started by tapping my teeth to figure out the affected tooth, to giving me anaesthesia to numb the affected area and finally removed the tooth. The estimated time given by the doctor for the numbness to wear away was 30mins but girl... It took close to 1:40mins which wasn't fun at all.

Everything went well, I still feel pain but I am happy it's all in the past now. I am feeling pain but with time its gonna heal completely. 

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Tuesday, August 18

Wearing The Rust Ribbed Pocket Detail Loungewear Set By femmeluxe.co.uk

Wanna look luxe and laid back while you’re lounging? Shop the femmeluxe collection of loungewear sets for the ultimate effortless ‘fit. This is the ultimate destination for women's loungewear sets. Whether you wanna stay snuggly and wrapped up in a knitted loungewear set, or flaunt what ya got in a petite loungewear set, they've got a vibe that’s perfect for you and will give you that 'I woke up like this' look. Solve all those NTW (that's nothing to wear) dilemmas with a loungewear set. Issa classic. You have lots of products to buy such as trending trouser styles, sexy corset dresses, Black lace bodysuit, in fashion jean styles and lots more.

Keep it looking luxe and laid back this season and score some serious fashion points in our Rust Ribbed Pocket Detail Loungewear Set. Featuring a ribbed design, with a long sleeve crop top and a fake pocket detail on the matching leggings, this fire set will keep you looking on point no matter what you have planned. Up your streetwear style and team this killer 'fit with an oversized teddy coat, chunky white trainers and a slick pony.

Pocket-Detail Leggings
Tie Top
Loungewear Set
Available In Sizes S/M - M/L


Monday, August 17

Yellow Vintage Summer Block Heel Slippers : Noracora.com

Sneakers are flats have been the new norm but a pair of causal block heel slippers can change the game for you. Wearing a block heel slippers allows your toes to breath and your ankles stay strapped. Slippers are summertime shoe, for obvious reason. Slip into the gorgeous yellow vintage block heel, and enjoy the comfort. The bold broad strap makes a distinct style statement as you walk with confidence.

 Summer slippers for women


Thursday, August 13

Femmeluxe Emerald Green Metallic Puff Sleeve Twist Front Mini Dress

It was a less stressful week. My cousin decided to fulfil his promise of taking me out for lunch. I wore this green dress which is a perfect fit. Green looks good on my skin, these photos aren't doing so much justice to the physical look. My dress was popping.

 This season a mini dress is essential and I have been wearing lots of midi dresses. They are perfect for parties and outings. You will glow in this Emerald Green Metallic Puff Sleeve Bodycon Mini Dress. It Features a metallic-like design with trendy puff sleeves, twists front and plunging neckline.

Mini dresses are very versatile, I have been wearing lots of mini dresses this summer which is because I like how I can dress them down to look simple. My little red dress from Femmeluxefinery is very affordable. You have lots of products to buy such as trending trouser styles, sexy corset dresses, Black lace bodysuit, in fashion jean styles and lots more.


Learn How To Braid Your Own Hair

Good morning beautiful people. This is not a video tutorial on how to braid your own hair but just a few tips that can keep you going while braiding your own hair. 

It all happened this way. I called in to book an appointment, only to get a message that the lady who started making my hair recently was travelling out of the country. She requested to introduce me to another lady, but I wasn't really sure if I would like the way she makes hair, tho I haven't even reached out to the lady.

I waved it off and started seeing a movie, suddenly I felt an urge to try braiding my hair by myself. I got up, took the necessary items needed, parted my hair into sessions and started braiding. 


Here are simple tips you need to know, which will help you braid your own hair.
Let me start by saying this, patience is a virtue, so you need to be patient.

1. Make sure you have enough braiding extensions. This is very important because, at the back of my hair, I started using other extension types because the one I used at large wasn't enough.

2. Part into sessions
If you do not part your hair into sessions, it becomes more difficult to braid a particular area and the hair ends up being so rough. Dividing your hair into smaller sessions for a start is the best way to obtain neat braids for beginners.

3. Use products that can make your hair softer and easy to grab.
I straightened my hair with a heated hair straightener. If you do not like this method you can use another protective method. I applied gel and coconut oil.

4. Watch youtube videos to understand how to grab your hair, tho that did not really help me because at the end of the day you just need to understand that part yourself.

5. Do not rush it. I know it is your first time braiding your own hair and you really want to see the finished look, rushing the braids isn't the best way to encourage yourself to braid your hair by yourself because if it doesn't look so good you might not want to try doing it again.

6. Rest when you feel like. You start feeling pains after a while because you are lifting your hands for a long time. Just rest and continue.

So, I got my finished looked and I have been rocking my braids. It is not the best, but I am happy with the outcome. Have you tried braiding your own hair? let me know in the comment session below.


Wednesday, August 12

Newchic 6th Anniversary Sale 2020 - Up To 90% OFF

We might not have had so much fun this summer but above all, we are grateful for life. Personally, God has been faithful and I will forever bless his name.

There has been a high reduction of people that wear a mask. People have gotton relaxed and some believe the COVID-19 outbreak is a nationwide political scam. Not everyone feels very comfortable wearing a mask but it is better safe than sorry. When going out, wear a mask.

Have you shopped items from Newchic?  most times have an ok quality which isn't bad for the price especially swimwears. Newchic is celebrating its 6th anniversary, and to make everyone feel special it is offering a huge discount. This Newchic 6th-anniversary sale 2020  covers a whole lot of items. intimates, hats, dresses, pants and much more. Tap in.

Summer is almost ending. Shop different items such as Africa print wide-leg pants, African print shirtsAfrican print jumpsuit. Different types of African print designs are available for purchase.
The 6th-anniversary sale includes free shipping on some items. This includes back to school items and much more.

You get items that are very affordable and cheap. There are different hot deals which include, men's trending brands, plus size fashion and women super clearance. There are popular buying list, plus size front closure bras, solid colour elastic waist casual pant, floral embroidered t-shirts,

 African Print Pants

Wondering what brands are included in this sales? Charmkpr, Menico, Eocofy, Graciela, Two-sided, Brenice, Ekphero, Honana, Decbest, Ycosic, Kisslace, Escatch etc. 

Sunday, August 9

Pink Asymmetric Sleeveless Elegant Maxi Dress

It's been long since I attended church. We've been having our sermons online. I have missed fellowshipping with other brethren. I felt so glorious and happy to worship in God's presence. The pandemic took a lot from us but we stand strong and keep moving. Sunday was indeed a happy day for me. Attending church made me super happy but we didn't fail to keep to the rules of sanitization. Never get used to the coronavirus situation, please, always wear a mask, wash your hands and avoid crowded places. Let's promote health even as things gradually get back to normal.

I guess I needed a vibrant colour to match my emotions and happy state so I opted for this pink asymmetric sleeveless elegant maxi. You can purchase this dress for less, 20% off on orders over US$1 Code: NCINS20. This is a beautiful shade of pink that attracted so many beautiful compliments.

Shop my hand made bamboo bag.

Have you had the opportunity to return to a gathering since the coronavirus outbreak? if yes let me know how you felt seeing everyone for the first time after a long time?


Friday, August 7

Name change after marriage: Tradition, Trash or Choice?

In the world, bearing your father's name as your last name is now a tradition that has eaten deeply into the minds of people. Have you ever wondered why 80 per cent of persons on earth bear their father's name as their last name? To be frank I know you haven't because it has done on you as a tradition that you must bear your father's name as your last name.

The question is does your mother and you as a woman, not have equal rights of choice as your father/husband?

Years ago, women education was seen as an irrelevant subject to discuss on, women were married out early to men they knew little or nothing about, they had to obey and do as it pleases their husbands because they had no contributions to the family. Women gave birth and the men named the children and the children bear their father's name as their last name. Women had little or no life than bearing children and taking care of their homes. This led to early marriage, woman slavery etc. But there's one most important thing that this act gave birth to. It gave birth to a tradition that has consumed the minds of women till date even as they are now educated, business-minded and productive.

When a person is not educated he/she has less knowledge of things going on around them. This was the problem that captured women into accepting such a tradition of answering their husband's name after marriage. In recent times, the world has tried to correct itself and we have moved and grown to understand the importance of education for everyone as it can help the world to become a better place. Women and men go to school and sit in the same classroom, work the same jobs and basically do the same functions. Why do women marry and still change their last name to their husband's name?

This was born out of a tradition that never favoured women, women were seen as less and had no power to anything in the old-time since all they contributed was nothing, hence decisions were made by their husbands. This tradition is the one that sees the man superior to the woman in all things. Most especially the last name of a child. God created man and woman, a woman was never an afterthought she has always been part of the man. So both the man and woman have equal rights to the child but the mother plays a vital role in the birth and upbringing of the child so she has more rights to the child than the man. So why should the child answer the father's name?

Women go through childbirth. Some die in the process, no one remembers their names, nothing to continue their names. But a man's linage continues by his name. This is sad. Women do almost all the training of a child, some while working and some a full time stay home mum. Yet women are seen as less and no name acknowledgement is given to us. If a woman dies her name never continues, the man remarries and both the children of his new wife and late wife bears his name. If a man dies the children still bears his name.

If you say this act of taking after a man's name is tradition and you really want to keep to the traditions of your land and what your forefathers taught you then you need to keep to all the traditions. There are lots of traditions we do not follow, the truth is we pick what favours us by choice.

Children should have the right to choose which names they want to answer:
In essence, why should a child bear just their father's name as his/her last name? Why not the mother's name? A woman carries her child for nine months most times more or less. she endured the pain and gives birth, starts taking care of the child right from her body and yet she gets no acknowledgement. The man names the child, the child takes his name, the woman being his wife answers his name.

PS: If you say names are used as a means of identification, please do not forget that people answer the same names and so this is not even an excuse to continue this.

This is a total look down on women, our name and where we come from means a lot and should be strongly acknowledged. Children should be allowed to bear their mother's name, women should have the choice of answering their husband's name or not. Women have been looked down on for a long time and it is time for the things that matter to men to also matter to women. 

The choice is yours, please stand firm to stop this tradition that started a long time ago which was born out of the look-down on women.

I am very open to hearing your views, please let me know what your take on this tradition is.


Google Play Music is going away soon YouTube Music is replacing Google Play Music

Google Play Music is going away soon

YouTube Music is replacing Google Play Music as your new destination for music listening and discovery. Between October and the end of this year, access to Google Play Music will be removed permanently. We know that you’ve spent time building your Google Play Music library, so we’ve made it easy to transfer your music library to YouTube Music with just one click, including playlists, uploads, and recommendations.

If you haven’t tried YouTube Music yet, you’ll notice that it looks a bit different from Google Play Music, but know that it was built by the same team with the same passion. It also offers more than 65 million official songs, albums, and playlists, as well as many features you love and expect from Google Play Music.

With all that said, here are a few more things you should know:
Google Play Music library and data
In addition to transferring your library to YouTube Music, you have the option to download any music that you’ve purchased or uploaded to Google Play Music, as well as a list of the tracks, playlists, and radio stations in your library. We’ll notify you before you’ll lose access to your Google Play Music library and data. You can also delete your Google Play Music data.

Music Manager and uploads
Uploading and downloading music with Music Manager will be discontinued starting in 30 days. But don’t worry – you can always upload your personal music collection to YouTube Music or download your existing tracks via Google Takeout.


Thursday, August 6

Simple Sexy Bantu Knots To Spice Up Your Natural Hair And Look

Bantu Knots are great protective hairstyles. It is a very artistic yet simple hairstyle for natural hair. This is the first time I am braiding my hair by myself and I must say the outcome isn't bad. I love the look. Bantu knots can be done on different hair texture all you need do is use products, pins or ban to hold it fixed. 


Wednesday, August 5

How To Wear: V neck Women Summer Dress Swing Bell Sleeve Tribal Mini Dress

Summer is the perfect season to wear dresses. Exploring different colour option is very lovely in summer. Add some colourful tribal printed dresses to your wardrobe in a completely new way. This Noracora swing bell sleeve tribal print dress is very fun to wear because it is airy and attracts lots of compliments. This dress gives you the highlight of the perfect summer dress. It features a white and red tribal print design which is eye-catching. Shop Noracora for Minis, midis and maxis dresses. Dress up or down in style before summer is over.

 Summer sale
Don't miss out on the last big summer sale. 

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