To my faraway lover, I am jealous of the love I have for you. 
Far away you are but closer to my soul as a fall deeply in love with you.
You go away in the morning, saying little or no words, time is jealous of us.
With my heart missing you and my body yearning for your love
 I wait patiently under the orange tree.
As the evening draws near my heart skips hearing the sound of your footsteps. 
That's my lover, coming back to me.
Happy I am again.

By Melody Jacob
 Slowly we tend to understand vanity.
She comes in the shoes
The glistering dresses hanging in our closets..

You long for her.
But she's never enough.
She takes over your mind, your thoughts..
So you long for more of her
Even when you think you have had enough of her,
She's never enough.

When we are gone she doesn't stop stop to mourn us
But moves on to the next one.
A slut she is
Full of vague beauty, temptation,
False hope of satisfaction.  

We do anything for vanity 
We forget that vanity moves on.

                                                                          MIMI ESSIEN

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