August 25, 2020

What do you do if your partner with a mental disorder refuses to seek or accept help?

Have you ever been in a relationship with a person who can be happy this minute and in the next second you are already asking him/her what the problem is, because of their mood changes? I am referring to people with mood issues. They literally go cold from 100-0 in splits of seconds. If you have a partner who has this issue it affects you because you care, you start feeling cheated because it is only when they get back to their happy mood that you both get to spend happy moments together. They literally decide the mood/vibe around you both. This can affect your communication and bridge a big gap in between. One of the characteristics associated with people with mood issues is that when asked what the problem is they have a common answer which is always, "Nothing I am fine".

This is an issue some relationships and married couples face, not everyone is psychologically ok and  I believe that we all deserve to be happy even as we try to help them. In a situation, whereby your partner has refused to seek help or visit a psychologist what do you do? how can you help them?

1. Do you walk away to protect/safe your mental health since they have refused help?
2. Do you stay and keep hurting/enduring even as they have refused help?

How do you handle such a partner?

Photo by Davon Michel from Pexels


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