Feelings are hard to understand. When sex and closeness enter a relationship, they add a whole new layer of complexity.

Emotional availability in relationships is when two people are able to share a healthy emotional connection. That means being able to talk openly about your feelings and the other person's feelings, and being aware of what the other person wants and needs emotionally. It works both ways. A healthy relationship can't grow if one person isn't emotionally available. Often, this can make you feel like there's something missing from your relationship and that your conversations never go deeper than the surface—or that the other person just doesn't understand where you're coming from. In close relationships, being emotionally unavailable kills any chance of a real connection based on good communication and being open with each other.

It's pretty clear that emotional availability is a big part of romantic relationships, but that doesn't mean it's not also important in less serious relationships. Even if you don't want to date your FWB, that doesn't mean that being emotionally unavailable will help either of you. What might feel like a way to protect yourself can actually lead to misunderstandings and disappointments. Even if you don't feel romantic, that doesn't mean you don't feel anything. And if you are close to someone physically, you are more likely to feel something.

Can you have sex without getting close? Certainly, in a long-term relationship, how available you are emotional does have a big effect on sex. Researchers have found that intimacy and responsiveness from a partner (which can be thought of as parts of emotional availability) are linked to more sexual desire. Researchers also found that emotional closeness in older couples has a strong link to their sexual health. And for women in particular, having more emotional intimacy is linked to more sexual satisfaction because having more emotional intimacy makes it easier to talk.

How to make yourself emotionally available

Being emotional available will help keep your relationship or marriage happy and healthy. There's no doubt that being emotionally available in close relationships is a good thing, but it doesn't happen overnight. You can't also figure out how it works by going backward: Even though sex does cause the "love hormone," oxytocin, to be released, the bonding you might feel after sex isn't the same as being emotionally available. You could also ask yourself if you are getting in your own way or if you have to limit ideas about your role in relationships. A therapist might be able to help.

How to deal with a partner who is emotionally unavailable

Emotional availability isn't a constant. It can change over time, which can make you feel like a partner isn't fully "there" or like they're slipping away. If being emotionally unavailable is still a problem in the relationship, you might want to think about couples therapy or individual therapy, and you might also want to think about whether the relationship can still work.

Emotional unavailability in a partner isn't always a sign that the relationship is over, but it's also not something you can "fix" in someone else. Relationships take work from both sides, and emotional openness from just one person isn't enough to keep a healthy connection going in the long run.
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Being in a relationship can be enjoyable, especially if you and your spouse cooperate to maintain a pleasant and healthy bond. Yes, there may be times when you and your partner encounter issues and difficulties that cause you to wonder if your relationship will endure. However, maintaining a positive attitude will help you two get through any issues you might encounter together.

Many people contend that relationships increase people's happiness and motivation on a daily basis. After all, there is something comforting about knowing that you have a friend or family member who will always look out for your interests. Being in a relationship requires effort, dedication, patience, and commitment. You and your partner must work together to resolve your differences and use one another as an example of how to live a better life if you want to keep things joyful and healthy.

There are various strategies to maintain a happy and healthy relationship. To make a relationship work, you both need to be committed to making the other person happy. This article is the best thing you will read today if you want to learn how to maintain a happy and healthy relationship. Continue reading to find out more about important advice that people can use to maintain a fulfilling and positive relationship.

The court sets the guidelines for joint child custody during the divorce process. The following details of the procedure must be understood about Divorce and Child Custody by parents:

Recognise legal issues.
You must be aware of the local legislation since state-by-state differences exist in child custody regulations. The matter goes to court if the parents cannot agree on who will raise the child after the divorce. The following are examples of guardianship:

One parent is granted sole legal and physical custody; joint legal and sole physical custody; and sole legal and joint physical custody.
When a couple divorces, one of the parents may be granted full custody of the children, which would place them in charge of the child's upbringing and welfare.

The court's chosen form of custody must be in the child's best interests. The following elements are considered throughout this procedure:

the ability of the father and mother to meet the child's emotional and physical requirements, the wishes of each parent, the bond between each parent and the child, etc.
Here are some general statistics regarding child custody:

Understand your responsibilities and rights.
The court will consider a variety of factors when deciding on child custody, including each parent's living arrangements.

You have the right, as a parent, to take part in any decisions affecting the welfare and upbringing of your child, regardless of the form of custody you have. You must make sure that you carry out all requirements imposed by the court, including:

Providing the necessary financial support and going to consultations as necessary
It's also crucial to keep in mind that regardless of whether sole or joint custody is granted, both parents must continue to be involved in their kids' lives and offer them emotional support.

Study your state's divorce and custody rules.
According to the law, the non-custodial parent must contribute a set sum of money towards the upkeep of his child. The amount of financial aid depends on factors like:

Income level, cost of living in a specific state, and child needs
Therefore, before you begin the divorce process, it is crucial to research the child support laws in your state.

It's crucial to take into account any unique variables that might be relevant to your case. For instance, there can be extra stages or criteria when applying for a divorce or making a custody arrangement if you are single or have adopted children. Studying your state's legislation is something you should prioritise. By doing this, you may be confident that the court will consider your family's interests throughout the proceedings.

To settle disputes, think about using co-law or mediation.
Through mediation, a third party who is impartial in the situation works with both parents to resolve issues like:

Visitation schedules, sole or shared custody arrangements, and other matters pertaining to the best interests of the child. The mediator assists parents in setting priorities and making choices in a less contentious environment.

With the help of both parents and a lawyer, co-law is a voluntary conflict resolution procedure that aims to resolve disagreements without going to court. Both procedures let parents establish parenting schedules that adhere to state regulations and laws regarding child custody. This helps the ex-spouses retain amicable connections while also allowing them to safeguard the interests of their children.
Nothing is better than spending quality time with your significant other. Whether you're going out for a night on the town or just staying in, date night is the perfect opportunity to reconnect and enjoy each other's company. But sometimes it can be tough to come up with something new and exciting to do. That's why we've put together this guide on how to plan the perfect date night! Get started by following the tips below!

Plan the Perfect Drinks

This Moscow Mule recipe is perfect to start the date night! In addition to following the recipe, make sure to set the mood by adding some extra special touches. For example, you can use Moscow Mule copper mugs, fun straws, and add garnishes like lime or mint leaves. Having high-quality drinks, such as using the best vodka on the market, will help make your date night perfect.
Plan an Exciting Activity

After you've had a few drinks, it's time to move on to the next part of your date night plan - the activity! Depending on what you and your significant other are into, there are tons of different activities that would be perfect for date night. If you're looking for something active, you could go hiking or biking together. Or, if you're looking for something a bit more low-key, you could cook dinner together or play tourist and walk around your city/town. Whatever you choose to do, make sure it's something that you'll both enjoy!
Start with a Romantic Dinner

No matter what you end up doing for the rest of the evening, starting with a romantic dinner. New studies show that a woman's level of hunger is associated with her level of romance! Fascinating. Plan a dinner that you know your date will love. If you're not sure what to make, consider their favourite food, a dish that is special to them, or something from their culture.
There are three dimensions a man and woman must find themselves operating in to know they are ready for marriage. If you are not operating in these dimensions you are simply not ready for marriage. 

Disclaimer: This article is pointed to those of marriageable age.

The three dimensions for men are:

1. As a husband.
The dimension of a man as a husband defines the scope of his ministry to his wife. Every man needs to understand that scripturally you have a ministry exclusive to his wife, and if you have not trained yourself to be able to carry out that ministry to your wife effectively, you will not be able to get married, and if you do you will never enjoy your marriage. The dimension of a man as a husband defines his intimacy with his wife, meeting her emotional and psychological needs. All of these together define the role of a man as a husband. 

The danger with this is that in our society there are not many husbands, they may be fathers, men of God, many leaders but poor husbands because they often forget that there is an exclusive role that a man should play to his wife. There are many pastors, businessmen church leaders, entrepreneurs, public figures, and celebrities who are starving their wives of this dimension. You are not a husband when a wife comes to you, you are a husband when you are prepared to meet the dimension of being a husband.  Do not wait for marriage to make you a husband, you are first a husband before marriage.  This dimension trains you to understand who a woman is. Women are emotional, the bible said to dwell with them according to knowledge. One of the greatest ministries of a man is to be able to give his wife emotional security. When a man begins to compare his lady or his wife with another woman, what you are simply telling your lady/wife is that she is short of a standard. You begin to mount pressure on that lady. Every lady wants to come to the man God has given her and feel secured. Both males and females have liabilities, there are weaknesses and there are strengths. Nothing is embarrassing about it.

Good marriages don't just happen. They are a product of hard work.

1. Concentrate on the good qualities of your partner and help them work towards perfecting their imperfections and weakness.

2. Compare your partner with no one.

3. Stay discrete about the issues in your marriage.

4. Do not tell your marriage issues to people incapable of leading you in the right direction.

5. Never betray the confidence of your partner.

6. Set goals to always improve your marriage.

7. Your partner should be your best friend. Never stay a day without communicating with your spouse especially when you are not together.

8. Spend quality time with your partner, show love in words,  actions, and giving. Love cares,  love forgives,  love is kind,  love gives,  love is Patient.

9. Talk about finance. Set specific monetary goals with deadlines and details.

10. Teamwork. Marriage flourishes when both partners work together as a team.

11. Be committed. Commitment shows loyalty.

12. Be careful where you seek marital advice. Regardless of how sincere some may sound not everyone means well.

13. Do underestimate the power of the tongue. The tongue has the power to crush your marriage or build it.

14. Respect your partner. Respect builds a relationship.

15. Don't take advantage of your partner's meekness and silence.

In the world, bearing your father's name as your last name is now a tradition that has eaten deeply into the minds of people. Have you ever wondered why 80 per cent of persons on earth bear their father's name as their last name? To be frank I know you haven't because it has done on you as a tradition that you must bear your father's name as your last name.

The question is does your mother and you as a woman, not have equal rights of choice as your father/husband?

Years ago, women education was seen as an irrelevant subject to discuss on, women were married out early to men they knew little or nothing about, they had to obey and do as it pleases their husbands because they had no contributions to the family. Women gave birth and the men named the children and the children bear their father's name as their last name. Women had little or no life than bearing children and taking care of their homes. This led to early marriage, woman slavery etc. But there's one most important thing that this act gave birth to. It gave birth to a tradition that has consumed the minds of women till date even as they are now educated, business-minded and productive.

When a person is not educated he/she has less knowledge of things going on around them. This was the problem that captured women into accepting such a tradition of answering their husband's name after marriage. In recent times, the world has tried to correct itself and we have moved and grown to understand the importance of education for everyone as it can help the world to become a better place. Women and men go to school and sit in the same classroom, work the same jobs and basically do the same functions. Why do women marry and still change their last name to their husband's name?

This was born out of a tradition that never favoured women, women were seen as less and had no power to anything in the old-time since all they contributed was nothing, hence decisions were made by their husbands. This tradition is the one that sees the man superior to the woman in all things. Most especially the last name of a child. God created man and woman, a woman was never an afterthought she has always been part of the man. So both the man and woman have equal rights to the child but the mother plays a vital role in the birth and upbringing of the child so she has more rights to the child than the man. So why should the child answer the father's name?

Women go through childbirth. Some die in the process, no one remembers their names, nothing to continue their names. But a man's linage continues by his name. This is sad. Women do almost all the training of a child, some while working and some a full time stay home mum. Yet women are seen as less and no name acknowledgement is given to us. If a woman dies her name never continues, the man remarries and both the children of his new wife and late wife bears his name. If a man dies the children still bears his name.

If you say this act of taking after a man's name is tradition and you really want to keep to the traditions of your land and what your forefathers taught you then you need to keep to all the traditions. There are lots of traditions we do not follow, the truth is we pick what favours us by choice.

Children should have the right to choose which names they want to answer:
In essence, why should a child bear just their father's name as his/her last name? Why not the mother's name? A woman carries her child for nine months most times more or less. she endured the pain and gives birth, starts taking care of the child right from her body and yet she gets no acknowledgement. The man names the child, the child takes his name, the woman being his wife answers his name.

PS: If you say names are used as a means of identification, please do not forget that people answer the same names and so this is not even an excuse to continue this.

This is a total look down on women, our name and where we come from means a lot and should be strongly acknowledged. Children should be allowed to bear their mother's name, women should have the choice of answering their husband's name or not. Women have been looked down on for a long time and it is time for the things that matter to men to also matter to women. 

The choice is yours, please stand firm to stop this tradition that started a long time ago which was born out of the look-down on women.

I am very open to hearing your views, please let me know what your take on this tradition is.

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