Blue denim overalls are the original and, quite likely, the best overalls. Overalls, in my opinion, deserve their own place in the fashion hall of fame. Overalls have always been a fun and fashionable clothing option, from their heyday in the '90s to their slow but steady comeback over the last few years. Whether you're looking for something a little more elevated, want to wear something a little more trendy, or simply want to wear something cute and comfy, there is an overall outfit that will satisfy your fashion preferences.

Are you unsure about how to properly wear overalls? No need to be concerned! While classic denim overalls are a closet staple and extremely easy to style, they are far from the only option. Overalls have evolved far beyond their blue jean origins, allowing us to wear them in other areas of our lives, such as work and nights out with friends.

Overalls are a basic yet fashionable pick for any event, from backyard picnics to brunch with the girls. Take a look at how I styled my women's denim overall jumpsuit with floral print from Noracora, sophisticated yet casual which can work for a day-to-night look. The simple trick in this outfit is my shoes, they are more of a formal style. alternatives below that will remind you why overalls never go out of style.


I am super excited about the weather change, tho sping is not my best season due to the wetness but I prefer it to winter. Cold days are coming to an end. I am already wearing summer dresses but adding sweaters, and cardigans to prevent me from getting cold. I am pretty sure almost everyone is excited about summer and if you want to get the best dresses then you can shop from Noracora.

Summer dresses should be airy and free to give you the perfect feel. This Women's V-neck elegant lace dress is white in color, featuring lace designs and layers. The photo of this dress features a blush hue but the dress comes in white. When purchasing items you get a free gift on orders over $109 which will be shipped within 24hrs.

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A great choice of colorful jacket is this warm sky blue fluffy fur jacket. The color and design are unique making it stand out. I like to wear a nice designed winter jacket. Level up your outerwear game with this ultra-stylish winter jacket. This jacket is cozy and warm. The length of the jacket is perfect as it gives more coverage. 

The fur keeps your neck area warms and relaxed making you feel more protected. This fur jacket features an oversized fit, which is perfect for layering, a cozy fur hood, and front zip. This coat looks beautiful both when worn open over a dress or zipped up as its own statement piece.

Winter doesn't have to be dull and cold. Wearing colorful winter jackets is a way to brighten up your winter. This will create a vibrant contrast making reducing seasonal depression. Colors affect our mood as different colors influence different moods. Winter can be very stressful and annoying, the mood swings double up but a good way to brighten up your day is by wearing colors.

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Fur is one of the warmest insulators just like wool and fleece. The fur is one of the warmest materials you can wear during the winter season. They provide warmth and have a luxurious touch. Fur allows the body to breathe and is isothermal which meaning the temperature of a system remains constant. Heat transfer into or out of a system occurs slowly that thermal equilibrium is maintained (being at the same temperature). They keep your body warm over a long period of time.

Reasons to wear fur

Staying warm should always come before fashion. Health is wealth. Fur is a great choice to stay warm throughout the winter. The isothermal effect is great to keep you warm. It is a natural material that allows your body to breathe.

The cliché of fur on formal occasions has long been put to rest. Fur now can be worn everywhere. With jeans and ball gowns. Warm on a winter night, enchanting on a summer dress. There is only one rule and that is: create your own style!


Fur is lightweight and has a great feel on the skin keeping you comfortable and cozy, no matter the weather with its mushy and soft feel. nothing compares with the feeling of wearing fur. 

Eco friendly.
Fur is an alternative to products made from synthetic materials which often promotes environmental pollution. Original fur is natural making its fur renewable and decomposable. 

Fur is a luxurious fashion clothing that never goes out of style. Widely known for its seductive and appealing beauty, tho not everyone accepts fur due to animal killings. Original fur is expensive which is the reason why a lot of people buy faux fur which also does the job of keeping you warm.

Faux fur jacket

Nature always has the best solution to human needs. Fur is naturally durable despite its luxurious and soft look. Fur and be recycled, upcycled, and repurposed. updated and re-styled. Fur is also a good investment piece.

Fur coat is available for purchase at Noracora.com. A good choice is the furry fur faux jacket, made with black leather on the outer part and white fur on the inner part. It features a lapel collar, sliding zip, and white fur. The length of the jacket is below the waistline giving more coverage. 

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Fashion Casual Shift Sweatshirt

Hoodies are loungewear that is super comfortable. They are essential both in a male and female closet even tho males tend to wear hoodies more. No matter the season hoodies can be worn all year round. Zip Hoodie has evolved into a casual layering fashion piece. It is designed to fit long time use. The stripe design is unique. 

There are numerous ways to style a zip-up hoodie.

1. Bomber Jacket with Hoodie.
Bomber jackets are very popular in the fashion industry. Pair your hoodie with a bomber jacket to get a unique street style effortless look. Add a pair of jeans and a pair of stylish sneakers to finish your look.

2. Hoodie with a coat.
Layering a hoodie with a sweater and a long coat is an excellent way of staying warm and looking stylish. This look gives you a smart and sophisticated appearance. Most celebrities go for this look due to its relaxed yet dressed look.

Black and white hoodie

3. Denim jacket with hoodie.
Wearing a denim jacket with a hoodie is an all-time classic. This is an easy way to achieve a casual and cool look. There are different colors of denim jackets but the classic blue jacket precisely the Levis' blue denim works exceptionally well and suits a wide range of styles.

4. Hoodie and a leather jacket.
If you would like to rock a hard look you can pair a hoodie and a leather jacket. Completing a biker look you can wear leather pants.


5. Hoodie with a suit.
Fashion has evolved and styling can be done in different ways. Wearing a suit and hoodie is a way of looking subtle formal.

There are varieties of hoodies that can fit into your style sense. A great choice is a stripe casual white and black hoodie. It is very warm for the winter season and feels cozy, stylish, and brightens up your appearance. The hoodie has a loose turtleneck that can extend to your nose area. It comes in handy this Covid-19 era. It also serves as coverage against cold.

Stripe hoodie

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This has been the most challenging winter season for me because I went out a lot. Even tho the winter season is not yet over I am overly looking forward to the end of this winter season. The weather over here in Ukraine seems to be more aggressively cold this period. I have exposed myself so much in the cold and I started feeling sick. I was running temperature at night but after various tests everything was ok. I was just stressed from the project I was handling. 

Keeping warm is so important to be very important because the cold weather can affect your body's ability to fight against infections and viruses. Wearing warm clothes is the best start to protecting your body. Stay within a warm environment and also eating the right meals

Shopping for winter can be a bit taxing but we can opt-out of th normal black and grey winter wears to adding colors to our winter wardrobe. Staying warm and stylish is the goal. Purchase as many long sleeves as you can, they serve the purpose of coverage, layer up, and stay warm.

Sweaters are the best garments to keep you warm in the cold season. Purchase varieties of winter knits wear from Noracora. This multicolor color stripe long sleeve casual knit pullover sweater is affordable and available in different colors. 

There are other sweater designs and styles you can pick from such as V-neck crew long sleeve sweater, Vneck floral sweater, loose fit women sweater, cotton-blend vintage sweater, tribal cowl neck sweater, solid lace sweater, plus size knitted wear, and much more.

There is something special and calmly sexy about chiffon maxi dresses.
I am very sure that I am not the only one who feels this way about chiffon dresses. They are very beautiful, airy, easy to wear and looks good on almost everyone. Growing up my mum used to buy chiffon dresses for me but I never appreciated them because I felt it was old school and didn't look good on me. Fast forward to years back, chiffon dresses are one of my favorite clothing styles because they look absolutely lovely on me. If you want to go for a decent yet sexy look then a chiffon dress does the magic. You can wear them to girls' night out, weddings, office functions, etc.  You can add a hat and a cute basket bag with a belt depending on what works for you.

If you would like to purchase this dress, I am in full support and I give you my word. I washed this dress using a washing machine both the texture and quality remained the same.  So it is a yes-yes for me. Noracora has very nice dresses for different occasions, so head over to buy yours.

Well, you might be wondering why so many poses well, I wanted something a bit different from just standing and doing the normal.

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 Last days of summer are filled with lots of emotions for me because I am not a winter baby, I don't like the cold season. I feel so sad when the weather transition begins, tree leaves changing colour, the temperature grows colder, plants stop making food, animals prepare for the long months ahead, and the daylight starts growing shorter. It feels like my lover is going away for a long time. I have been taking time out to enjoy the last days of summer, it has been so amazing and beautiful. I have been able to balance myself in a good way, write and also work. Life is beautiful my people and you can only live ones which I take so seriously. Enjoyment is part of my lifestyle.

Have you ordered a dress, super excited to wear but when it arrived it was a bit different from what you expected but you still liked it, yes I have and it is this dress. I was expecting more of a solid textured print and feel but it wasn't so. Tho, I have other items of clothing's from Noracora which fits perfectly well but this particular dress is a bit different from what I pictured in style but nevertheless, it still looks beautiful. I wore it twice already, to the park and to the riverside. I washed this dress inside a washing machine but the texture didn't change meaning the quality is very good.

I promise this is the last tooth I will be pulling out in my life, so help me God. 
It was crazier than before, I think at some point we grow into kids. I was terrified and anyone who saw me today would have seen a child. I woke up with so much pain, my tooth was driving me crazy, It was already pulling out which made it so painful to touch. Has pain ever woken you up from sleep? like hey get up something is wrong..hmm oh no... I jumped out of bed, didn't have my bath, I brushed my teeth and immediately went to the hospital. I couldn't stand the pain and discomfort anymore.
I got to the hospital, paid the necessary fee and headed to the Doctors office. The procedure kicked off and the dentist started by tapping my teeth to figure out the affected tooth, to giving me anaesthesia to numb the affected area and finally removed the tooth. The estimated time given by the doctor for the numbness to wear away was 30mins but girl... It took close to 1:40mins which wasn't fun at all.

Everything went well, I still feel pain but I am happy it's all in the past now. I am feeling pain but with time its gonna heal completely. 

Purchase the full look.

Sneakers are flats have been the new norm but a pair of causal block heel slippers can change the game for you. Wearing a block heel slippers allows your toes to breath and your ankles stay strapped. Slippers are summertime shoe, for obvious reason. Slip into the gorgeous yellow vintage block heel, and enjoy the comfort. The bold broad strap makes a distinct style statement as you walk with confidence.

 Summer slippers for women

It's been long since I attended church. We've been having our sermons online. I have missed fellowshipping with other brethren. I felt so glorious and happy to worship in God's presence. The pandemic took a lot from us but we stand strong and keep moving. Sunday was indeed a happy day for me. Attending church made me super happy but we didn't fail to keep to the rules of sanitization. Never get used to the coronavirus situation, please, always wear a mask, wash your hands and avoid crowded places. Let's promote health even as things gradually get back to normal.

I guess I needed a vibrant colour to match my emotions and happy state so I opted for this pink asymmetric sleeveless elegant maxi. You can purchase this dress for less, 20% off on orders over US$1 Code: NCINS20. This is a beautiful shade of pink that attracted so many beautiful compliments.

Shop my hand made bamboo bag.

Have you had the opportunity to return to a gathering since the coronavirus outbreak? if yes let me know how you felt seeing everyone for the first time after a long time?

Summer is the perfect season to wear dresses. Exploring different colour option is very lovely in summer. Add some colourful tribal printed dresses to your wardrobe in a completely new way. This Noracora swing bell sleeve tribal print dress is very fun to wear because it is airy and attracts lots of compliments. This dress gives you the highlight of the perfect summer dress. It features a white and red tribal print design which is eye-catching. Shop Noracora for Minis, midis and maxis dresses. Dress up or down in style before summer is over.

 Summer sale
Don't miss out on the last big summer sale. 

After a very busy week, I decided to go out and shake off the stress. I always wanted to style this white puff sleeve blouse to have an office work style look but I decided to try styling it with dark blue denim and it looked nice, classy and simple. This white blouse is so cute and the puffy shoulder gives me the extra vibe needed to face the night. Puff tops and blouses have detailed sleeves, very feminine and sophisticated classy dramatic look.

 White Gathered Vintage Shirts & Tops

Product Details

Sleeve Type:Half Sleeve, Balloon Sleeve
Material:Cotton, Polyester
Neckline:Shawl Collar
Occasion:Date, Daytime, Daily
Theme:Summer, Spring, Fall
Length (cm):S:62, M:63, L:64
Waist (cm):S:84, M:88, L:92
Bust (cm):S:88, M:92, L:96

 Women's Round Neck Short Puff Sleeve

 Puffed Sleeves

 puff sleeve blouse

 white puff sleeve blouse

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