Sunday, September 29

Ziaja Light formula creams. 2 facial moisturizers you need for your skin this fall.

Talking about moisturizers, I haven't really used a lot because I try to narrow the kinds of products I use to brands that are more trusted and contain the right contents in the correct proportion. I was introduced to this facial moisturizer by a friend, and it became a game-changer. I hardly pay attention to my skin, but recently more efforts have been channeled into mild skin routines, and the outcome is worth sharing.

Routine: I wash my face with a mild baby soap or face wash. I allow my face to dry with natural air, and after drying, I apply the Ziaja moisturizing cream and cocoa buttercream. Massage the cream in a delicate way.

Ziaja Light formula cream with Cocoa Butter and Vitamin E (I recommend for dry skin). This happens to be my favorite product from the brand. This face cream is very useful, and this brand has different products that I use. I might not be able to review or share them on my platform, but you can find them online and at any cosmetic store near you. Cocoa butter is generally good for the skin as it nourishes it because it contains antioxidants. It provides the skin with beneficial nourishing elements that keep the skin moist and bright all day.

Revitalization: After the night wash, I apply it to my skin, and in the morning, my skin looks healthier and smoother. There is a general improvement in the appearance of my skin. It reduces skin irritation but does not exactly remove spots. If you have spots, they start looking faded after long use of this face cream. This product is also said to help prolong a natural tan.

Ziaja Cream For Face and Body

Ziaja Natural Olive Cream (which I recommend for oily skin). The texture feels a little different from the cocoa butter formula. It has a lighter feel and dries up faster. Helps to maintain optimal moisture levels. Softens and smooths the skin. Ensures an immediate soothing action. Paraben-free.

Key Ingredients: Olive Oil, Shea Butter.
Apply a small amount of cream and smooth it over with a delicate patting motion. It is recommended as a makeup base.

I have been able to stick to my night and morning routine, though sometimes I get really lazy, and I am sure you all can relate.

Note: Please recommend any spot-removing product. Drop the purchase link or product name below.

Thursday, September 26

Stylish ways to wear a black cold shoulder blazer and white pleated skirt suit.

Suits are statement makers. How you style them really matters. In recent times designers have been able to redesign suits in different diverse ways. Now we can wear suits to casual functions and formal events. Pairing black and white can be very diverse, they are not everyone's best color but you can style them to suit your unique style. There are certain additives that brings out a black and white attire to look more in a high fashion way.

1. Ruby woo Red lips:
Adding red lipstick is always a good pop for a black and white outfit. It stands out and a ruby red is perfect for this. I use the Ewabyaraphat lipstick. You can purchase from below.

A very stylish and trendy sunshade is a statement marker. This blue sunglasses is from Gitange vintage. This online store has great eye pairs for everyone. The wide style range with  the Adequate Uv protection. To shop directly click on the links below.

Statement blazers are so stylish and you can hardly look odd wearing them. This Jelyn cold-shoulder double layers dress from Jessicabuurman is a well fitted stylish set. This outfit comes in a set. The pleated skirt comes with the cold shoulder blazers. You can shop more styles below.

White pleated skirt set from Jessicabuurman. Pleated skirts are so feminine and have a very decent look.
Shop more styles below.

This happens to be one of my favorites bags. The Brown Muses lock embellished suede tote bag can be purchase from Jessicabuurman. Styling options available here and here.


Wednesday, September 25

How many wristwatches should you own?

A wristwatch is part of my daily accessory. Not everyone likes wearing wristwatches and so some might have more wristwatches than others. I own more than 10 pairs of wristwatches, so I will like to know how many wristwatches should a lady own?.

Gold wristwatches under budget.
You should always wear a wristwatch. There are wristwatches available at different prices. 
                          Get directly from Nicole Vienna. More shoppable options below. 


Friday, September 13

Face Print Black Round Neck Pop Art Maxi Dress

This dress is a gift from my mum in 2016, I always wanted a dress like this. The dress has a playful design which made it look artistic. It is colourful, elastic and versatile. I will try to create more time to restyle and show off some piece my mum got for me. Sometimes I wonder how my mum knows what I want, even when i am away, she gets the best chic styles when it comes to clothing's, most of my Ankara outfits my mum picked the styles, her choice is always on point. Actually, I wrote this post on the 21st of April 2016. I felt I could do more with this dress and so I decided not to post these photos. Anyways I went through my draft and decided it caught my attention. 

The direct purchase link is not available but you can pick from below graphic art print dresses.


Thursday, September 12

Avon Mark Magix Prep and Set Spray Review

Avon as a brand has products that really suits me. A lot of people tend to go for brands that sell for higher prices thinking it's much better but sometimes that is not the case. Before and After applying my makeup to get a clean flawless long time look I use the Avon Magix prep and set spray. It holds my makeup together for a very long time. I remember staying out all night. I had to attend an event with a friend and also travel the same night. We had so much fun and immediately after the event we boarded a travel cab to another city at midnight. We still had our makeup on from the previous day and when we arrived it was still intact, no shift or caking. We specifically kept an eye on the (Avon setting spray) not the Magix prep and setting spray but it also has the same effect. The mark prep and set spray were later released as a milder formula in my opinion.  

How to use
 Before applying your make up prep your face with the Avon Mark Magix prep and set spray and after (Blend in your foundation very well) your makeup application. People complained of a mask-like feeling after applying the Avon setting spray which is totally the same feeling you get when you apply makeup make up setting spray in large quantity than needed, tho Avon setting spray was a little more intense because it was made for both normal skin and especially those with oily skin to stay matte all day. The quantity you apply now depends on the intensity.

The Mark Magix spray is a milder formula but still holds for a long time. Spray from a distance (7-10 inches away from your face). Do not apply to your forehead area. The effect is very good. It is one of my must-have makeup product. I totally recommended you use it in moderation. 2-3 distant spray is totally fine to keep your face matte and intact all day.

Wednesday, September 11


If there are words for Him then I don't have them. My brain has not yet reached the point to form a thought that could adequately describe the greatness of my God. My lungs have not yet developed the ability to release a breath to breathe out the greatness of his love. My voice is so inhabited restrained by human limits that it's hard to even sing the praise that he deserves. if there are words for Him then I don't have them. My God is grace is remarkable, merciful are innumerable, strength is impenetrable, he is honorable, accountable, faithful, he is unsearchable yet knowable, indefinable yet approachable, indescribable yet personal, beyond comprehension, further than imagination, King if every nation. If there are words for Him then I don't have them. Trying to capture the one true God using my vocabulary will never do. This is an expression of worship to a savior who is both worthy and deserving of my praise. My heart will bless his name forever. He has defeated me in my rebellion, conquered me in my sin and welcomed me into his presence. Followed me with mercies in the morning and journeyed me grace in the night.


Saturday, September 7

You don't have to be naked to make a statement during your pregnancy photoshoot: 25 Amazing decent pregnancy style photo inspiration

Pregnancy photoshoots have taken different levels.  Let me just drop this here, you don't have to be naked during your pregnancy photoshoot to obtain amazing photos.
 Secondly, pls if you want to open your body feel free don't use pregnancy as a back up saying you are being proud of your pregnancy, you are not the 1st woman to conceive and you will not be the last. As I write and you read a new life is being made and born.

Just in case you are looking for decent, hot, fun, romantic and classy photoshoot inspiration to replicate for your pregnancy photo memory. Here some beautiful amazing pregnancy photo inspirations.

 More photo inspiration here.



Thursday, September 5

South Africa Xenophobic Attack on foreigners : Africa is cracking

Let's talk about the current issue going on in South Africa. Honestly, it bothers me being that I am a Nigerian and the citizens of Nigeria are also involved tho this is broad and involves the citizens of other countries which also adds up to my pain. 

Xenophobia is totally unacceptable and at this time I expect that we should have moved forward. One thing everyone should know is that we are all one but located in different countries and continents. I am deeply sad and it breaks my heart seeing people die for reasons that don't add up, burnt alive and businesses brought down. How do we explain this type of hatred for one another? how do we move on when we still hate one another, south Africa is fighting the wrong people. This is complete misinformation and it's sad that in situations like this it is still most of the poor/average people living in a society that pays for it. Allow people to shine, how can you be African and hate your fellow African?.
 The question that keeps coming to my mind is, does it mean that Nelson Mandela shouldn't have even gone to jail or fought for their freedom because even after all his suffering and support from different countries in Africa, they are still locked up mentally and that is even deeper than physical freedom. 

Violence is never the way out. Killing your fellow humans is never acceptable for any reason.  After seeing this and how people stood on the streets and south Africa and cheered while a Nigerian man was being burnt humanity is lost.
The blacks in South Africa giving different reasons why these killings are happening right now saying most foreigners come to : 
*Steal their women away from them with their wealth. 
* Foreigners are taking their jobs. 
* Foreigners are being involved with drug lords in the country and so instead of taking down the source, you take down the messenger forgetting that the source is the stronghold. Drugs is a crime and should never be allowed. 
*Foreigners are polluting their country, I wonder what South Africa want Americans to do because the number of foreigners in America is multiple times more than in South Africa. 
*Most of them say they feel inferior because they do better than them in business. 

At the end of the day, it is all vanity. Let's promote peace, nothing is worth taking another man's life. Stop the killing, greed grows and envy blows out. Whosoever has fueled this isn't human, this is not an ordinary situation of citizens of South Africa especially the blacks killing fellow blacks and the main target are Nigerians. Let's pray for foreigners in South Africa and hope for the best.

Photos are from Google.

Sunday, September 1

Tulip Bistro in Abuja, Nigeria. Cakes, Drinks, Tea, and Coffee.


Happy Sunday beautiful people. How is 1st of September treating you all?
Abuja has always been one of the best cities in Nigeria. This is my opinion and I will pick Abuja over Lagos anytime. I like visiting restaurants with beautiful interior. Show some effort and keep your environment neat and clean, then you totally won yourself a new customer. I got back and meeting my friends felt super nice and we decided to hang out at Tulip bistro to catch up. 

Tulip bistro design is super cute and has different sections, but the section where we sat down which has the flowery design looks bigger on Instagram but in reality, it is a small room. The design is cute, snacks are ok taste-wise, to me nothing so special just cakes, drinks, tea and coffee. Well, I think that was the aim to get something sweet and fast.

 Generally, this place is neat and relaxing. On like some places or restaurants in Abuja. Some places in Abuja you see water traces on the wall and that irritates me so badly, Tulip bistro is super neat and the interiors are also very clean using an eye to judge.

We had cakes which were nice I also I had muffins, which I think is a little on the high side for third-class citizens but I guess the aim of this place is to reach out to the middle class and upper. One muffin cost #1000, a thousand naira in Nigerian currency which is very ok in USD  (2.78) but in my currency it looks kinda a bit high.

We actually wanted to take some photos but they declined and stated that mornings are better for photos to prevent inconveniencing other customers with flashlights. Pretty fair, lol, anyway, I enjoyed sitting out with my friends. I had a good time.
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