Let's talk about the current issue going on in South Africa. Honestly, it bothers me being that I am a Nigerian and the citizens of Nigeria are also involved tho this is broad and involves the citizens of other countries which also adds up to my pain. 

Xenophobia is totally unacceptable and at this time I expect that we should have moved forward. One thing everyone should know is that we are all one but located in different countries and continents. I am deeply sad and it breaks my heart seeing people die for reasons that don't add up, burnt alive and businesses brought down. How do we explain this type of hatred for one another? how do we move on when we still hate one another, south Africa is fighting the wrong people. This is complete misinformation and it's sad that in situations like this it is still most of the poor/average people living in a society that pays for it. Allow people to shine, how can you be African and hate your fellow African?.
 The question that keeps coming to my mind is, does it mean that Nelson Mandela shouldn't have even gone to jail or fought for their freedom because even after all his suffering and support from different countries in Africa, they are still locked up mentally and that is even deeper than physical freedom. 

Violence is never the way out. Killing your fellow humans is never acceptable for any reason.  After seeing this and how people stood on the streets and south Africa and cheered while a Nigerian man was being burnt humanity is lost.
The blacks in South Africa giving different reasons why these killings are happening right now saying most foreigners come to : 
*Steal their women away from them with their wealth. 
* Foreigners are taking their jobs. 
* Foreigners are being involved with drug lords in the country and so instead of taking down the source, you take down the messenger forgetting that the source is the stronghold. Drugs is a crime and should never be allowed. 
*Foreigners are polluting their country, I wonder what South Africa want Americans to do because the number of foreigners in America is multiple times more than in South Africa. 
*Most of them say they feel inferior because they do better than them in business. 

At the end of the day, it is all vanity. Let's promote peace, nothing is worth taking another man's life. Stop the killing, greed grows and envy blows out. Whosoever has fueled this isn't human, this is not an ordinary situation of citizens of South Africa especially the blacks killing fellow blacks and the main target are Nigerians. Let's pray for foreigners in South Africa and hope for the best.

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