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Avon Mark Magix Prep and Set Spray Review

Avon as a brand has products that really suits me. A lot of people tend to go for brands that sell for higher prices thinking it's much better but sometimes that is not the case. Before and After applying my makeup to get a clean flawless long time look I use the Avon Magix prep and set spray. It holds my makeup together for a very long time. I remember staying out all night. I had to attend an event with a friend and also travel the same night. We had so much fun and immediately after the event we boarded a travel cab to another city at midnight. We still had our makeup on from the previous day and when we arrived it was still intact, no shift or caking. We specifically kept an eye on the (Avon setting spray) not the Magix prep and setting spray but it also has the same effect. The mark prep and set spray were later released as a milder formula in my opinion.  

How to use
 Before applying your make up prep your face with the Avon Mark Magix prep and set spray and after (Blend in your foundation very well) your makeup application. People complained of a mask-like feeling after applying the Avon setting spray which is totally the same feeling you get when you apply makeup make up setting spray in large quantity than needed, tho Avon setting spray was a little more intense because it was made for both normal skin and especially those with oily skin to stay matte all day. The quantity you apply now depends on the intensity.

The Mark Magix spray is a milder formula but still holds for a long time. Spray from a distance (7-10 inches away from your face). Do not apply to your forehead area. The effect is very good. It is one of my must-have makeup product. I totally recommended you use it in moderation. 2-3 distant spray is totally fine to keep your face matte and intact all day.

Sweat check
I applied the prep and set spray on a sunny day. I went out but the weather wasn't so friendly and I began to sweat profusely. I was getting uncomfortable because I hardly sweat in such a manner. I wore a light jacket which was part of my outfit and couldn't take it off. I wiped sweat from my face hoping that my makeup was off only to get the mirror and everything was still intact. The product does not block your pores.

Oily skin
 Recommended for all skin type. For those with oily skin, it will keep your makeup matte all day. 

About the product 
Great value for money.
No, break out. 
Infused with Vitamin, A, C, E.

Note: It comes in a plastic bottle that has two designs. I guess they were trying to perfect the design. Well, one design is totally black and the other features a white cork design.

Price: In the UK you can get it for 3 pounds, but depending on where you are purchasing it from the seller might sell it for a higher price so I will advise you get it from registered Avon sellers, verified beauty and skincare retailers.
I got mine from a verified Instagram Avon seller. In Europe, you can get it from Makeup.ua ($4.58) which is more expensive than this Avon reseller ($3.85).

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  1. Avon has a lot of really fantastic products. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this!

    1. Yes and I cant wait to check out the new products.

  2. I love a good setting spray, especially on a day/night when I need my makeup to LAST for hours and hours!

    Le Stylo Rouge

    1. You feel better and just dont worry about your makeup.

  3. This sounds like a great prep, especially since it's weightless and good for all skin tipes <3


  4. I've been using setting sprays for years and it's a must for me. Thank you for the review xx

    Much Love
    Elegant Duchess xx

  5. Adorei sua postagem de hoje, sempre estou aqui acompanhando seu blog. Tenho aprendido muitas coisas legais aqui e te agradeço por compartilhar...


    Meu Blog: Dicas da Web

    1. Estou tão impressionado. Obrigado por sempre ler e contribuir.


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