Avon as a brand has products that really suits me. A lot of people tend to go for brands that sell for higher prices thinking it's much better but sometimes that is not the case. Before and After applying my makeup to get a clean flawless long time look I use the Avon Magix prep and set spray. It holds my makeup together for a very long time. I remember staying out all night. I had to attend an event with a friend and also travel the same night. We had so much fun and immediately after the event we boarded a travel cab to another city at midnight. We still had our makeup on from the previous day and when we arrived it was still intact, no shift or caking. We specifically kept an eye on the (Avon setting spray) not the Magix prep and setting spray but it also has the same effect. The mark prep and set spray were later released as a milder formula in my opinion.  

How to use
 Before applying your make up prep your face with the Avon Mark Magix prep and set spray and after (Blend in your foundation very well) your makeup application. People complained of a mask-like feeling after applying the Avon setting spray which is totally the same feeling you get when you apply makeup make up setting spray in large quantity than needed, tho Avon setting spray was a little more intense because it was made for both normal skin and especially those with oily skin to stay matte all day. The quantity you apply now depends on the intensity.

The Mark Magix spray is a milder formula but still holds for a long time. Spray from a distance (7-10 inches away from your face). Do not apply to your forehead area. The effect is very good. It is one of my must-have makeup product. I totally recommended you use it in moderation. 2-3 distant spray is totally fine to keep your face matte and intact all day.

Hello, beautiful people! So this time, I decided to leave my comfort zone and use these shades of blue. Blue is a color that just pops and is far from being subtle. I wouldn't call this day-look makeup unless you are more daring than I am; then it could pass for day-look makeup. I didn't just stop at the shadow; I lined the water lines with a slightly darker shade of blue liner, making the eyes pop even more. I finished the look with a warm shade of pink; I just didn't want to go all bold. I also styled the hair. I hope y'all loved it. Please feel free to drop a comment below.

Do have a lovely day, guys!!

Eyepencil; Davis No. 018
Eyebrow definer or filler; Zaron
Eye Primer; Tara
Eyeshadow; Sleek
Gel Eyeliner; Zaron:EZ12 Bluerays
Concealer: Tidebuy
Foundation; Mary Kay Timewise, Bronze 4
Powder; Tara Pallete
Contour Kit: Sleek (Medium)
Lipliner: Avon pink bouquet
Lipstick; matte fuchsia Avon
Loose powder; Ben N.Y.E.

If you have any suggestions or questions, please feel free to drop a comment.

With love from your makeup artist, Chioma.

I am wearing an all-yellow outfit, and I truly love this look. Everything is from Bershka.


Hi everyone hope you all had a lovely Sunday. I had a very nice Sunday. After my church service i went for a comedy show which was worth my time, it was really cool with lots of performance from different talented people, all the comedians were very good, i really enjoyed myself. The event was hosted my APOSTLE  OF LAUGHTER, a very popular comedian here in Ukraine.  Talking about my outfit, i love red tartan so much, because it lightens up your outfit. It is also one of my favorite trends. Wish you all a great and blessed week.

Hi everyone, hope you all are feeling the weather, its been so amazing and warm. Today's blog post is featuring my long time wardrobe red tartan long sleeve shirt, Leopard print belt, black pants, red spiked flats and brown (TAWNY) bucket bag. I wore this outfit to school.
GLASSES: model italia 
TARTAN SHIRT: girls just want to be sexy by tally weiji.
BLACK LOW ZIP PANTS: cropp town (clillin).
BROWN BUCKET BAG: Avon (February mag).
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