Talking about moisturizers, I haven't really used a lot because I try to narrow the kinds of products I use to brands that are more trusted and contain the right contents in the correct proportion. I was introduced to this facial moisturizer by a friend, and it became a game-changer. I hardly pay attention to my skin, but recently more efforts have been channeled into mild skin routines, and the outcome is worth sharing.

Routine: I wash my face with a mild baby soap or face wash. I allow my face to dry with natural air, and after drying, I apply the Ziaja moisturizing cream and cocoa buttercream. Massage the cream in a delicate way.

Ziaja Light formula cream with Cocoa Butter and Vitamin E (I recommend for dry skin). This happens to be my favorite product from the brand. This face cream is very useful, and this brand has different products that I use. I might not be able to review or share them on my platform, but you can find them online and at any cosmetic store near you. Cocoa butter is generally good for the skin as it nourishes it because it contains antioxidants. It provides the skin with beneficial nourishing elements that keep the skin moist and bright all day.

Revitalization: After the night wash, I apply it to my skin, and in the morning, my skin looks healthier and smoother. There is a general improvement in the appearance of my skin. It reduces skin irritation but does not exactly remove spots. If you have spots, they start looking faded after long use of this face cream. This product is also said to help prolong a natural tan.

Ziaja Cream For Face and Body

Ziaja Natural Olive Cream (which I recommend for oily skin). The texture feels a little different from the cocoa butter formula. It has a lighter feel and dries up faster. Helps to maintain optimal moisture levels. Softens and smooths the skin. Ensures an immediate soothing action. Paraben-free.

Key Ingredients: Olive Oil, Shea Butter.
Apply a small amount of cream and smooth it over with a delicate patting motion. It is recommended as a makeup base.

I have been able to stick to my night and morning routine, though sometimes I get really lazy, and I am sure you all can relate.

Note: Please recommend any spot-removing product. Drop the purchase link or product name below.
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