Monday, February 29, 2016


In my previous post i mentioned that i was gonna tell you about some adventurous moments during my stay in Nigeria.

Sunday, February 28, 2016


Its been a while, but trust me you won't feel the absence, I travelled to my Country, had a good time at home, it was amazing with lots of celebrations. My parents were so happy to see me that my mum could hardly leave my room, I received gifts from my siblings and parents, indeed it was a lovely time.

   I actually travelled for my medical practice, it was nice being in my country where almost everyone spoke and understands the English language, in general, I had a good time in Nigeria. 

Wedding guest red dress.
   Plain and lovely red dress, sexy for the season, red for valentine and perfect on Melody.
Anyone feeling this valentine? I can feel it already. Don't forget to show love to everyone because everyone deserves to smile. Happy Valentine.

                      Here are my Outfit details
                    Dress: Dresslily 
                    Shoes: Valentine
                    Makeup by Chioma
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Friday, February 26, 2016


Its no secret that Shein is one of my favorite clothing online.
Spring is here and i do not want to miss out from the spring collection. Here are my recommendations from Shein, featuring maxi dresses for spring.
 Some ideas for spring below.
.1) Drop the heavy clothing's
Like seriously i hate to dress heavy, one happiness about spring is the free loosed dresses with slits i get to wear.
Spring has a relax feel, lets drop the heavy clothing and enjoy the season.
 2) Shoes
Wear shoes that are not so open due to rain fall and just in case the temperature drops
 3) Accessorize to enhance your outfit

Tuesday, February 23, 2016


Have you ever been in a situation, whereby you go online to shop, and you want everything on the site? even things you already own starts looking new and different to you ? that was my state at Axparis, they've got adorable chic clothing's.
I wear both an extra small and small, and this is a size 6 that suits me perfectly, i love the fit, this jumpsuit was made for me. I love wearing long sleeve, i guess i feel better and more covered.
I am wearing the long sleeve  Slinky wrap front jumpsuit  from Axparis, so much fun wearing this jumpsuit, i love the style, color, flared legs. comfort and texture (elasticity of the dress) The material is light and easy to style. I styled it wearing my Unique sandals  heels with studs from Casnaboty
This shoe is very classy and upgrades an outfit, the  heels are well balanced, designed with silver studs giving it an intense glam. Pairing the shoe and jumpsuit is a perfect match. This outfit can be used for different occasion, it has both a sexy and classy touch.
To get products,please follow the link, create an account and enjoy quality products. 
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Sunday, February 21, 2016


Nice simple, affordable but yet stylish. Get this spring Trench in different colors. Links are below.

More details visit Dresslink.com


Saturday, February 13, 2016


Hello beautiful people, how was your weekend? mine wasn't so good, fell ill on Saturday night, just got better on Monday morning after taking some medications, besides this weekend was so short, Monday came too soon. So right now i am resting on my bed, trying to write this post, feeling sleepy but no i must, because this happens to be one of my favorite outfit.
Wearing one of my favorite Kimono suit from Zaful, the color of the suit just melts me. I love the front style belt pattern, wore my nude body suit to calm the 
 Wearing a Royal blue colored shoes wasn't a bad idea at all. 
The oversize style Premium Kimono has a collar,double side slit with a dovetail decoration style.
The  soft culotte with tie waist flare pant is so lovely, the front belt design and color is what i love most. They are separate pairs, so just follow the link to purchase both. They can also be styled in different ways, that will be in my later post.
Zaful got lots of stylish stuffs, most of my most viewed posts, i was wearing clothings from Zaful.  So visit Zaful and get trendy.
Get my shoes from Zara


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