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28 February, 2016


Its been a while, but trust me you wont feel the absence, i traveled to my Country, had a good time at home, it was amazing with lots of celebrations. My parents where so happy to see that my mum could hardly leave my room, i received gifts from my siblings and parents, indeed it was a lovely time.
   I actually traveled for my medical practice, it was nice being in my country where  almost everyone spoke and understood English language, in general i had a good time in Nigeria. In my next post i will be sharing some of my experience in Nigeria with you.
   Plain and lovely red dress, sexy for the season, red for valentine and perfect on Melody,Anyone feeling this val, i can feel it already, gift sent, received, opened and i love it.
Dont forget to show love to everyone, everyone deserves to smile. Happy Valentine.
                      Here are my Outfit details
                    Dress: Dresslily get more lovely dresses from the online store.
                    Shoes: Valentine
                    Makeup by Chioma
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