If there are words for him I don't have them but what I do have is good news. He sent his son Jesus Christ as the word living proof, an image of the invisible God. The 1st born of all creation, but by him, all things were created, he is before all this and overall things he reigns. The humble son of God becoming the perfect sacrifice, he willing stood in our place, he is everything that was promised. Praise the living king.




Its been a while, but trust me you wont feel the absence, i traveled to my Country, had a good time at home, it was amazing with lots of celebrations. My parents where so happy to see that my mum could hardly leave my room, i received gifts from my siblings and parents, indeed it was a lovely time.
   I actually traveled for my medical practice, it was nice being in my country where  almost everyone spoke and understood English language, in general i had a good time in Nigeria. In my next post i will be sharing some of my experience in Nigeria with you.
   Plain and lovely red dress, sexy for the season, red for valentine and perfect on Melody,Anyone feeling this val, i can feel it already, gift sent, received, opened and i love it.
Dont forget to show love to everyone, everyone deserves to smile. Happy Valentine.
                      Here are my Outfit details
                    Dress: Dresslily get more lovely dresses from the online store.
                    Shoes: Valentine
                    Makeup by Chioma
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