Monday, February 29


In my previous post i mentioned that i was gonna tell you about some adventurous moments during my stay in Nigeria.

       It was a lovely Sunday in the city of Abuja, i  am my friends decided to  attend church. We prepared and wore our beautiful dresses and happily headed to church. Just after the choir ministration the preacher came up to give the message. During the sermon we were all using our phones to take note of what the preacher was saying. An usher walked up to my friends and asked them to stop using there phones but they immediately told him " we use our phones to note down messages and to search the bible" but the female usher refused and went to inform  two other male ushers who came and asked us the same questions and we gave them same answer. They refused to believe and insisted we gave them our phones which  resulted to dragging our phones inside the church while the message was going on. Attempt to forcefully take the phone from the 1st person failed, the second girl submitted her phone to avoid damage but i refused and protected my phone. The 1st attempt to take my phone forcefully failed, The usher  dropped his bible  and said '' YOU WILL SEE TODAY" I HATE LADIES", it was attracting so much attention and distracting people so i let him take the phone.
  After some minutes two ushers called us out, on reaching there they gave us back our phones but mine was damaged, the sensor wasn't working, all attempt to unlock my phone failed. It got me so angry that i began to cry. We where taken to CCUNIT, to settle the issue, but on the long run the usher began to lie and deny that he didn't drag our phones, we where surprised and couldn't believe the sight of any usher telling lies in the church.
  A lot happened on that Sunday but the church repaired my phone after much arguments. Tho i was not impressed at the way it was handled but i think churches should make sure they put people with morals as ushers because as it stands i will never visit that church again.

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