Monday, July 31

How to wear Reconstructed denim skirt

Lets do a little color mix and here is what I came up with. Color blocking is not so common as before, but doing a little color mix wont hurt.
 Anyone loving reconstructed denim at the moment? I already here someone saying bring it on, anything denim is perfect, I totally agree with you.
Reconstructed denim skirts are a fashion talk about trend at the moment, Denim skirt with two sides button slits, and V destroyed front is a yes. If you are searching for a reconstructed denim skirt to purchase this Ripped Button Up Wide Leg Capri Jeans.
Denim with a Stylish Ruffled Semi Sheer Bodysuit Romper totally rocks. Chicme made this bodysuits available in different colors such a white, nude and black. Its made of Polyester+Spandex which was a little itchy, but don't worry you will be fine.
Lets rock this together, go purchase yours and showcase your style.

Friday, July 28

Three ways to style the Jarlo Off Shoulder Midi Dress

A dress can make you look good which depends on the styling and fitting. Wearing a well fitted dress, shows off your curves which makes every lady feel good. Jarlo dresses are timelessly classic. Join the fashion revolution wearing off shoulder as it tops one of the most worn styles this season. Off shoulder are versatile pieces that be dressed up or down. Whether it is a romantic date or girls night out the Djuna is a perfect choice. From the material to the design and the moderately well padded cup everything just seems so perfect.
Specific features
- Cold-shoulder design
- Long sleeves
- Spaghetti straps
- Navy color
- Standard length
- 100% Polyester
- Dry clean only.

Tuesday, July 25

Women Sexy Character Print Slinky Jumpsuit

Chicme is an online shop that retails clothings with affordable normal quality. If you are looking for trendy wears with an average quality then Chicme welcomes you.
 This is a brief review of the Sexy character jumpsuit, fits well, Wearing a size small, but the tailored parts are showing a little bit.
Its a little lower than an average quality and not exactly as seen on the website but Over all its a nice piece. Ladies who are obsessed with showing curves are  going to love this Jumpsuit.

Its been so long I since wore this Lace up boots by : Amiclubwear Also available in black. One of my most loved boots when laceup craze came into the fashion world. Hair and Hat by Rosegal

Pink Suit

Suits on ladies is a power statement pack. Currently, besides summer sun dresses, I have been loving the suit look lately.
Wearing this Lapel Long Sleeve One-Button Solid Color Three-Piece Suit  Blazer + Waistcoat + Pants ) For Men was so daring. Besides the material is great.
I love wearing large or medium sized clothings for a fuller appearance. Oversize pieces will always be my 1st choice.
Customers Disclaimer
About the Front Buttonhole: Please note that some of our jeans/pants products have closed buttonholes located at the front. Customers are kindly reminded that they will need to open the buttonhole carefully using small sharp scissors to unpick the stitches.

Sunday, July 23

Blue Sleeveless Floral Printed Maxi Dress

It was a beautiful sunny Sunday afternoon as Chioma Glowed in her exquisite Blue Floral Printed Maxi Sleeveless gown . Blue Commonly known to symbolize serenity, loyalty, and confidence, a blue dress is a good choice for an array of events. It features a Deep V-neckline on sleeveless bodice for added sexy feel, A-line skirt which falls naturally, floral design with Jacquard material and high round back.
A dress designed in an intricate and innovative way to give a nod to the current trends, while still retaining an innate sense of timeless glamour. Finishing off her decent and elegant look she wore a pompom court shoe by Casnaboty.

Thursday, July 20


You can wear these denim bottoms to the beach, casual walks, as well as to summer parties and all kinds of meetings. Pair denim bottoms with sophisticated blouses, smart casual blazers, printed shirts and fancy heels that will instantly elevate your look. Scroll down to see a fresh inspirational street style collection. You are more than welcome to see my favorite and fresh outfit ideas.
Cutoffs Floral Embroidered Denim Shorts - Denim.
Futuristic and minimal, these shield sunglasses features a rimless design with a slim metal frame. A curved metal crossbar offers a sleek feel, while a slightly flat mono lens adds eye-catching color to the look. Ideal for making a bold statement, these mono lens shield sunglasses were made to stand out. Made with a metal based frame, English style nose pieces, metal hinges, and a polycarbonate UV400 protected lens.

Sunday, July 16


What is it that you look out for when trying to make a statement? Designer name? Style? or even price? which ever one comes 1st for you, just be sure that your comfort goes along side with any.

While trying to know which of my outfits by Poca and Poca has the best look, we mix matched different pieces which certainly was so fun to do.
Firstly, I mixed matched the Poca Poca Azure archipelagos high waist skirt  and Sweet pear blouse with ruffles on the shoulders Which emplifies an energetic and youthful spirit. These timeless creations are so precious, that they are to be cherished and treasured forever. 
Full look here.

The second Look features the Cornflower fantasia asymmetrical skirt with folds and Sweet pear blouse with ruffles on the shoulders.
A lady who wants to go bold and calm same time, the lemon green which was calmed down by the blue cornflower asymmetrical skirt. This was actually the look I wore for my graduation. I loved every step I took as my skirt followed majestically giving me all the glamorous feel needed for a big day.
Lastly we paired the the Poca Poca Cornflower fantasia asymmetrical skirt with folds and a matching Cornflower fantasia blouse with ruffles at the sleeves. 
So feminine and with a beauty queen touch of style. An affordable luxury look which steams out so much royal energy.

Saturday, July 15

Red off the shoulder lace dress

Beautiful day serving the  red dress effect a putative phenomenon in which people wearing red clothing, such as a red dress, are perceived to be more sexually appealing than they are when wearing other colours. It has been asserted that this effect acts subconsciously because participants rarely report that they used color in their attractiveness judgments. However, only one study has tested whether or not conscious awareness matters, with its findings casting doubt on this earlier speculation.

Friday, July 14


Denim boots : Solewish.
Black Romper:
Trendy Low Cut Strappy Bodysuit Romper.
wig : Yah its Friday and I am super excited because I had a stressful week.
Looking for a Bold summer look to step up the fun? The shaggy colormix Afro curly wig could be a nice choice

Thursday, July 13

POCA & POCA : Archipelagos high waist skirt and Sweep pear blouse with Ruffles / SS17

Lets take a moment to respect couture pieces and hand tailored wears. If there is anything I would love to wear over and over, it is this SSS17 Poca Poca Azure archipelagos high waist skirt tied in the waist and Sweet pear blouse with ruffles on the shoulders.
The Inspiration behind the POCA & POCA’s Spring / Summer Collection 2017 is the ineffable beauty of Nature, impossible to express otherwise than in form multicolor shapes, gentle lines and enthralling hues. 
Each POCA & POCA piece exemplifies an energetic and youthful spirit. These timeless creations are so precious, that they are to be cherished and treasured forever. Each piece can be personalized with one’s own name on the tag with the brand’s signature baby pink stitch, so as to be loved and to accompany you through life’s journey, capturing your favorite and memorable moments that you will remember forever.
I love pieces that are so memorable and statement makers, Well put together to style and high quality materials. Carefully handcrafted with well finished ends. Every Image Is same as what the clothing brand portrays. I was so trilled and Impressed. 
Packaging is something I look out for each time my parcel arrives, I was so wowed by the well package items, no damage was made and of course I nothing makes a girl happier like a free gift along side a new dress like my Poca & Poca phone case.

Wednesday, July 12

How to wear Head-to-toe prints

Head-to-toe prints have made appearances on runways,  Spring shows, and they're still popping up this summer. Would you wear 'em? Keep reading to understand how to wear Head-to-toe prints this summer.
Prints can be tricky terrain, especially when you’re trying to style them head to toe. Even when worn in singular shirt or pant portions, prints have a way of overwhelming an outfit if not properly executed. For the brave souls who dare to pair prints with more prints or wear one distinct motif from collar to calf, the rewards can be great. Yet this adventurous crowd must first traverse the fine line between bringing forth bold style and simply looking too busy.

A guide to pattern : Types and Uses

I came across this detailed guide to patterns on vasare.co.uk and thought I will share it with you all. What is your favorite type or pattern? It’s not big news news that windowpane pattern can be seen a lot lately, but if you had to choose one which is a winner for you? Plaid, Windowpane, Dot, Paisley or maybe Pinstripe?
Patterned fabrics help bring a breath of fresh air into what can otherwise be a somewhat stilted selection of suits.
Looking at this Striped Loose T-Shirt and Capri Wide Leg Pants Suit by Dezzal you will see an expression  of unique beauty propositions through fashion design. Perfect chic silhouette cuttings, brilliant color matches and high quality fabric options. 
Well paired with The Princetown slippers is fully lined and trimmed with fur then finished with our signature Horsebit detail, Jarva Snakehead color black tote bag by Jessica Buurman and enjoy the classy details of this bag (Full outfit here) And Vintage UV Protected sunglasses by Giant Vintage.

Tuesday, July 11


Just Incase you didn't the memo, Embroidered shoes have been on trend this season and are still winning. They are  are a must have which makes this Green Embroider Floral Satin Round Toe Chunky Heel Booties a perfect wardrobe staple.

Monday, July 10


Wondering where to get lovely prom dresses? Aislestyle  has a fabulous collection of prom dresses that are chic and trendy. The on line store gives you the opportunity to look good and pay less, offering you with dresses for different occasions, styles and colors.
 Prom is a night to celebrate how far you’ve come, all the memories you’ve made, and to make a few new ones while you’re at it. Your prom dress is the dress will speak out for you on this special day.
Make your entrance in a very stylish dress. 
If it’s sexy you’re going for, high slit beaded jersey dresses are sure to impress. With her incredible party dress designs incorporated only with the most chic fabrics and styles to ensure your prom look is everything you’ve been hoping for.

Sunday, July 9

Sunbathing and swimming: Top 20 beach clubs and outdoor pools in Kharkiv (2017 prices)

"House Forester"

Located near the city, on the ring road in the Belgorod highway, not far from Feldman Ecopark. The territory has a 25-meter swimming pool, sun loungers, a summer bar. In addition, around the complex - a real picturesque forest, where you can walk for hours away from the city noise.
The price of pleasure:   weekday - 150 UAH / day, Sat-Sun and holidays - 200 UAH / day. Children under 12 years - free of charge (accompanied by an adult). Subscription for the week: 900 USD / month
Hours:  10:00 - 20:00
Contacts: Kharkiv region, Dergachi district,. Cherkasy Lozovaya, 3 and Belgorod highway; 729-83-23, 050-301-38-97.

Arizona Beach club

This is not the bustling centre of the city and the distant green and Alexis meows. On its territory is a large-scale recreation centre Arizona Beach club. The club - children's and adult swimming pools, there is also access to the river. Active guests can play volleyball or tennis. One of the main highlights of the institutions - bar ... right in the pool!
The price of pleasure: weekdays - 150 UAH / day, weekend - 200 UAH / day, children up to 7 years - free of charge.
Hours aqua zones: from 10.00 till the last client.
Contact : ul. Sovkhoznaya, 3.st. m "August 23", "Alekseevskaya."; 788-16-18 (050) 401-66-80.

Aqua-Zone club "Misto"

In the entertainment centre "Misto" is a 25-meter pool, where you can not only swim but also to consult a qualified fitness trainer. By the way, the pool is filled with artesian water, purified quartz. There are also sun loungers and volleyball courts for recreation.
The price of pleasure: a weekday - 150 UAH / day, at the output - 200 UAH / day, children from one year - 100 UAH / day
Opening hours: 08:00 - 20:00
Contact: ul. Klochkovsky, 190-A; 758-17-04

Terrace beach club

Beach vacation right in the heart of Kharkiv? Easily. At the 6th floor of the hotel "Nemo" has an outdoor saltwater pool and whirlpool. For fans of the sunbathing platform is equipped with deck chairs and sofas. Bathing, you can enjoy a wonderful view of Kharkiv, because of Terrace beach club - an open platform.
The price of pleasure: a weekday - 300 UAH / day, at the output - 350 UAH / day, children under 5 free
Hours: from 8 to 21.
Contact: ul. Sumy, 35 (Shevchenko Gardens, in cascade); 700-33-99

Sports complex Tetra

Aqua yoga, aqua-pilates, aqua-therapy for pregnant and just being able to swim in the open air - is "Tetra" aqua-area sports complex. Here you can not only relax but also improve your fitness and health.
The price of pleasure: to get to the aqua-sports complex area, it is necessary to issue a club card. Its cost - from 3150 UAH (10 guest visits).
Hours: 9 to 21
Contact: ul. Sumi, 85; 766-02-02


We go back to Alexis meows. On the territory of the complex "Arcade" - as much as five swimming pools (2 for children 3 adults), there is a sports equipment rental. In addition, as described Vgorode in "Arcadia" in the near future, there will be a new area with a huge swimming pool.
The price of pleasure: weekdays - 200 UAH / day, weekends and holidays - 250 UAH / day, children up to 7 years - free of charge, from 7 to 14 years - 150 UAH / day during the week, 200 USD / day on weekends.
Opening hours: 09:00 - 19:30
Contacts: Alexis meows, trans. Beech, 27; 720-05-20, 720-05-23

Marine Club

Swimming pool at Marine Club is small - about 12 meters, but it is possible to pass SPA treatments and relax on the sundeck. At the same veranda, by the way, there is free wi-fi, so you can combine business with pleasure and do not break away from the gadgets.
The price of pleasure: 60 UAH / 1.5 hours
Hours: 9:00 - 21:00.
Contact: ul. Lermontovskaya, 7, 25 714-25-

Saturday, July 8

Geometry print slip lace up dress and Straw Bag

This Gorgeous Geometry Print Slip Lace Up free-spirited maxi Holiday Dress has the perfect length, just as seen on Zaful.
Multi Print Maxi Dress! Varied print in light blue, red, black and white Liven up silky woven material that falls light and lovely from a plunging paneled bodice into a maxi skirt. Stretchy smocked waistband adds a custom fit, as well as adjustable spaghetti straps that tie at the back.
Add this stylish booties to your outfit for a much better look! Featuring, a stretchy lycra knit, pointy toe, high ankle, front lace up, side inner zipper closure, and a cushioned foot bed. Approximately a 5 inch heel.

Friday, July 7

Zaful Floral Drawstring Shirt Dress

As you all know, we graduated on June 30th, 2017 as doctors of medicine. Happiness can't be expressed here, but surely it is the Lord's doing, and it's marvellous in our eyes. Today post features a cerulean floral drawstring shirt dress. Floral has always been attached to summer and this sun dress is a beautiful one with good quality fabric. Zaful has become one of the most popular online clothing stores with affordable, trendy ad good quality clothings for females.


When I first came across this Graphic Ringer Top and Drawstring Shorts all I could think of was a nice shoot at the basket ball court.
It looks like what the early football players/boxers wore. I am a big fan of Pele and Drawstring shorts have been in fashion since the 80's, I call them the "Rock me never Die". At the Moment it is out of stock but more options for you by zaful.

Currently loving this  Striped Floral Embroidered Drawstring Shorts,This shorts with drawstring waistband features a striped pattern throughout, a floral embroidered graphic detailing along the front and lined.

Thursday, July 6

Wine Lycra Front Lace Up Pointy Toe High Heel Booties

Add this stylish booties  to your outfit for a much better look! Featuring, a stretchy lycra knit, pointy toe, high ankle, front lace up, side inner zipper closure, and a cushioned foot bed. Approximately a 5 inch heel.
Purchase from Amiclubwear.

Tuesday, July 4


Sock boots are new trend! Make a statement while walking by with these cuties! Being unique never goes wrong! Featuring, a pointy toe, a comfortable stretchy sock ribbed knit texture, a cute double lining on the thigh high, and a cushioned foot bed for more comfort. Approximately a 5 inch heel, 18 inch shaft, and a 9 stretchy circumference.
No content on this site, regardless of date, should be used to replace direct medical advice from your doctor or another trained practitioner.
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