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Sunbathing and swimming: Top 20 beach clubs and outdoor pools in Kharkiv (2017 prices)

"House Forester"

Located near the city, on the ring road in the Belgorod highway, not far from Feldman Ecopark. The territory has a 25-meter swimming pool, sun loungers, a summer bar. In addition, around the complex - a real picturesque forest, where you can walk for hours away from the city noise.
The price of pleasure:   weekday - 150 UAH / day, Sat-Sun and holidays - 200 UAH / day. Children under 12 years - free of charge (accompanied by an adult). Subscription for the week: 900 USD / month
Hours:  10:00 - 20:00
Contacts: Kharkiv region, Dergachi district,. Cherkasy Lozovaya, 3 and Belgorod highway; 729-83-23, 050-301-38-97.

Arizona Beach club

This is not the bustling centre of the city and the distant green and Alexis meows. On its territory is a large-scale recreation centre Arizona Beach club. The club - children's and adult swimming pools, there is also access to the river. Active guests can play volleyball or tennis. One of the main highlights of the institutions - bar ... right in the pool!
The price of pleasure: weekdays - 150 UAH / day, weekend - 200 UAH / day, children up to 7 years - free of charge.
Hours aqua zones: from 10.00 till the last client.
Contact : ul. Sovkhoznaya, 3.st. m "August 23", "Alekseevskaya."; 788-16-18 (050) 401-66-80.

Aqua-Zone club "Misto"

In the entertainment centre "Misto" is a 25-meter pool, where you can not only swim but also to consult a qualified fitness trainer. By the way, the pool is filled with artesian water, purified quartz. There are also sun loungers and volleyball courts for recreation.
The price of pleasure: a weekday - 150 UAH / day, at the output - 200 UAH / day, children from one year - 100 UAH / day
Opening hours: 08:00 - 20:00
Contact: ul. Klochkovsky, 190-A; 758-17-04

Terrace beach club

Beach vacation right in the heart of Kharkiv? Easily. At the 6th floor of the hotel "Nemo" has an outdoor saltwater pool and whirlpool. For fans of the sunbathing platform is equipped with deck chairs and sofas. Bathing, you can enjoy a wonderful view of Kharkiv, because of Terrace beach club - an open platform.
The price of pleasure: a weekday - 300 UAH / day, at the output - 350 UAH / day, children under 5 free
Hours: from 8 to 21.
Contact: ul. Sumy, 35 (Shevchenko Gardens, in cascade); 700-33-99

Sports complex Tetra

Aqua yoga, aqua-pilates, aqua-therapy for pregnant and just being able to swim in the open air - is "Tetra" aqua-area sports complex. Here you can not only relax but also improve your fitness and health.
The price of pleasure: to get to the aqua-sports complex area, it is necessary to issue a club card. Its cost - from 3150 UAH (10 guest visits).
Hours: 9 to 21
Contact: ul. Sumi, 85; 766-02-02


We go back to Alexis meows. On the territory of the complex "Arcade" - as much as five swimming pools (2 for children 3 adults), there is a sports equipment rental. In addition, as described Vgorode in "Arcadia" in the near future, there will be a new area with a huge swimming pool.
The price of pleasure: weekdays - 200 UAH / day, weekends and holidays - 250 UAH / day, children up to 7 years - free of charge, from 7 to 14 years - 150 UAH / day during the week, 200 USD / day on weekends.
Opening hours: 09:00 - 19:30
Contacts: Alexis meows, trans. Beech, 27; 720-05-20, 720-05-23

Marine Club

Swimming pool at Marine Club is small - about 12 meters, but it is possible to pass SPA treatments and relax on the sundeck. At the same veranda, by the way, there is free wi-fi, so you can combine business with pleasure and do not break away from the gadgets.
The price of pleasure: 60 UAH / 1.5 hours
Hours: 9:00 - 21:00.
Contact: ul. Lermontovskaya, 7, 25 714-25-

"Garden of Eden"

Located in the village of Zhukovsky - A fairly quiet and peaceful place for a summer vacation. There are two pools and free parking. And if you want to spend the night - cheap hotel rooms.
The price of pleasure: weekdays - 100 UAH / day, weekend - 150 UAH / day, children up to 5 years old - free
Hours: around the clock
Contact: ul. Longitudinal, 8 (Zhukovskogo pos.); 050-323-323-8, 050-912-34-82

Club "Britain"

The club is located on the territory of the favourite places Kharkovites summer holiday - Zhuravlevsky hydro. But if you are afraid to bathe in the river water, the "UK" - an unusual oval-shaped swimming pool with clean water. You can enjoy nature without leaving the city far behind.
The price of pleasure: weekdays - 100 UAH, weekend - 150 UAH, children under 5 years old - free
Opening hours: 10:00 - 22:00
Contact: ul. Shevchenko 270 (Zhuravlevsky hydro park); 717-44-97


Sports complex "Safari" is located on the bank of the river, but close to the city centre. There is a park where you can take sunbaths, an outdoor 25-meter swimming pool; There is also the opportunity to play badminton and mini-football. The ticket price includes the use of sunbeds and umbrellas.
The price of pleasure: 200 UAH / day, children up to 5 years - free of charge.
Hours: 9:00 to 20:00.
Contact: ul. Policeman 23-A; 773 55 50 (068) 089-71-75

Sports complex "KAI"

Only one in town with a heated swimming pool, open winter and summer, can be found in the sports complex HAI. length of the pool is fairly standard - 25 meters, but the depth is 6.5 meters. So that anyone can use flippers and snorkel.
The price of pleasure: TBA
Opening hours: from 6.45 am till 21 pm.
Contact: ul. Chkalov, 17. From the village of Zhukovsky has several walk-through. Log in any of them - enough to say that going to the pool. Phone: 707-40-09.


Directly on the territory of the beloved Kharkovites forest in the city (Forest Park) has an outdoor terrace with swimming pool (water temperature 25 degrees). Here is everything you need for a beach holiday - sun loungers (included in the ticket price), soft drinks, water pipes ... For an additional fee, you can climb to the ropes course or hire a bicycle.
The price of pleasure: weekdays - 150 UAH / day output - 180 UAH / day. Children under 6 years free (without sunbeds)
Opening hours: 10:00 - 21:00.
Contacts: str. Batumskaya, 16; 097-960-95-49

Osteria Pinocchio

Italian restaurant right in the centre of the city. In the restaurant, on the second floor, there is a summer terrace with garden, where there are living trees and shrubs, but the bottom - an outdoor pool with large sofas, sun loungers and bar. You can swim, sunbathe and drink cocktails.
The price of pleasure: 70 UAH / day for children up to 12 years - 50 UAH / day, use of soft sofas, lounge chairs, trestle beds - 140 hryvnias, or it comes in two adults swimming
Opening hours: from 10 am till the last customer;
Contact: ul. Klochkovskaya, 28; 705-13-91; (050) 401-10-59


Unlike many others, the pool is not in the centre, in a residential area - in new homes. It is located in the eponymous hotel, on the summer terrace. There are lounge chairs, two small pools, one of which - the pool fountain for children of all ages, located next to the playground. The ticket price includes a sunbed, towel and bedding.
The price of pleasure: 150 UAH / day for children 1 to 10 years: Mon. - 100 UAH / day, Sat-Sun and holidays - 120 UAH / day.
Opening hours: 10:00 - 19:00.
Contact : ul. Kharkiv divisions, 29; 715-55-15; 715-55-25.

Superior Golf & Spa Resort

According to Vgorode ,  summer pool opens July 2
Ukraine's only five-star golf resort. For those who want to swim there is a small 14-meter swimming pool. Water temperature stable 28 degrees, the water itself is ionized and ozonized. There are lounge chairs for sunbathing.
The price of pleasure: weekdays - 400 UAH / day output - 500 UAH / day, children up to 13 years - 250 UAH
Hours aqua zone : 8:00 - 20:00.
Contacts : Prospect Academica Kurchatov, 1;. (050) 303-20-60.


Waterpark, familiar, probably, every Kharkiv. The complex mass of rides and pools. A perfect imitation tropical flora and landscape will plunge not only in water but also in the atmosphere of these tropics where the temperature is stable at 27 degrees Celsius.
The price of pleasure: adults from 185 UAH / day. Children from 135 UAH / day. Use only a lap pool - 90 UAH / 1.5 hours. 
Hours: morning swimming from 8 to 11.30, daytime swimming from 12 to 21.30.
Contact : ul. Kyrgyz, 19-B; 713-89-73 (74); (067) 540-78-91.
The following places where you can swim, located outside the city, but we have specially selected for you the ones to whom to get not so far. Moreover, most often they are in beautiful natural surroundings, that is a separate advantage.

"Our cottage"

"Our cottage" positions itself as a country estate far from the city noise. Although the complex is located not so far away - about Belgorod highway. There is a summer pool, a large garden, where you can soak up the sun, not only on the grass or on a deck chair but in a comfortable hammock.
The price of pleasure: 250 USD / day, children up to 12 years - free of charge
Opening hours: 10:00 - 20:00
Contact: ul. Batumskaya, 4-A; 714-09-89


Active guests will appreciate the sports and entertainment club "Anger". On its territory - a huge swimming pool area of ​​3000 square meters and up to 4 meters deep. For fans thrills - diving board into the water. Young visitors also will not be bored in the children's pool with slides.
The price of pleasure: weekdays - 100 UAH / day, weekend - 150 UAH / day. Children under 3 years - free of charge, from 3 to 12 years - 50 UAH / day.
Hours: weekdays - from 11 to 23, over the weekend from 10 to 23.
Contacts: Kharkiv region, village High Street. Dzherelna, 5; 758-96-83, 715-19-37


On the territory of a country restaurant and hotel complex "Tradition" is "Summer" aqua-zone. It offers visitors - a large swimming pool, deck chairs, orthopaedic, sports and entertainment animation during the day.
The price of pleasure: weekdays - from 150 UAH / day, weekend - from 150 UAH / day. The price includes a beach chair and sporting activities. Towel - 50 UAH.
Hours:  10:00 to 20:00.
Contacts:  Kharkov region, town. Podvorki Str. Sverdlov, 42; 098-093-65-78.


Restaurant and hotel complex "Grazhda" is located 9 km from the metro station "Heroes of Labor". On its territory - two pools: for children and adults. Adult - 25 meters in length and 1.6 meters in depth. Water temperature - 26 degrees. There are sunbeds, free wi-fi, children's playground, zoo.
The price of pleasure : Mon-Fri: 150 UAH / day, weekends and holidays - 200 UAH / day. Children under 5 years - free, children 5 to 12 are half the price of the ticket.
Time of the pool: 9:00 - 21:00.
Contacts: Kharkiv region, with. Cherkassky Tishka Str. Vyalovskaya, 8; 757-66-06
Photos: social networks, schools sites, Aleksandr Palchikov, Denis Panchenko
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Photo by Habi Dompil from Pexels


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