Friday, September 30


Just like black on black, or white on white, I love wearing grey on grey as seen   here     and   here
Starting to wear warm clothing's, like this Distressed/ripped sweater dress from IMIJ, so stylish and stand my top list for fall. Get more warm trendy fall pieces here. Available in White, Taupe and maxi style.


Manufacturer: POTI PATI
Product code: OH078G
Kind of heel: pillar
Kind tip: full
Type of fastening: zip download
Material: eco suede
Season: Autumn / Winter
Heel: 9.5 cm
Insulation: missing
Entry: Textile
Occasion: evening / party
Shoe height: 55-56 cm
Upper rim circumference: 42-44 cm
Style: Elegant
Footer: full soft
Sole: plastic smooth

Thursday, September 29


Wearing this swing dress, makes me feel younger and cute. I attended a program which was held here in Kharkov themed the ''Antidote'' and I wore this purplish blue over sized swing dress. It was absolutely an amazing time in the presence of God, praises went up and blessings came down. What a Mighty God we serve. I cant wait for the next Praise and worship program to be held Kharkov city.
Just cant explain how balanced, comfortable and fitted my Ice white gold sneakers from 2star is. 
Makes me feel fly, couldn't think for anything so comfortable for a music concert. I had a blast time wearing this shoes. 2STAR is a brand that deals on high quality and street style shoes, for both male and female. 
We always want to wear heels but sometimes we need those cool classy dope flats that even looks better than heels to make us comfortable stylish and still trendy.
2STAR just released a new collection ''ILLUMINATI CREW'' the coolness cant be explained, check it out here. Phone cases and Bags are also available for purchase.
Like I always say, comfort comes 1st, here are the specifications of my Running Sneakers.
High-top sneakers ice suede and honeycomb ice, two-tone gold/laminated gold black stars. Glittery gold suede black crust and ice profiles. Upper collar in gold laminated split leather. Honeycomb faux leather tongue. Honeycomb faux leather tongue. Printed logo on the back. Grey laces. Two-tone white/yellow rubber sole. Ergonomic footbed covered with odor resistant suede with upwards of 3 cm on the heel.
Join the 2star Crew and be a part of the coolest footwear.

Do you like my Dress? These are the Specifications of my Chic Plus Size Single Breasted Swing Blouse dress For Women from Sammydress
Size: XL, 2XL, 3XL, 4XL
Category: Women > Plus Size > Tops
Material: Polyester
Clothing Length: Long
Sleeve Length: Full
Collar: Round Neck
Style: Streetwear
Season: Spring,Summer
Pattern Type: Solid
Weight: 0.395kg
Package Contents: 1 x Blouse


Unique Sneakers with the best feel, fast walk and trusted Steps.
Get my High-top sneakers ice suede and honeycomb ice, two-tone gold/laminated gold black stars. Glittery gold suede black crust and ice profiles. Upper collar in gold laminated split leather. Honeycomb faux leather tongue. Printed logo on the back. Grey laces. Two-tone white/yellow rubber sole. Ergonomic footbed covered with odor resistant suede with upwards of 3 cm on the heel.

Wednesday, September 28


Look who is sitting pretty, lol. How are you all doing?. 
Today's post is featuring Mr Monkies, A unique art brand spreading the love of creativity, giving you a chance to create your own style and personalize your own design. 
Personalized top using the Monkies Magic Marker pens for designing and writing.

Get my Picasso sneakers Available sizes 36-44. Well packaged in a black bag boldly written Mrmonkies.
Good quality Shoes, neatly designed just the way I want it. I had my logo placed in front of the shoes. Thanks to Mrmokies for the lovely creativity, to get my Picasso sneakers.
Use Code: MELODYJ and enjoy 20% off, Enjoy Shopping. 

Tuesday, September 27


Customized artwork in limited edition sneakers from Mrmonkies. Lets create more art works and make it more fun. Do it your own way, how you like it and how you want it. Mr monkies gives you a room to be creative. Make old shoes look new by purchasing the Monkies Magic Marker pens for designing and writing. To create all your looks, Keep your designs under the rain thanks to the special ink, Easy to erase: draw on the colored surface and use the wet sponge.

Water Resistant Sneakers with white laces.
 Hand painted to suit you.
Lining and insole in pigskin.
Out sole in rubber and upper totally waterproof in P.U leather. Wear anything time of the year. 
Very Comfortable and durable.

Sunday, September 25


 Soufeel deals on jewelries of all kind, charms, bracelets, earrings,necklace and rings. Jewelries really adds to our outfit, Get 55% off personalized necklace.enjoy the $3.99 sales and 50% off Soufeel design presale. Shop with Soufeel for good quality products.
Enjoy fast delivery with a luxurious feel.5% off coupon code "Blogger5" products are made of 925 sterling silver, high quality at low price, free shipping on order over $49, 365 days return and exchange service.  
These are cute and lovely jewelries, which can be added to our everyday look.

Saturday, September 24


If there’s anything celebrities are good at, it’s starting new trends, which can sometimes be bold, or relatively simple. One of the latest trends in the States is not wearing a bra: many Hollywood stars are following the bra-less trend in many different settings: day and night, on the red carpet, or simply when out shopping. Would you like to copy them? Asked by Theblondesalad.

IMIJ Fall winter collection is out, to inspire you no matter the occasion. Get coolest trendy clothing's for less. I am wearing my skinny Jeans, So chic styling it with my worst behavior swimsuit. The Jean is well fitted, holding my waist firmly, with a four sided pocket style. I could not help but feel funky wearing IMIJ collection.

Everyone wants to shop more for less, Then visit IMIJ, shop and Have a friend take a photo or snap a selfie and tag #IMIJbeauty for a chance to win a FREE gift card.

Friday, September 23


Be comfy yet stylish this season with these fashionable booties! They will go perfect with your favorite dress or skinnies! Make sure you add these to your closet, it definitely is a must have! The features include a faux leather upper with a round closed toe, stitched detailing, lace up tie closure, chunky heel and platform with traction soles, smooth lining, and cushioned foot bed. Approximately 3 1/2 inch heels and 2 1/2 inch platforms.

Shop : Amiclubwear now on sales.

Style: shoes-booties

Brand: Promise/Shoe Republic

Thursday, September 22

Fall Wardrobe Essentials You Need

Statement jackets, tailored vests, and pullovers are key to being prepared for the season's temperature changes. Pair them with stylish separates in colorful, lightweight, textured fabrics to seamlessly transition from the heat to the cold weather.

Sometimes transitioning your wardrobe can be stressful, especially when the weather is not yet stable. Mini layering's like what I am wearing would be a perfect choice for layering in the early days of fall.

Here is a list of fall essentials that are needed to spice up your look. As a student, I attended morning classes, which started at 8 a.m. In the morning, these essentials help me organize my wardrobe, and sometimes when I am running late, they just do the magic in stepping up my outfit, keeping it trendy and simple.

Turtleneck: You'll need that one turtleneck to wear under everything, but just because it's a layering piece doesn't mean it has to be overly plain or basic. Look for them in thin, soft fabrics with interesting details, like lace accents.

Sweater: We all need one reliable sweater we're absolutely in love with. Get them in neutral colors.

Silk Scarf: We already know all the ways to style a bandana, which means there are just as many ways to style its more upscale cousin, the silk scarf.

Sock Boot: This sock-meets-boot hybrid made its mark on some of our favorite runways, and we're all about the fitted silhouette.

Blazer: Power silhouettes from the '80s are making a big comeback this fall. Get yourself a sharp-shouldered blazer to wear over everything else on this list.

Outwear: Lighter outerwear that keeps you warm and cool, like trench coats and jeans jackets, is what will keep you sane.

Bomber: This awkward time of year necessitates in-between items. It's not quite cold, but it's also not warm. Non-heavy sleeves are a necessity. Enter the long-line bomber, which brings summer cool to fall dressing. Sweater dress

Tee Shirt: An on-the-go wear. Rock them hard.

Eyeglasses: The retro shape looks good no matter how angular or around the frame.

Shirt: Magnum
Shoes: Casnaboty denim heels.
Glasses: Zerouv
Get the coolest, highest-quality fall shoes at affordable prices in different sizes with fast delivery within 5 days. Let's rock fall in style.


Wednesday, September 21


Casnaboty: Denim Shoes
Manufacturer: VICES
Product code: 1104-20BL / P
Colour: shades of blue
Kind of heel: needle
Kind tip: full
Type of closure: slip
Material: Textilies
Heel: 11 cm
Insulation: missing
Entry: eco leather
Occasion: evening / party
Footer: full paved
Sole: smooth plastic

Tuesday, September 20


One good tip to wearing an all green outfit is keeping the outfit simple and adding a simple basic apparel that will create the perfect contrast. Paring  it with an orange (coral) pompom court heels and mirror lens just does it all. Simple but sophisticated.
Did you notice that fall didn't come through like last year, the weather keeps getting cold like its gonna be snowing soon. It is that time of the year, when we have to cover up, so I restyled my dress shirt by styling it as a Kimono to add more volume to my outfit.  
Green is one of the trendy colors for fall 2016 fashion shows, I prefer to wear the darker shades of green that are perfect to be matched with other autumn colors like orange, burgundy, dusky pink, but also to stronger hues like Prussian blue. For the more daring ones like mine, a dark green total look won’t certainly make you go unnoticed.
This is my best mirror lens at the moment, the contract with the green is perfect. I Also styled it wearing a white dress here.

Monday, September 19


SHOP : Casnaboty 
Manufacturer: SEASTAR
Product Code: ZJ-06OR
Kind of heel: needle
Kind tip: full
Type of closure: slip
Material: eco suede
Season: Spring / Summer
Heel: 11.5 cm
Entry: eco leather
Occasion: evening / party
Style: Fashion
Footer: full soft
Sole: smooth plastic
Detail: marbles

Sunday, September 18


Simple look wearing a Novelty Cartoon Print Short Sleeves Shirt Dress and white Jeans. The shirt is made of cotton blend material. Asymmetrical silhouette with short sleeves and mini dress style length.You can get it from Sammydress.com.

Saturday, September 17


Its getting cold and I am already saying good bye to summer days. Fall is here and fixing my closet to be comfortable for fall is a little stressful because of the unstable weather change here in Ukraine.
So today I will be giving you some tips to wearing white shoes In fall 2016, but before that
Do you want free shoes ? I mean nice shoes, with good quality, Then Casnaboty is the best online shoe retailer to visit.
Check out this block heel eyelet shoes in white, how pretty and dope it looks. To get this shoes please click on the link and head over to the online store.

Friday, September 16


The theory of the political, economic, and social equality of the sexes.
When I was a child growing up in Nigeria, I knew nothing about feminism. I knew that men were more powerful than women because it was what I had observed, but I had never heard of feminism. Ironically, I attended an all girls’ high school. Then I came to America as a teenager, and one of the first classes I took in college was Women’s Studies. That was when I learned about feminism. And at first, it sounded like a great idea. I might have even considered myself a mini feminist.

But the more I learned about feminism, the more confused I became. I was proud of women who fought for equality for women, and I knew that I had a lot to thank them for. But as I began to meet other feminists, I also began to realize that feminism did not have a universal meaning, and that I and a lot of feminists were fighting different battles. Wars even.

For me, as a Nigerian, I dream of a Nigeria where women can go to the police when they are battered by their husbands and not have the police ask, “Madam, but what did you do to provoke him?” I dream of a world where Malala Yousafzai does not get shot in the head for getting educated while being a girl and young girls do not get gang-raped in India while the community watches with their arms folded. And I dream of an America where women get judged by their intellect, not by their cup size.

But what I do not think about when I think of feminism is how Instagram is holding me down and not letting my nipple to be free on Instagram, as this to me, is a personal choice, not a feminist one. I also do not wake up in the morning begrudging men and the society for making me wear a bra, just for being a girl. It is my breasts that make me wear a bra, but should I ever decide to not wear one, it would again be my personal choice. Women’s breasts are beautiful, and although they are adored and worshipped by men, I am convinced that having them isn’t a conspiracy by men. A woman asking why men do not wear bras is like a bird asking why fish do not live in nests. We have breasts because we are women, not in spite of being women.

I have no intention of instilling into my daughters that women should be allowed to have all the sex they want with as many people as they want without being slut-shamed, just like men have the same liberty. I will be teaching my sons and daughters to not be whores. Period. I will teach them to not accept or celebrate sexual promiscuity as normal, or fine, or cool because unless they are animals who do not care where they sleep or with whom they sleep, there is nothing normal, fine, or cool about human beings behaving like animals. I will teach them that sexual promiscuity is sexual promiscuity, whether it’s done by a man or a woman. And should any child of mine decide to whore him/herself in the name of sexual liberation, I, myself will be their Chief Slut-Shamer.

I still do not call myself a feminist because I am not completely sure what feminism is fighting for. If I am in a room with women whose sole mission in life is to bare their nipples on Instagram and intake as many penises as they can and we are all called feminists, will one of us not be deemed as raging mad, considering our different modus operandi? And depending on your idea of feminism, any one of us could be mad.

Above all else, however, because it is personal to me, I dream of a world where I will not be considered less significant by the people I love most because I am just a girl. I dream of a day where I would be patted on the back and commended for a job well done, in spite of being just a girl. Maybe I will be told that although I am just a girl, I cannot be replaced by ten thousand boys, not even by ten million boys. I dream of being untold that because I am just a girl, I will be eventually married off to a man whose last name I will bear and be practically useless to the family I was born into.

If I had to come back into this world, I would be blessed to come back as just a girl. And this is what feminism means to me — because I am just a girl.
                                                                            By Vera Ezimora


Thursday, September 15


Shop : Casnaboty
Manufacturer: Girlhood
Product code: TH-119N
Colour: shades of blue
Kind of heel: flat
Type of fastening: rubber
Material: eco suede , Textilies
Season: Autumn / Winter
Heel: 3 cm
Insulation: Shoes Felt
Entry: Shoes Felt
Opportunity: daily
Shoe height: 9-10 cm
Upper rim circumference: 22-24 cm
Style: classic , casual
Footer: full , paved
Sole: plastic , with the sample
Sizes available : 36-41

Wednesday, September 14


My white Alisa pan sleeveless short eyelet lace causal party dress from Every Pretty, is so lovely and fits my body perfectly. The flares sits directly on my waist and the V neck is moderately open for comfort. Every pretty is an online brand which offers You good quality dresses for affordable prices and with different style option. Dresses for special occasions are also available for purchase. The shipping takes 4 days to arrive, very perfect for an emergency situation. 

I am so in love with my Mirror sunnies from Szaleo, so much fun styling the large size Aztec print scarf  half way on my braids.The material feels so good, So many ways to style a scarf, and I this is one of my favorite. The scarf is one of my top pick for Autumn. You can also check out the new collection of fashion accessories , lots of items to purchase such a scarfs, tunics, blouses, sunglasses,hats, bags and lots more. Sales are also available.

Tuesday, September 13


Feast your eyes on these crushed velvet beauties! Mika sit high above the ankle for a high fashion look. The flared heel has a flash of crushed velvet with metal detailing flowing through to a plain black. The rounded toe on these ankle boots makes these super wearable. We're wearing these with serious colour clash and soft flowing swing dresses.

Sunday, September 11

OVERSIZED ATIBO : Linen Matchy-Matchy outfit

Over-sized outfits are my thing at the moment. Wearing a Mans outfit has been an obsession of late. I love big T shirts and pants. Fashion is about doing it your own way in a unique form, tho for me comfort comes 1st.

Saturday, September 10


Get fun cute cases from Mrstrap. This soft case for I phone 6/6s is a transparent case. You can also get selfie straps and glitter cases. 
To get my i'm prada you are nada case Please click on the link. 
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