Thursday, September 29


Unique Sneakers with the best feel, fast walk and trusted Steps.
Get my High-top sneakers ice suede and honeycomb ice, two-tone gold/laminated gold black stars. Glittery gold suede black crust and ice profiles. Upper collar in gold laminated split leather. Honeycomb faux leather tongue. Printed logo on the back. Grey laces. Two-tone white/yellow rubber sole. Ergonomic footbed covered with odor resistant suede with upwards of 3 cm on the heel.

Odor Resistant : Odor is an embarrassing yet common problem that many people suffer from on a daily basis especially in our shoes. Surprisingly, the problem isn’t actually anything to do with a person’s health or genetics, rather it is usually an issue with poor hygiene and choice of footwear. odor resistant quality footwear are also designed with a thick sole, arch support and a low impact heel making them great for all day wear at work or for leisure. If those aspects alone don’t make them sound like the ideal shoe for comfort, they also have a built in massaging foot bed just to give your soles a little more comfort.

Suede: Trendy Material to add to a FW16/17 running shoes.
Enjoy shopping with 2star not only for quality shoes but with a detailed size chart.
Get my Shoes and Join the crew.
ref: dawgs.com

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