Our quality of life can raise dramatically if we all start practicing emotional hygiene. Imagine how lovely it this world would be if everyone was psychologically healthy, if there were less lonely people, less depression, if people knew how to overcome failure, if they felt better about themselves and more empowered, if they were happier and more fulfilled.




Just like black on black, or white on white, I love wearing grey on grey as seen   here     and   here
Starting to wear warm clothing's, like this Distressed/ripped sweater dress from IMIJ, so stylish and stand my top list for fall. Get more warm trendy fall pieces here. Available in White, Taupe and maxi style.

The Grey color distressed sweater dress is made has a super stretch construction that hugs your curves to create an ultra flattering silhouette every one will envy, so skinny ladies like me just get the dope sleeky look even without showing the curves.
▪️Knit bodice 
▪️Shredded detail 
▪️Long sleeves 
 ▪️Relaxed fit 
▪️Fabric arcrylic
I wore a grey suede thigh high boots from Casnaboty boots to keep my look trendy. More options here. Available in different sizes and colors. 
Sunglasses : IMIJ, Wrist watch Mockberg  Nora Petite.
Am look looking forward to sharing with you more exciting styling tips.
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