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Cybernetic Dystopian Cancer Season

Cybernetic Dystopian Cancer Season by Shabinedreams.
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Bold and beautiful plus-sized mermaids

Bold and beautiful plus-sized mermaids by Shabinedreams. Fantasy and art at its peak.


Fantasy book themed dresses

It was a lot of fun to explore with these fantasy book themed gowns! I also wanted to share another set I made earlier! Some of these were also influenced by avant-garde runway presentations. There are many more I'd like to post soon that feature a wider range of sizes as well as different ethnicities/cultures.

Also, these were inspired by the book gowns and dream costumes of one of my favorite designers, @sylviefaconcreatricefrance. Their designs are just fantastic!! & they've fashioned a couple genuine book outfits!) Some of these were also influenced by avant-garde runway presentations.

Friendly disclaimer: These fantasy settings were created utilizing mixed media and tools such as Photoshop, Lightroom, Mid journey prompts, and the utilization of RF stock pictures from Unsplash & Pexels.


Cute white dresses to wear this summer

White dresses are super cute, and they're one of those things that every closet should have. They GIVE A FRESH vibe. In the summer, nothing says "baby" like a little white dress. Sure, I have more than enough clothes in my closet. But, as I often say, having a uniform built on the basics is completely fine. Check out these 16 adorable tiny white dresses to wear this summer.

Dresses by Mihaelaskripnik


12 Most Attractive Wavy Hairstyles for Weddings

Wavy hair styles for weddings

There are many ways to style thick, wavy hair, and we'll look at 12 of them here. After going through them, you'll see that the way your hair is built is an asset rather than a liability. Whether you're going for a business casual look or a more relaxed look, the perfect hairdo may make all the difference.

Your curly hair has a fun and attractive aspect that improves your appearance.
  • If you want to keep your thick, curly hair looking healthy and gorgeous, you should adhere to a few straightforward recommendations:
  • Select hair care items specifically designed for your hair type.
  • When you can, avoid using a blow dryer frequently and let your hair air dry instead.
  • Use brushes made specifically for thick, curly hair to brush your hair.
  • Visit a salon occasionally for hair repair procedures because even strong, healthy hair needs professional attention.
Hair styled by : Dvir Tvik


Lilian Afegbai Plain and pattern purple floral ankara dress

Lilian Afegbai The plain and pattern purple floral ankara was made by Komesalor and she looks great in it. This style is perfect for different occasions while also keeping it smart and classy.


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How to protect your skin from serious burns

The time it takes to get burned at home is really short. A sizzling pan on the stove or stepping into a bath that is excessively hot might cause it, which is especially dangerous for those who have diminished sensation in their feet. You can prevent burns by being aware of their typical causes. And knowing what to do right away in case they occur is essential.

Common causes of burns
According to Dr. Colleen Ryan, staff surgeon at the Sumner Redstone Burn Center at the Harvard-affiliated Massachusetts General Hospital and Shriners Children's Hospital in Boston, there are a number of prevalent causes of burns, particularly in older adults, and the majority of them are unquestionably avoidable. Here are some illustrations.

Explosions. People who use a home oxygen tank while smoking frequently experience explosions.

clothing that catches fire. " This frequently happens when a person wearing sleeves reaches over a gas burner flame. For many years, that was the main reason why women with burns were admitted to our hospital. Now, guys also experience it, according to Dr. Ryan.

Hot water burns. If your water heater is set to 140°, it will take around three seconds to burn you, whereas 130° will take about 25 seconds. However, if the temperature is set to 120 degrees, it takes nine minutes. According to a study from the journal Injury Prevention that was made available online on March 7, 2023, from 2016 to 2018, these scalds resulted in more than 52,000 trips to the emergency room and more than 100 deaths.

Burning at home. Careless smoking or unattended candles may be the cause of these.


Types of burns
Based on how deeply they pierce the skin's surface, doctors categorize burns.

The first degree of burns is regarded as superficial. They are red and unpleasant, only affect the epidermis of the skin, and often go away in a few days. "The epidermis can regenerate itself, so if it is injured, it can fully regenerate and doesn't scar," Dr. Ryan explains. An example of a first-degree burn is a sunburn.

First-degree burns initially resemble second-degree burns, but later blisters appear. The burns, which affect both the epidermis and the dermis, the deeper layer of skin, are extremely painful while they are open and exposed to air. Scar tissue replaces them after a longer healing process.

When both the epidermis and dermis are damaged, a third-degree burn results. This frequently happens in vulnerable places, like the back of the hand. Because the nerves have been destroyed, the burned area isn't painful in and of itself, but the nearby skin frequently feels uncomfortable. "These burns heal very slowly over time, and only if they are very small and the skin can grow from the edges," Dr. Ryan explains. If not, surgery is required to close them.

Cautions about health when using exercise equipment

Everywhere you look, there are warnings: the coffee you're going to drink is hot! There will be construction! This item may contain peanuts!

The reasons for these cautions are often obvious. However, cautions can sometimes generate more issues than they solve. When I was at the gym lately, these warnings in bold red text on the exercise bike and treadmill were difficult to miss:

  • Before commencing any workout regimen, have a medical exam.
  • Excessive activity might cause significant damage or death.
  • Stop exercising immediately if you feel faint, dizzy, or in pain.
What did "any exercise program" precisely mean in the warning? What exactly is overexercise? Is it necessary to stop working out if you have any pain?

Finally, I wonder if these cautions create undue anxiety, discouraging individuals from exercising.

Is it okay to start working out without consulting a doctor?

Most of us don't need a doctor's consent. The majority of people can start an exercise routine safely at a low level and gradually increase their efforts over time. Select activities that would enable you to have a discussion, like:
  • utilizing manageable, low weights for you to lift
  • Taking it easy when walking
  • slow (less than 5 mph) bicycle riding
  • Balance and stretching exercises
  • mild housekeeping or gardening.
If your level of fitness is modest to begin with, gradually increase your routine. For instance, if you begin by walking for 10 minutes each day, gradually increase your stroll by one minute every week or two. Once you've been walking for 20 minutes a day, consider increasing your pace a little.

Who needs to exercise caution?
Exercise is undoubtedly dangerous for people with specific medical issues. If you're worried about your health or have any of the following conditions, it makes sense to consult a health care provider for exercise advice:

Coronary artery disease, which includes angina or prior heart attack symptoms. Too much exercise too quickly could strain the heart and result in a heart attack or a risky heart rhythm. Until it's obvious that you can handle more, lower-intensity exercises (such as quick, easy walks) could be preferred.
asthma brought on by exercise. Just before or during activity, your doctor may advise using an inhalation medication to open up the airways in your lungs.
such as a metabolic myopathy, affects the muscles. Your doctor might advise against doing specific workouts, such as long-distance running or sprinting.
back ache. For those with back problems, low-impact exercises like biking or swimming may be preferable to high-impact ones like jogging or basketball.

The red Ankara dress trending on instagram today

A short, red dress made of Ankara with a structured sleeve. African ankara print dress that is expertly fitted, gorgeous, and made with the best ankara fabric possible to meet your expectations. You will stand out from the throng and be perfectly suited for that occasion.

Ankara dress by Dinmacole


How a dog can help you improve your mental health

Owners of dogs are likely to have a lower risk of cardiovascular disease than non-owners, according to research. Having a canine friend may help avoid high blood pressure and may help those with the condition better control their blood pressure, according to a study that was published in the August 2022 issue of Current Hypertension Reports.

And according to data published in the October 2019 issue of Circulation: Cardiovascular Quality and Outcomes, people who own dogs are 31% less likely than non-owners to pass away from a heart attack or stroke.

In the event that you experience a heart attack or stroke, having a dog may prolong your life. Another study published in the same issue of Circulation revealed that among those who experienced a heart attack or stroke, dog owners had a 33% lower mortality rate in the 12-year period following a heart attack and a 27% lower death rate after a stroke than those who did not own a dog.

Due in part to the ritual of daily walks, dogs encourage their owners to be more active, which may help enhance heart health. In fact, studies show that people who own dogs walk for an additional 20 minutes each day on average compared to those who don't.

Stress reduction
Ever ponder why it is so enjoyable to pet a dog? According to a study that was made available online on October 5, 2022, by PLOS One, interacting with dogs in particular stimulates the prefrontal cortex of the human brain, which is involved in controlling emotions. Additionally, petting increases oxytocin, the feel-good hormone, and lowers cortisol, the stress hormone. Long after the dog has left the room, the effect may still be felt.

Dogs can also show us how to practise mindfulness to reduce stress. Dogs focus on the many smells, sights, and sounds of their surroundings while out for a stroll because they are present in the now.

Dogs can even serve as therapists. There's always someone to chat with when you have a dog, since they make excellent listeners. Additionally, most dogs are adept at interpreting body language and picking up on your emotions. A dog may occasionally sense your distress and leap up onto your lap or sit next to you out of the blue.

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Two-piece black maxi dress with outer cape

Just before I start writing about my dress, I want to thank God for keeping me and protecting me. God has been faithful, and I want to thank him for all he has done for me.

With that being said, I wore this dress to church two weeks ago, and people really liked it. I'm so happy I ordered this dress. It fits perfectly, and the fabric quality exceeded my expectations. I was eager to wear it to church, but it also works as a wedding guest outfit, and the two-piece cape style is a comfort bonus. Compliments kept coming in, which made me feel good. Black is a versatile color, but wearing a stylishly designed black dress is a jackpot. I can boldly say that I can pass for a rich and famous aunt. Mostly Muslim women wear these types of dresses, but as fashion has become more widely accessible, people have been looking for fresh looks, and now this has become universally worn by different people.

Long dresses are always going to be one of my go-to fashion pieces because you not only look beautiful and attractive but also sexy in a decent way.

This Simple Two-Piece Inner Slip Dress with See-Through Outer Cape Maxi Dress is from Uoozee. One of the things I didn't like was the strong smell that came with the dresses, which was due to the type of preservatives or wrapping used, I guess, but generally it's an ok brand to buy clothing for all seasons.

This dress is Lightweight and perfect for everyday and casual use. I wore an orange heels because I wanted add color to the black look, which was a very good idea. My bag is from River Island.

Uoozee exquisite two-piece maxi dress for women will up your summer fashion game. The gown has a basic yet elegant black inner slip dress and a see-through outer cape. This dress is suitable for any event and is made of fabrics that will keep you comfy all day.


Mud runs are Dirty, challenging, and next-level fun.

Mud runs are Dirty, challenging, and next-level fun.

Remember when you were a kid and you used to climb monkey bars, swing from ropes, and jump across streams? Rain only added to the excitement, leaving you soaking and filthy.

Sign up for a mud run to recreate those adventures. These outdoor team events involve maneuvering through military-inspired obstacle courses while becoming muddy.

The most well-known mud races are Tough Mudder and Spartan events. However, similar mud runs may be found in the majority of states. Some provide shorter distances and varying levels of difficulty. Others are only for women, children, or families.

How do mud runs work?

Typically, these events follow the same basic concept: participants cross a course that ranges from three to ten miles (or longer) and encounter 10 to 25 obstacles.

While some mud races can be done alone, the majority are designed to be team-oriented activities. Teams of five to ten persons are frequently coed. There is no time limit, however depending on the distance and number of obstacles, most teams complete the course in less than an hour to three hours or more.

The hurdles are difficult enough that most people require assistance navigating over, under, and across them, both physically and emotionally. This is when the "we're-all-in-this-together" comradery comes into play.

What kinds of obstacles are there in mud runs?
Common roadblocks include

Climbing over spider-web-like cargo nets

scaling walls of various heights

dangling from ropes with handles

strolling across beams or logs, carrying logs

sandbags slithering under barbed wire.
Then there is all the mud to contend with. Prepare to slog through muddy pits, crawl through muddy tunnels, and slide down mud-slick slides.


What advantages does a mud run provide for your health?
The advantages of these events stem from their design, according to Dr. Aaron Baggish, creator of the Cardiovascular Performance Center at the Massachusetts General Hospital, which is connected with Harvard.

"Obstacle racing combines large-muscle, whole-body resistance exercises superimposed on a long-distance endurance race," he explains. "You need strength, stamina, and mobility, so they are a snapshot of overall conditioning."

In addition to the physical advantages, mud races present emotional pleasures and psychological challenges for completing tasks that call for organization, coordination, and strategy.

How should one get ready for a mud run?
Mud races demand vigorous exercise, so talk to your doctor about your safety and ability before registering for an event. While practically everyone of any age can take part in these events, finishing them and lowering the chance of injury both require a minimum level of conditioning.

"Training for obstacle races incorporates many aspects of fitness and performance," claims Dr. Baggish. "Therefore, it's best to train with a coach or trainer who is aware of the fundamental skills required to finish these races," says the author.

Regardless of whether you work with a trainer, you should concentrate on:

aerobic exercise. Although you won't be running as steadily as you would in a regular road race like a 5K or half marathon, you still need to move quickly from obstacle to obstacle. "Optimal training for such obstacle races involves a combination of steady-state aerobic base training, like jogging or cycling, coupled with interval work that simulates the start-and-stop nature of competition," claims Dr. Baggish.
grip toughness. The only way to overcome gravity is to grip, hold, and pull oneself. Pull-ups and farmer carries, in which you walk back and forth while holding dumbbells or kettlebells in each hand, are two exercises that can be beneficial. To prevent injury while performing these workouts, proper form is crucial. When using weights, keep in mind to start slowly.
Plyometrics. A lot of obstacles require powerful jumps and swift movements. These actions can be mimicked with exercises like jump squats, burpees, and box jumps.

Why are you ticklish?

Ever ponder why certain people are so ticklish? If so, you are not alone. Great thinkers like Aristotle, Sigmund Freud, and Charles Darwin have also thought about the issue. But nobody is certain.

Gargalesis (the kind that makes you giggle and squirm) and knismesis (the unnerving or irritating sensation like a feather brushing softly over your skin, also known as light-touch tickling) are the two types of ticklishness.

There are a few ideas as to why the ticklishness that makes you laugh occurs:

People connect through it. When a mother tickles her child, the child laughs, the mother grins, and the two experience joy together. Similar to adults, children who like tickling one another may become close. (However, teasing can also be a type of bullying.) Tickling can function as a form of sexual foreplay among adults. (However, some people find tickling uncomfortable and detest it.)

Ticklishness protects weak spots. It is believed that our response to tickling around the armpits and belly is a protective reflex. These are the top ticklish areas. Since the hands and face are more exposed yet not extremely ticklish, there are some holes in this argument.

Saturday, June 24

More symptoms from COVID

Finding clumps of hair in the shower drain or stuck on your hairbrush is startling. However, if you've recently had COVID-19, this upsetting hair loss is probably not a coincidence. 

The phenomenon, which is a result of the global pandemic, continues to catch patients off guard. However, Harvard researchers concur with national statistics showing a sizeable number of virus-infected individuals exhibit high strand-shedding.

Along with symptoms like exhaustion, brain fog, and shortness of breath, thinning hair can be a sign of a COVID bout or a less well-known sign of long-term COVID. According to Dr. Deborah Scott, co-director of the Brigham and Women's Hospital's hair loss clinic, some patients are even conspicuously losing hair as a result of dealing with the pandemic's ongoing mental and emotional stress.

It literally makes the situation worse. You have COVID-related illness first, then hair loss, according to Dr. Scott. "Several patients who had lost up to 30% of their hair came to me in tears. Most of them, I believe, were shocked to find that it was connected to COVID.


Signs on the scalp that a doctor should examine
Even if the shedding of hair waxes and wanes naturally, other symptoms of the scalp should make you visit a doctor. Harvard specialists say these include

Itching or burning, which can also indicate an inflammatory scalp condition, may be a sign of ongoing hair loss, especially six months or more after a COVID-19 infection or another physical or emotional stressor. There may also be lacklustre regrowth more obvious in women.

COVID-related hair loss has received more attention in the research that has been published in the last two years. According to a study from 2021 that was published in The Lancet, 22% of patients with the virus who were hospitalised experienced excessive hair loss within six months of being released. In contrast, a 2020 survey of approximately 1,600 COVID survivors revealed that more than 25% experienced unexpected hair loss after healing.

Women probably pay more attention to it than men do, if only because our hair is usually longer and fuller. According to Dr. Scott, "if you're losing a lot of long hair, it's more obvious than if you're losing a lot of short hair."

However, COVID-19 is not the only illness that causes hair to thin. It is merely the most recent identified cause of the long-known medical condition known as telogen effluvium, or TE. This occurs when extreme physical or emotional stress throws off our body's natural cycle of hair growth.

How to inspire children to get into finance

Do not make the mistake of waiting until they are adults to inspire children to get into finance. Start now.

It may be challenging to educate children on how to get into finance, particularly given the fact that this is a field that might be above their level, but it is worth the try, so you should start early. The best way to begin is by instructing them in the fundamentals. This promotes the development of sound financial knowledge that will serve as a foundation for their future success in finance.

There are lots of benefits to inspiring children to get into finance, including building their management skills.

Start by discussing money with them.

Make a habit of using common activities such as going shopping as opportunities to teach about financial planning and budgeting. Show kids how budgeting, saving, and investing may lead to a more stable future by discussing finances with them.

Create games that promotes plays about finance

Following your child's hobbies and strategically implementing enjoyable games or activities to spark their curiosity is an excellent way to teach them about money management, which doesn't have to be difficult or dull. Developing an interest in finance at a young age could result in amazing career opportunities for your children in the future; therefore, initiate these conversations immediately.


Iconic London US – Makeup Brands: What to consider when choosing products

The makeup that you use can make the world of difference to your look. Different makeup products have different ingredients and consistencies, all which impact the way they apply and stay in place. Though, with tens of thousands of makeup products out there on the market, choosing the right ones can be easier said than done! With this guide on what to consider when choosing products from makeup brands, we hope to elevate your makeup collection, and your final look!

Skin tone 

Broadly speaking, there are three different skin tones that people have – fair, medium and dark. But, within these skin tones, are countless different undertones, which are the more muted colours beneath the skin, and are separated into the categories of cool, warm and neutral. Therefore, when choosing makeup products like your foundation, concealer, blush and contour, it’s important to think about your skin tone and, more specifically, your skin undertones. This will ensure a seamless blend between the makeup on your face, and the natural tone of your body.

Skin type 

Not only is it important for you to know your skin tone, but you should figure out your skin type! Skin can be normal, oily, dry or a combination of two or all of these things! Your skin type directly determines the kind of makeup products you use. Foundation is a useful example, here. Normal skin types can handle any kind of foundation – powder, liquid or cushion/mousse. Oily skin tends to benefit from powder foundations the most, as these provide a matte finish. On the contrary, dry skin would prefer tinted moisturisers, as these products seal hydration into the skin! And, for makeup lovers with combination skin, liquid foundations with a dusting of powder are a safer bet. 


Friday, June 23

How friendships can help you stay socially active


One of the biggest health problems older people face is loneliness. More social interaction is the best way to be more social, which is the best method for overcoming loneliness. Being more socially active is made simpler by retaining and making new acquaintances, as friendships frequently entail engaging in activities alone or with others. Read how to communicate with your friends.

Friendship-free zone
Compared to women, men experience more difficulty making and keeping friends as they get older. The issue is that many men find lifelong companions through activities they have in common, such as sports, the military, and employment. "A man's circle of friends gets smaller as those sources are eliminated over time—through retirement, life changes, and death."

Replicating circumstances and environments that encourage male bonding is the best strategy for establishing friends and preserving current relationships, he continues. For instance:

Learn about group dynamics. Consider joining a walking group, a golf or bowling league, a card, book, or chess club, or a continuing education course at an adult education facility. Or invite an existing friend to join you so you both can add more people to your friend list. It is frequently simpler to communicate with others who share your passions, so find something you enjoy, and chances are there are others who share your interest.

Thursday, June 22

Pink pleated maxi dress for women

Going through summer and having the best dresses to wear makes it so easy and fun. I came across this website with gorgeous dresses that stylish, airy and decent. For me, decency when dressing in any season is important, and this rose pink pleated maxi dress does it for me. When I shop, I try to always buy what I need to make sure I can wear it to different events and with pieces I already have. What I like about chiffon-like fabrics is not only how they make me feel both free and elegant but also how versatile they are.

This A-Line Sleeveless Pleated Solid Color Halter-Neck Maxi Dress flows so well with the wind. It is £31.30, and also comes in green and black. With the pleating and halter neckline, it meets my demands for a comfortable summer dress.

I paired the dress with Asymmetric Embossed Earrings and my Zara slippers because I was taking a walk around the city. This dress from Uoozee is gorgeous on its own. Adding too much jewelry isn't needed. The rose pink color, the pleats, and the asymmetrical maxi hem are all eye-catching. However, it is one of those dresses that can be worn repeatedly. It's ideal for a Sunday brunch with friends or a relaxed meal at home. It would also look wonderful at the beach, graduation ceremony, wedding guest outfit, or as a casual dress for any occasion. It can also be worn down with sandals, a Panama hat, or slippers. Do not pair this dress with sports shoes. I'm really excited to wear it on my trip to Nigeria.

How to stop thinning hair

When you notice that your hair is thinning, even though it usually doesn't hurt, it can be emotionally upsetting, especially if you can see the spaces between your hair and your scalp in some spots. Thankfully, there are several techniques to manage thinning hair and prevent the issue from getting worse.


Why are you losing hair?

There are two main disorders that cause the majority of age-related hair loss.

Androgenetic alopecia, commonly known as male- or female-pattern hair loss, is the most typical type. The first indication is thinning hair. "Hair follicles shrink, resulting in finer hair strands. Some hair follicles completely stop growing hair.

Genetics or hormone changes brought on by ageing may play a role in this form of hair loss. It happens gradually and in different ways for men and women." Men's front hairlines typically recede, and they may also experience thinning at the temples or crown of the head. It can affect the majority of a woman's scalp or specific parts like the middle, the temples, and the frontal scalp area. Women do not, however, experience androgenetic alopecia in the same way as men do.

Wednesday, June 21

Why women are more addicted to junk food.

According to a recent nationally representative poll, more elderly women than men showed indicators of addiction to highly processed foods and beverages during the preceding year.

The survey, which is a component of the National Poll on Healthy Ageing from the University of Michigan, was released online on January 30, 2023. In July 2022, 2,163 persons between the ages of 50 and 80 who were questioned over the phone or online. In order to assess their own behaviours and thoughts regarding addiction to highly processed foods including sweets, salty snacks, sugary drinks, and fast food, participants responded to 13 questions. Intense cravings, an inability to reduce usage, and withdrawal symptoms are some characteristics of addiction. Participants had to admit to at least two of 11 symptoms, as well as considerable distress or issues with eating, at least twice a week in order to meet the criteria for addiction to highly processed foods.

Tuesday, June 20

Fighting the most common skin cancers

As summer approaches, skin cancer risk is increased by sun exposure. On a sunny day, walking outside is similar to engaging in combat. You'll need armour (sunscreen or sunblock and sun-protective clothes), a tactical plan (avoiding peak sun hours), and a haven (the shade) if you want to protect your skin from damaging ultraviolet (UV) radiation, especially during the summer when UV strength is at its highest.

Of course, exposure to sunlight is necessary for the production of vitamin D, the maintenance of healthy bones, the regulation of mood, and the prevention of illness. Unprotected UV exposure, however, can result in skin cancer. Skin cancers that are not melanoma are the most prevalent of them.

Simply defined, melanomas—the aggressive skin cancers that represent barely 1% of all instances but are responsible for the majority of skin cancer fatalities in the United States—are not non-melanoma skin cancers.

Rarely do non-melanoma skin tumours become extremely aggressive. Instead, the most prevalent forms are slow-growing and impact millions of individuals annually. Basal cell carcinomas (BCCs) and squamous cell carcinomas (SCCs) are the two types that can arise from basal cells.

These cancers typically do not metastasize to other organs and are not life-threatening. However, they can be highly harmful. Small skin malignancies can cause bleeding, discomfort, and skin deterioration. They can erode through vital structures like your nose, eyes, bones, or muscles if left untreated. If they grow very large, they may spread and, in rare instances, result in death.


Monday, June 19

My hives won't go away; why?

 Nobody enjoys when red, itchy welts appear on their skin. Several factors, such as allergic reactions to food, drugs, insect bites, pollen, latex, or animal dander, might cause a brief episode of hives. Some people, like you, also get them when they're anxious or in reaction to UV rays or too much skin pressure. Women are more likely than men to get hives, especially in their 30s and 50s.

The majority of hive instances disappear within a few days to a few weeks. You might develop autoimmune hives if they persist for more than six weeks. This occurs when your immune system unintentionally targets healthy tissue, inducing a cutaneous reaction in this example. People with autoimmune diseases, including lupus, thyroid disease, rheumatoid arthritis, or celiac disease, are more likely to experience autoimmune hives. Anyone with hives should consult a doctor if they persist for more than a few weeks.


Is it really that bad to bite my nails?

Consider how many objects you touch each day, including doorknobs, money, and even your phone. Even when we don't bite our nails, our fingertips are a breeding ground for germs. However, this behaviour makes you particularly susceptible to the filth and grime that can amass in nailbed's, as nibbling leaves cuticles and skin ragged and generates microscopic skin cracks that bacteria can enter. You can spread germs that cause everything from salmonella infections to the common cold by sticking your nails in your mouth. Additionally, the skin under your nails or around them can become infected.


Saturday, June 17

Five hours of weekly exercise can prevent cancer.

If you need one more motivation to always move, think about this: According to a study by the journal Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise, if everyone started exercising more, the United States could be able to prevent tens of thousands of cancer cases each year. Between 2013 and 2016, researchers examined adult cancer diagnoses and the self-reported physical activity of more than 500,000 U.S. adults in each state and the District of Columbia. Scientists calculated that fewer than 300 minutes of exercise each week, or around 46,000 cancer cases annually, could be linked to inactivity. 


A plan for hot weather is important for maintaining good health.

Now that climate change has blurred seasonal boundaries, here's a new fact about spring, summer, autumn, and sometimes even winter: sweltering heat may be on its way to your area, or it may already be there.

Every year in the United States, high temperatures cause thousands of heat-related illnesses and fatalities. Developing a personal heat plan can assist you in remaining safe when the heat index rises.

Who is particularly vulnerable during the heat of the summer?

Extreme heat can affect anyone. Children, outdoor labourers, those who are pregnant or have health issues or disabilities, as well as the elderly, are more likely to be harmed by rising temperatures. For instance:

Young children, particularly infants, have a diminished capacity to withstand extremely high temperatures.

People who work outdoors may not have access to shelter and may engage in physically demanding work. OSHA regulations stipulate that they require adequate hydration, adequate pauses, and access to a cool area during break time.

People with chronic medical conditions, such as kidney or heart disease, may have difficulty physiologically adapting to hot weather or be more susceptible to its adverse health effects.

Some individuals with disabilities or neurological conditions may have trouble with thermoregulation — that is, controlling their body temperature — or may be unable to take precautionary measures, such as removing layers or moving to a cooler area.

Which weather patterns result in dangerous heat levels?
High temperatures and high humidity both contribute to dangerous heat because they prevent us from perspiring, which is how we cool off. Extremely high temperatures can be hazardous in arid regions.

Danger zones in the United States and internationally diverge. However, hospitalisations and fatalities increase when temperatures surpass a certain threshold. The threshold varies based on how well bodies, cultures, and architecture are acclimated to heat in various locations.

In New England, for instance, where some people (especially those with limited means) may not have access to air conditioning, we observe increases in healthcare utilisation and mortality at lower temperatures than in the American South, where people and organisations may be more accustomed to dealing with hot weather.

3 simple steps to improve heart health

It may be difficult for busy individuals to adopt heart-healthy activities. These straightforward substitutions can help.

How to improve your heart health

It can be difficult to prioritise heart health with a hectic schedule. It appears that there is no time for heart-healthy behaviours such as regular exercise, getting enough sleep and healthy nutrition. Therefore, you may take the stairs whenever possible or park further away from stores in order to increase your daily step count. But what else are your options? Here are three potential additions to your agenda:

Replace electronic communication with face-to-face meetings.

Texting, emailing, social media, and Zoom calls are acceptable as your primary means of communication. According to a scientific statement published in the Journal of the American Heart Association, it's not acceptable if these methods leave you feeling lonely or isolated, two conditions linked to increased risks for heart disease, heart attack, or stroke.

Try to replace some of your technological back-and-forth with people with in-person meetings in order to battle loneliness and isolation. Perhaps you can find time in your schedule for a brief walk, a cup of coffee, or lunch with a colleague or friend.

Matthew Lee, a sociologist and research associate at Harvard University's Human Flourishing Programme, explains, "Spending time face-to-face helps connect you to others and may make you feel less alone." "Being physically present can help you feel more engaged with others, more valued, and more likely to experience a sense of shared identity — all of which can help alleviate feelings of loneliness." This is why some physicians are beginning to engage in "social prescribing,' which includes recommending that patients participate in volunteer work and other activities that foster interpersonal social relationships."

Lee and a team of Harvard researchers recently published a study in the International Journal of Public Health indicating that social connectedness may reduce the likelihood of being diagnosed with depression or anxiety. Both are linked to heart disease and aggravate existing cardiac conditions.



Friday, June 16

Social challenges such as isolation linked to earlier death

It's unlikely that our physical health is the only aspect that affects how long we live. According to a recent study, social aspects of older individuals' lives may have an impact on their longevity.

Researchers questioned 8,250 people 65 and older for the Harvard-led study, which was published online by Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences on February 7, 2023. 22% passed away in the subsequent four years. Eight out of 183 potential characteristics were shown to be stronger predictors of participant fatalities during those four years, according to the researchers. These included living in an unclean neighbourhood, feeling little control over their financial situation, not working for pay, not volunteering, and receiving less courtesy or respect from others. They also included feeling isolated, seeing their kids less than once a year, and not being involved in their lives.

Thursday, June 15

Gardening can increase your fibre intake, reduce stress, and get you physically active.

Do you want to increase your fibre consumption, reduce your tension, and become more physically active? 

A randomised study published in the January 2023 issue of The Lancet Planetary Health found that participants who grew their own produce enjoyed all of these advantages. About 300 participants (average age: 41) wore activity monitors and participated in periodic diet and health surveys. Nobody had maintained a garden for at least two years. One-year community garden plots and an introductory gardening course were provided to half of the participants. The other participants were instructed to refrain from horticulture for an entire year. Compared to non-gardeners, gardeners consumed approximately two more grammes of fibre per day (a 7% increase), reported greater reductions in tension and anxiety, and engaged in approximately six additional minutes of moderate-to-vigorous exercise per day (about 40 minutes per week). All of these modifications are associated with improved health, including lower risks of cancer and other chronic diseases.

Wednesday, June 14

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