Monday, June 19

Is it really that bad to bite my nails?

Consider how many objects you touch each day, including doorknobs, money, and even your phone. Even when we don't bite our nails, our fingertips are a breeding ground for germs. However, this behaviour makes you particularly susceptible to the filth and grime that can amass in nailbed's, as nibbling leaves cuticles and skin ragged and generates microscopic skin cracks that bacteria can enter. You can spread germs that cause everything from salmonella infections to the common cold by sticking your nails in your mouth. Additionally, the skin under your nails or around them can become infected.

It's true that giving up chewing your nails is difficult, but it's important to do so. To reduce the temptation to bite your nails, try to find activities for your mouth and hands, such as chewing gum, drinking water, doing needlework, or even drawing.

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