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How to Manage Chronic Arthritis Pain

Chronic pain and disease can have a detrimental effect on your mental, emotional, and physical health. That is why it is critical to work with a healthcare professional who is knowledgeable about your illness and attentive to your requirements. If you're having difficulty performing daily duties as a result of chronic arthritis, a management plan can help you streamline your routine, get relief, and live a happy life.

Dr. Amit Paliwal of Indus Healthcare in Pomona, West Covina, and Montclair, California, provides treatment for conditions such as chronic arthritis in order to improve patients' quality of life. He assists you in determining how to live with arthritis and enhancing your entire outlook.

Basic information about chronic arthritis

The two most common kinds of arthritis, osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis, are both chronic and degenerative. This indicates that there is no permanent treatment and that symptoms may persist and deteriorate over time. While this may sound like a doomsday diagnosis, medical improvements enable you to manage your disease and maintain an active lifestyle.

Osteoarthritis is caused by normal joint wear and strain. While infection or injury can increase the damage, the majority of people get some kind of degenerative joint disease as they age. Chronic pain is a frequent symptom of osteoarthritis and can be exacerbated by extreme cold or heat, excessive exercise, or immobility.

Rheumatoid arthritis is a more aggressive form of arthritis. It is brought about by an autoimmune condition that targets the synovial membrane that lines your joints. Your immune system gradually degrades the cartilage in a joint over time, resulting in stiffness, deformities, inflammation, and chronic discomfort.

Taking control of your condition

Controlling your condition is critical. Chronic pain depletes your vitality, leaving you exhausted, helpless, and unhappy. Numerous studies demonstrate that persons who feel the most pain also experience the most despair and anxiety.

Chronic care management is about more than just treating your arthritis; it is also about educating you on how to live with it. Self-management and coping skills are critical, even more so if you wish to continue an active, self-sufficient lifestyle.

The first step toward managing your disease is establishing a relationship with a physician you can trust. Our team at Indus Healthcare is committed to assisting people in comprehending their circumstances. Once you understand what your symptoms signify, we can collaborate to develop a treatment plan that will help you improve your health.

Chronic pain and disease can have a detrimental effect on your mental, emotional, and physical health.
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