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Shesaidyes Wedding Rings Sale 2022

Someone once told me that the most precious ring gifts she could ever be gifted with are anniversary rings for her. I can still picture her looking at blank spaces with so many smiles on her face and little tears of joy giving a full detailed explanation of the overwhelming joy she felt when being gifted anniversary rings. She spoke of rekindled memories of her wedding day, it was such a lovely moment to behold. 

You could also tell a story, you reading this, and you have yet to have the feeling that an anniversary ring brings along. It is an undeniable fact that over the years we sometimes need a reminder of that precious moment at the altar and while we share memories and exchange other gift items the gifts of rings give this undefined joy to couples that no other gift can. You can imagine the joy and smile a brand new ring on every anniversary would give to your partner. A brand new ring to mark every anniversary that passes by annually is a reminder of all the vows on the altar and the beautiful moments shared on your wedding day.

How to Avoid Overpacking for a Trip

If enjoy  traveling but despise packing. Without a doubt, pre-trip planning is something you should do:put together itineraries, researching the finest places to eat local cuisine, and scoping out the best spots to take pictures when in a new place. Packing your  suitcase, on the other hand? That's when your enthusiasm completely disappears.

Use washing services more often and pack less.

Most of us are chronic over packers, which means we carry way too much clothing on every trip. To avoid overpacking, I suggest taking no more than seven days' worth of clothing. This will not only drive you to reevaluate what products are truly required, but it will also reduce the amount of excess weight you carry around. Also, let's be honest: you can (and should!) wear your clothes more than once on vacation, with the exception of your underwear. There are other options if you don't like the idea of hand-washing your clothes in your hotel room's sink while you're on vacation.

How to Avoid Overpacking for a Trip
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Stay away from the heavy jewelry, toiletries, and technological devices at home

Less is more, as always. The hefty chains, face cleansers, and cameras should be left at home. Scarves and shawls, which are often made of lightweight, breathable materials that are easy to travel, are great options if you like to accessorize. Keep your favorite K-beauty products handy in travel-sized bottles, whether you're a fan of the brand or not (no need to bring the originalpackage it came in). Smartphones are now so good at taking photos that they can match the quality of a high-end DSLR camera. What if I'm wrong? This could also be an ideal time to hire a local photographer to capture those memorable vacation moments.


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Why Do Some Airlines Take So Long to Issue Refunds?

Why Do Some Airlines Take So Long to Issue Refunds?
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Having to cancel a vacation is always a tough decision to make. Delaying a vacation because of unexpected occurrences (such as a global pandemic) is never a pleasant experience. To add to the difficulty, airline refunds sometimes take weeks or even months to appear in your bank account. Even if you purchased your trip through an OTA like Expedia, if you have yet to get a refund or credit from your airline, here is all you need to know about airline refunds and credit delays.

How do online travel agencies like Expedia and Orbitz make money?

Third-party websites like Expedia are used by travel suppliers (hotels, airlines, and car rental firms) to distribute and sell their products to millions of travelers throughout the world. For this purpose, they enter their inventory and pricing into the OTA's system. OTAs like Expedia can provide passengers a straightforward way to book their entire vacation by making their platforms available to a wide range of travel suppliers, delivering the largest selection of travel offers across flights, lodging, rental vehicles, and activities.

On Expedia, where does my money end up when I buy airline tickets?

Most online travel agents (OTAs) allow you to either purchase a single flight, hotel, or car; or a package that includes all three. A merchant or an agency model is typically used for this purpose.

If you're using a merchant model, your online travel agency will operate as your official point of contact for all of your travel-related purchases such as hotels, vacation rentals, airline tickets, vehicle rentals, and other extras. In this case, the OTA is responsible for collecting the money from customers. OTAs like Expedia's merchant model transactions are primarily tied to hotel reservations.

As an OTA, the OTA facilitates travel bookings and operates as an intermediary, transmitting reservations made by the traveler directly to the travel provider. Commissions or tickets fees are paid by travel suppliers and/or travelers to the OTA, which in turn gets them. Because the travel provider is charging the consumer, the supplier (like the airline, for example) will appear on your bank statement rather than Expedia.

In the event of an issue, would I receive a refund or credit from the OTA or the travel provider?

When it comes to booking terms and conditions, the supplier sets them, not an online travel agency (OTA). When it comes to things like return policies and fees, it's all up to the individual supplier. When there is a dispute or issue between the customer and the supplier, the OTA often employs huge customer support teams who advocate for the customer's best interests. These teams then go to work directly with the supplier to resolve the issue.

There were more than 3,000 different airline cancellation policies to deal with in the first months of the global epidemic; many of these rules required travellers to be awarded credits. By implementing a "one-click" cancellation function, Expedia was able to alleviate the stress and long hold times associated with bulk cancellations by making it easier for customers to cancel their reservations.

Refunds, credits, and other forms of payment normally appear in your account within a few days.

There are no delays in processing a customer's refund, voucher, credit etc. as soon as an OTA has approval from the airline or hotel to handle that request. Most airline partners are set up under the agency business model, which means that the supplier (the airline) is in charge of the refund procedure and the refund timeframe under this model. For a variety of reasons (including the sheer volume of requests), COVID caused significant delays in this regard, although in general, airlines handle refunds within a credit card billing cycle, although certain smaller or primarily overseas carriers may take longer. If there are no syncing issues between the airline and the OTA, the credit process normally takes roughly 12 hours.

How do online travel agents (OTAs) handle the unused flight vouchers that consumers receive?

Self-service solutions have been developed by Expedia so that customers can simply redeem their current flight credits without the need to call the customer service department. It is possible to examine and use any vouchers or credits in your account, as well as start a virtual agent chat, redeem credits, and access a customer support line all from the same page in your Expedia account.

11 Places Where You Can Swim With Sharks

As you wait on the ledge of a boat for the sharks to approach, play the Jaws theme song. Your pulse quickens as you catch a glimpse of the ominous silhouettes closing in. The water is just a few feet away from hundreds of sharp fangs. Do you think you're insane enough to jump in? Is there a better way of finding out?

In Cape Town, you can go cage diving with great white sharks just like the scientists on TV. Isla Mujeres, Mexico's Isla Mujeres Island, is a great place to swim with whale sharks. To swim with sharks in Belize or Fiji, you don't have to be a licensed diver or even have snorkelling experience. Sharks can be found and safely swum with by experienced tour leaders all around the world.

You can even help save sharks by swimming with them ethically. Many shark species are in danger of extinction as a result of overfishing and the practice of shark finning. Sharks are more valuable to tourists when they are alive than when they are cooked, and this can encourage the local community to take action to safeguard sharks. So, whether you're a thrill-seeker or a shark fanatic, here are the top sites in the world to go shark swimming.

1) Oahu, Hawaii

Cage Diving with Sharks in Oahu

Feeling daring? Jump in the waters off the coast of Oahu and cage dive with some of Hawaii’s most dangerous sharks. Galapagos sharks, sandbar sharks, tiger sharks, and scalloped hammerhead sharks commonly inhabit the warm waters of Hawaii along with 36 other species (including great whites). From the safety of a metal cage, see some of these predators up close as they circle—sometimes just inches from the bars. Because the cage floats at the surface, there’s no need for scuba gear. With a snorkel and mask, you can pop down for a look whenever you like. As a bonus to swimming with sharks in Oahu, you may also see spinner dolphins, barracuda, flying fish, or humpback whales during your adventure. If you also want to see sea turtles or snorkel with manta rays, check out the best snorkeling in Hawaii.


Best Virtual meeting backgrounds for zoom

Best Virtual meeting backgrounds for zoom
Pexel image

While video conversations allow us to stay in touch with friends and family across the country and across the world, they may also make us long for a change of environment.

Virtual vacations are available even if you aren't currently on the road. For your viewing pleasure, we've developed a selection of 15 Zoom backdrops. Make your next video conference or virtual happy hour special by selecting one of the images below.

Do you enjoy what you've seen so far? Use the right-click menu on any image to download it.

The airplane jackpot

No need to choose the aisle or window—or to fight over the armrest with your neighbours—when you get the whole row to yourself.

Aquatic adventure

Indulge your inner child. Even if your favorite aquarium is still out of reach, you can still feel like you’re swimming with sharks.

The best of Bali

Lush scenery. Beautiful temples. Friendly people. For a calming, inspiring vibe, look no further than this Bali background.


Veekee James in a stunning red bridal dress

Veekee James looks stunning in her red bridal gown with fine details. Everything was perfectly put together, from the Gele style to the classy makeup pick. 


Absence Seizures (Petit Mal Seizures)

Absence Seizures (Petit Mal Seizures)

What are Absence Seizures (Petit Mal Seizures)? 

Nerve cells (neurons) in the brain connect by firing small electric messages. The firing pattern of these electromagnetic signals varies dramatically and suddenly during a seizure (convulsion). It becomes exceptionally intense and out of the ordinary.
A small portion of the brain might be affected by a seizure. It can also affect the whole brain. A generalized seizure occurs when the entire brain is affected.

The following are the two most common types of generalized seizures:

generalized seizures (grand mal seizures).
Absence seizures (petit mal seizures)
Both forms of generalized seizures cause a temporary loss of consciousness.
An absence seizure is characterized by a brief loss of consciousness lasting 30 seconds or less. It's scarcely noticeable, if it's noticeable at all. The person simply ceases to move or speak. He or she just stares blankly ahead and doesn't answer questions. The seizure is brief and unnoticeable. It is possible for a person to have 50 or 100 absence seizures per day without being noticed.
The person resumes normal activities when the absence seizure has ended. He or she is completely unaware of what has occurred.
If left untreated, epilepsy is a brain illness that results in recurring seizures. Childhood absence epilepsy, which is also called petit mal epilepsy, is when a child has a lot of seizures where they don't remember where they are when they wake up.
The onset of absence epilepsy can occur at any point during childhood. It usually begins between the ages of four and fifteen.
In the majority of cases, the cause of the seizures is unknown. The development of absence epilepsy may be influenced by genetic (inherited) factors.

Celebrity looks from Rita Dominic & Fidelis Anosike’s Traditional Wedding

Stylish celebrity looks from Rita Dominic & Fidelis Anosike’s Traditional Wedding #ReelDeel2

Rita Dominic's path to forever has begun, and her Nollywood colleagues are in Owerri to support and cheer her on, enhancing the #ReelDeal22 traditional wedding.

Rita and her life partner, Fidelis Anosike, have said "I do" and are celebrating with a conventional wedding. Now, here's what we know: when it comes to Owambe, slaying is unavoidable! Some of your favorite celebs showed up to party with the lovebirds, and they slayed to the limit!


Rita Dominic and Fidelis Anosike's traditional wedding #ReelDeel22

We have been anticipating the wedding of Nollywood actress Rita Dominic and her life partner, Fidelis Anosike, since the announcement of their engagement. This love story begins today in Owerri, Imo state, with a traditional wedding.

It'll be a lovely celebration of love, joy, and happiness with friends and family in attendance.


Bride: @ritadominic
Videography: @nufxmedia
Photography: @ovia_reflex
Makeup: @bibyonce
Outfit: @tubo__
Beads :@nenejewellryandcraft
Hair: @ugo007makeme

Tuesday, April 19

Symply Tacha, dressed in blue wedding attire. 

No doubt she looks stunning. This outfit is a perfect wedding guest outfit and will fit a gorgeous bridal outfit.

Custom aso oke @xtrabrideslagos

Styling @medlinboss

Makeup @tolufelix_mua

Photography @wale_visuals

Location: XBL HQ


Epstein-Barr virus may be leading cause of multiple sclerosis

It's not easy to figure out what causes a disease. One reason is that the great majority of diseases are caused by a combination of factors. Rather, the majority of diseases are caused by a combination of factors.

Genes are one factor. Some people are born with one or more genes that predispose them to certain diseases. Other influences come from your surroundings and behaviour, such as what you eat, the air you breathe, the amount of physical activity you do, and smoking behaviors. According to new research, some viruses may possibly have a role in the development of multiple sclerosis (MS).

Why does multiple sclerosis affect brain and spinal cord cells?

Multiple sclerosis is a brain and spinal cord disease that can produce a variety of neurological symptoms such as arm and limb weakness, visual loss, difficulties thinking, and severe fatigue. We've learnt that MS is an autoimmune disease over the last 50 years: the immune system targets the brain and/or spinal cord in numerous ways, causing symptoms.

However, we still don't know why: what triggers the immune system's attack? Several viruses have been proposed as MS causes over the years, only to be disproved by future study. As a result, several MS doctors and scientists have ruled out viruses as a cause.

Nonetheless, current data suggests that various infections may be MS triggers. Epstein-Barr virus has the most evidence (EBV). Most people in industrialized countries, such as the United States, contract this virus when they are in their teen or young adult years.

Once a person has been infected, the virus remains dormant in the body for the rest of their lives. It has no adverse effects on most people's health. It can, however, trigger some malignancies in rare cases. Multiple sclerosis has now been linked to it.

Customized rings are extra special.

It will be difficult to locate your ideal ring among the hundreds of local and internet jewelry stores. Because of the huge variety of jewellery, it could take several months. However, if you want to surprise your life partner, you need to put in the effort to make it worth it. It's important to make someone feel special while selecting a ring for them. Taking it a step further and purchasing a customized ring is another way to express your feelings and let them know that you care about them and would like to show them in this way.


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Customized Doughnuts for your special day

Some foods are enjoyed by people all over the world. Ice cream, tea, and sandwiches are all great examples. Doughnuts, on the other hand, are remarkably inconsistent around the world.
The sugary, circular pieces of fried dough (with a hole in the middle) that we may think of when we think of doughnuts today are not typical of doughnuts from around the world. These doughnut variations, however different they may appear, are sure to satisfy any sweet tooth. So make a cup of coffee and read on to learn about lots of delectable doughnuts from around the world. 

You can order your custom made doughnuts from topthatdonutsrutherford.


Many losses are associated with primary progressive aphasia

When you think about dementia-causing degenerative brain illnesses, you normally think of memory issues. Language issues, often known as aphasia, are sometimes the first symptom.

What exactly is aphasia?

Aphasia is a linguistic problem caused by brain damage. The most common cause is strokes (when a blood clot blocks an artery and a portion of the brain dies), but aphasia can also be caused by severe brain injuries, brain tumours, encephalitis, and nearly anything else that damages the brain, including neurodegenerative disorders.

What causes aphasia in people with neurodegenerative diseases?

Neurodegenerative diseases are illnesses that cause the brain to deteriorate over time. After an MRI scan has ruled out a brain tumor, the time course of aphasia may usually be used to determine whether it is caused by a neurodegenerative illness rather than a stroke or another cause: Strokes can happen in a matter of seconds or minutes. Encephalitis manifests itself over a period of hours to days. Symptoms of neurodegenerative illnesses appear throughout months to years.

The most prevalent neurodegenerative disease is Alzheimer's disease, but there are others, such as frontotemporal lobar degeneration. Different neurodegenerative illnesses create different symptoms and harm different areas of the brain. Primary progressive aphasia is a term used to describe when a neurological disease creates issues with the language first and foremost.

How can you know if you have primary progressive aphasia?

A cognitive-behavioural neurologist and/or a neuropsychologist who specializes in late-life diseases are usually the ones to identify primary progressive aphasia. A neurological examination, pencil-and-paper testing of thinking, memory, and language, blood tests to rule out vitamin deficiencies, thyroid disorders, infections, and other medical problems, and an MRI scan to look for strokes, tumours, and other abnormalities that can affect the brain's structure should all be included in the evaluation.

The following are some of the general criteria for primary progressive aphasia:

The most prominent clinical feature at the onset and early stages of the neurodegenerative disease is difficulty with language. These language problems are severe enough to impair day-to-day functioning. Other disorders that could cause language problems have been investigated and found to be absent.

House for sale in Acapulco Guarujá-SP

Property code: 743
Advertised for BRL 18,000,000.00

Project: @mninteriores

- Total area: 2,000m²
- Built Area: 1,600m²
- 8 bedrooms, 8 suites
- Living room
- Dining room
- TV room
- Kitchen
- A gourmet area with barbecue
- Pool
- Dependence maid

Schedule your visit with our experts to get to know the property.
CRECI: 38680-j
The advertised value may change without prior notice.

Information and Visits
(11) 94343-0333 / 4382-8763



How can I protect and care for my knees?

Knee care is very important. It is critical to begin taking care of your knees early in life. The knee joint is one of the most important joints in the body since it allows you to walk, stand, and run while also bearing your body's weight. Many people encounter knee difficulties at some point in their lives, which are generally preventable because it is involved in so many actions and carries so much bodyweight.

Knee discomfort is a typical occurrence, particularly among elderly people. Your knees experience a great deal of wear and tear over time as you struggle against gravity to move and walk.

Along with the natural, unavoidable aging of the knee joints, other factors can predispose you to pain. osteoarthritis, a lot of weight, and not enough strength and flexibility can all cause or make it more difficult to move your knees.

The most prevalent type of arthritis is osteoarthritis. The cartilage that cushions the joints degrades in this degenerative illness, resulting in pain, immobility, stiffness, and swelling. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, osteoarthritis affects more than 32.5 million adults in the United States.

Injury to the knee, whether caused by past trauma or repetitive stress from kneeling, running, etc., can also result in acute, dull, recurring, or chronic pain. If left untreated, the damage might progress to osteoarthritis.


This Medlinboss wedding guest outfit is worth the hype. 

Medlinboss is a celebrity stylist who is well-known in Nigeria and the rest of Africa for her work. She's doing well and grasping the concept. Her wedding guest outfit is the focus of today's feature. Something a little different, yet still contemporary. This look was styled by the stylist and brought to life by her elite team.

outfit @ppoizn
Makeup @tolufelix_mua
Gele @adufegele
Video credit @_mandelazz


How do you take care of your legs?

How to care for your health?

You may have a thorough skin-care regimen. You know, the kind with a 5-step facial regimen, the best natural shampoos and conditioners for beautiful hair, and vitamins for strong nails, but you may be overlooking one very important body part—your legs.

Care for the Legs

Leg health is important.
Care for your legs entails many of the same tasks as caring for your entire body, as well as a few leg-specific exercises. So, what are you going to do?



The Surgeon General recommends 10,000 steps per day to maintain a healthy weight and grow bone and muscle mass, both of which contribute to overall leg health.

Eat healthily.

Maintaining a healthy weight reduces the strain on your legs and supports overall health.

Stock up on good leg lotion.

Moisturize your skin twice a day to keep it supple and to strengthen cell walls, which can help avoid varicose veins.

Avoid sitting for the entire day.

Long durations of sitting, whether at work, in a car, or on a plane, can result in deep vein thrombosis, or blood clots. Take a five-minute walk break every 90 minutes that you sit. Visit a coworker, get a glass of water, or take a walk outdoors for some fresh air.

Take a shower

Long, hot baths can cause blood vessels to widen, which can slow the flow of blood from the legs to the heart and, in some cases, cause varicose veins to form.

Xtrabrideslagos styled this Liquorose wedding guest/bridal outfit.

Liquorose the brother Nigerian star celebrated her birthday and wore this perfect wedding guest dress which can also be an excellent pick for a modern Nigerian traditional wedding bridal look. Great colour choice and her gele style is on point. Here are the team members that brought this look to life.

Stylist: @medlinboss
Outfit: @xtrabrideslagos
Makeup: @tolufelix_mua
Gele: @eminence_mez
Photography: @felixcrown


How to keep your vagina clean and free of irritation

Vagina care to prevent irritation and infection

Infections and discomfort can be avoided by maintaining a healthy vulva and vagina. Changes in vaginal discharge that are unusual are a sign that there is a problem.

What are the benefits of vulvar and vaginal care?

Many women suffer from vaginal infections (vaginitis) at some point in their lives. The area around the vaginal (vulva) entrance can also become irritated. Some steps can be taken to relieve vulvar discomfort and prevent vaginal infections.

Some types of vaginal infections can be made worse by home treatments. If the problem persists, contact your healthcare provider if you have any concerns about your vulvar or vaginal health or notice unusual changes in vaginal discharge.

5 looks that prove that Symply Tacha is a style queen.

Symply Tacha has been killing it one after the other, and I'm sure she won't stop. The Big Brother Nigeria star is a trendsetter. She is quite versatile and looks excellent in practically any outfit she wears. Today we're focusing on styles, and our first feature is Tacha and our top picks from her latest photoshoots. This article also includes her stylist for each look; keep reading for more information.

1. The Green Rhinestone Luxury Set by designer Tolubally


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Can olive oil help you live longer? 

Some people may be hesitant to use oils in their cooking or with their food. High cholesterol and, well, growing fat come to mind when you eat fat with your meals. The fact that some fats are classified as "bad" adds to the confusion and belief that all fats are harmful.

That, however, is not the case.

Shilpa Bhupathiraju, assistant professor of medicine at Harvard Medical School and assistant professor of nutrition at Harvard's T.H. Chan School of Public Health, says, "It's crucial to consume oils."
Essential fatty acids—omega 3s and 6s in particular—are found in oils and fats and are part of the construction of every cell in the body, according to Walter Willett, a professor of epidemiology and nutrition at Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health. They're the building blocks of hormones, and they aid in the reduction of inflammation as well as the reduction of bad cholesterol and blood pressure. Taste and satiety are also provided by oil.
Knowing which type to use is crucial. When you cook at home, it's easy; when you eat out and can't control every stage of the process, it's a little more difficult. But choosing the healthiest oils isn't the only consideration. They contribute to a healthy diet when consumed as part of a diet that avoids processed foods, simple carbohydrates, and sugar. 

Colorful summer nails you need to try

Summer is upon us, and there are lots of ways to make your summer pop. Trying out new manicure designs can add that extra glow to your summer. There are endless options to pick from as the internet has made it easy to know the trending nail design ideas and summer colors that feature each year on runways and social media. If you are looking for new bright colourful nail design ideas to try this summer 2022, check out the photos below to stay in style.

You can book a session with the Indigo designer.


302, 2275 Twin creek place west vancouver

This magnificent twin stream home was built by Quigg with spectacular ocean and city views. Designer property with a breathtaking Snaidero Italian kitchen, as well as Miele and Sub Zero appliances. A magnificent master bedroom with a private dressing area, luxury bathtub, and powder room is featured in this spacious 3 bed / 4 bath home. There are tatami rooms, karaoke rooms, a luxurious wine cellar, electric curtains, a jacuzzi, a glass door elevator, and a private two-car garage with plenty of storage. The 2000+ sq ft terrace with breathtaking views is the pièce de résistance. In the sought-after irwin park & WV secondary catchment, and close to all facilities, including a ski slope, golf course, and other recreational opportunities. The best of West Van living!Offered at $5,380,000 CAD by

★ Amir Miri ⇨ +1 604-657-5030

Want more info?
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West Vancouver, BC, Canada

@dreamhomesofcanada specializes in showcasing the finest in Canadian luxury real estate, architecture, design, interiors, art and more. Contact us for features


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Tick season is expanding: How to Protect yourself against Lyme disease

There is more to worry about than just Lyme illness.

Lyme disease

Climate change may be causing an increase in tick-borne infections in portions of the United States and Canada. Tick populations have expanded geographically, coming earlier and remaining longer throughout the spring and fall shoulder seasons. That means that we need to be on the lookout for ticks that carry Lyme disease and other infections even in the winter months in many warmer states and provinces.

To help you avoid tick bites, here's a reminder of why it's crucial to prevent Lyme disease.


Summer's Most Popular Nail Design Trends

10 of the most popular summer nail designs

As far as we're concerned, there is no end to nail inspiration. This summer, we're craving a little bit of everything, from subtle, delicate colours to extravagant nail art. Whichever direction you take, there is a nail style for you. We gathered 10 of the season's most-wanted manicure trends directly from celebrities and nail professionals.

Accessorize your summer look with trend-inspired nail designs
You can book a nail session with Karolina.


11 hot Nigerian wedding guest styles.

Traditional marraige outfitd

The wonderful occasions never seem to end, thanks to our adoring friends and numerous relatives. Love is in the air, especially at this time of year, and wedding invitations are flying everywhere. When we receive yet another invitation, we all have the same thought: 'what do I wear to this wedding?' Styles of Nigerian wedding guests.

It's never simple to figure out what to wear to a wedding. Being a Nigerian wedding guest makes it even more difficult to find the proper outfit to slay in, as Nigerians are known for being among the best-dressed individuals on the planet, and you don't want to be the one to debunk the reputation.

Knowing the wedding theme and location might help you choose what is and is not appropriate to wear. For example, what you wear to an outdoor wedding will undoubtedly differ from what you wear to an indoor wedding. When it comes to style, it's safe to follow the old adage that it's better to be overdressed than underdressed. When it comes to accessorizing, keep in mind that unless you're wearing really plain and simple clothing, your accessories should be a subtle accent to your style.

Regardless of the style you choose, each of the looks in this lookbook will make you feel you're most stylish.

The Changing Landscape of Low-Density Lipoprotein (LDL)-lowering Drugs

The Changing Landscape of Low-Density Lipoprotein (LDL)-lowering Drugs

For the majority of people, statins remain the most effective strategy to reduce dangerous LDL cholesterol. However, two novel medicines may be viable complements or replacements for those with persistently elevated LDL cholesterol levels.

Numerous factors contribute to statins being among the most regularly prescribed medications in the United States. Statins, which were approved in the late 1980s, have a long history of being both effective and safe. These medications not only cut LDL cholesterol but also heart attacks and mortality from heart disease, the nation's leading killer. Additionally, the majority are available in generic form and cost less than $11 per person per year, according to a 2021 American Heart Association statement.

Nonetheless, some persons receiving the highest advised dose of a statin have LDL values that are higher than recommended. Additionally, a small number of persons report intolerance to statins. Until recently, the principal options for decreasing LDL cholesterol were ezetimibe (Zetia) and PCSK9 inhibitors such as alirocumab (Praluent) and evolocumab (Repatha). All three medications have been found to reduce the risk of a heart attack. Two new medications, bempedoic acid (Nexletol) and inclisiran (Leqvio) have been approved by the FDA in the last two years, further expanding the possibilities for decreasing LDL.

26 Creative Birthday Cake Ideas

Every wedding or party event celebration necessitates the presence of a cake. Party celebration cakes for birthdays or any other special occasion are wonderful centrepieces for any event where the cake is to be cut and shared with the guests for their pleasure. Choose a cake that matches the event's theme and fits your budget.

Cake decorating has become a popular pastime for many people who use it on a variety of occasions. You might recall anniversaries, birthdays, corporate events, and graduations. There are a lot of creative ways to decorate your cakes if you do some online research for free.

Do you want to get creative for your next birthday? let's inspire you with these creative birthday cake design ideas.

You can order these cakes from Divya Saxena.


Friday, April 15

A closer examination of diastolic blood pressure

diastolic blood pressure

Reduce your risk of heart attack and stroke by aggressively decreasing your high systolic blood pressure (the top number). However, what significance does the diastolic (bottom) number have?

When it comes to blood pressure management, doctors typically focus on lowering the top (systolic) reading, and with good reason.

It has been proven that aggressively managing high systolic blood pressure will significantly reduce the risk of heart attack or stroke. However, what about the bottom number (diastolic)? It also plays a very important role in heart health, but one that is often overlooked.

A Tale of Two Digits

The two blood pressure readings indicate the heart's activity and rest. Systolic pressure is the pressure in the arteries caused by the contraction of the heart to pump blood throughout the body. The higher the number, the more difficult it is for the heart to pump blood.

Diastolic pressure refers to the pressure that exists between heartbeats. This pressure is necessary for coronary arteries to provide oxygen to the heart muscle. Normal blood pressure is defined as a systolic pressure of fewer than 120 millimetres of mercury (mm Hg) and a diastolic pressure of less than 80 mm Hg. A systolic value of 120 to 129 combined with a diastolic value of less than 80 is considered "elevated."

When it comes to diagnosing hypertension (high blood pressure), either number can be indicated if it is continually raised. For example, if your systolic blood pressure is 130 to 139 or your diastolic blood pressure is 80 to 89 — or both — you are said to have Stage 1 hypertension. Stage 2 hypertension is characterised by a systolic blood pressure of 140 or greater (or both) or diastolic blood pressure of 90 or greater. It's critical to monitor both numbers because, in several cases, if the systolic is elevated, the diastolic is elevated as well.

No content on this site, regardless of date, should be used to replace direct medical advice from your doctor or another trained practitioner.
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