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How do you take care of your legs?

How to care for your health?

You may have a thorough skin-care regimen. You know, the kind with a 5-step facial regimen, the best natural shampoos and conditioners for beautiful hair, and vitamins for strong nails, but you may be overlooking one very important body part—your legs.

Care for the Legs

Leg health is important.
Care for your legs entails many of the same tasks as caring for your entire body, as well as a few leg-specific exercises. So, what are you going to do?



The Surgeon General recommends 10,000 steps per day to maintain a healthy weight and grow bone and muscle mass, both of which contribute to overall leg health.

Eat healthily.

Maintaining a healthy weight reduces the strain on your legs and supports overall health.

Stock up on good leg lotion.

Moisturize your skin twice a day to keep it supple and to strengthen cell walls, which can help avoid varicose veins.

Avoid sitting for the entire day.

Long durations of sitting, whether at work, in a car, or on a plane, can result in deep vein thrombosis, or blood clots. Take a five-minute walk break every 90 minutes that you sit. Visit a coworker, get a glass of water, or take a walk outdoors for some fresh air.

Take a shower

Long, hot baths can cause blood vessels to widen, which can slow the flow of blood from the legs to the heart and, in some cases, cause varicose veins to form.

Lift your legs.

When reading or watching television, keep your legs parallel to the ground by resting them on a stool or a chair. This prevents blood from pooling in your lower legs and promotes blood flow to the rest of your body.

Don't do it!

Smoking raises the risk of venous wall damage, which can lead to varicose veins, leg ulcers, and osteoporosis.

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