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 As you all know, social media is a gateway to traffic and publicity for you as a blogger or website owner. In my previous post, I spoke about how to get more traffic and improve your audience, and I mentioned social media and its role. 

Today I will be listing out some social media platforms which can help you grow your audience and traffic. You also get to connect with different people. Get style inspiration and share your style too.

    Just a little advice, if you find it difficult to keep up with social networks, I guess you should start by joining the few you can manage. You can follow me and I will also follow you back.

1) Facebook    2) Twitter  3) Chictopia 4) Chicisimo  5) Lookbook  6) Instagram 7) Google + 8) Snapchat : melody Jacob 7) Tumblr 9) Pinterest 10) Youtube  11) Vk.com 12) Vine : melody Jacob 13) Medium 14) Fashionising  15) Onsugar  18)  Weardrobe.com 16) Bloglovin  17) IndependentFashionBloggers.org 19)Polyvore.com 18)Refinery29

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Scroll down to view my outfit details.
Shoes: Casnaboty, very comfortable shoes, 
Click on the link to get yours and find more stylish shoes.
Also styled here

Hat: Newchic
Nice hat, but kinda small, the fear of falling off was very frequent. Check the size of the hat before you add to the chart. Nice hat anyways.

Glasses: Firmoo Use voucher code“godisablej2” which will cover a complete pair of eyeglasses at this page http://www.firmoo.com/promo-free-glasses-samples.html The shipping and handling fee are extra. This eyeglass is very comfortable, I love the design and the studs on it because it made the glasses even more stylish. White handle, red frames, get yours now.

Tie: Bows N ties I just had to borrow from the men, I love the tie so much, yellow and navy never a bad idea. Shipping is fast, and well package, best tie ever.

Shirt dress: Zaful

Blazer: Calliope 

Pant: Calliope

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