Wednesday, April 17

Beyonce shares her challenges and drops Surprise 40-Track ‘Homecoming’ Album.

Beyonce is the queen of surprises but one good thing to learn from her is that she know how to keep family issues to herself and handle it the right way. Beyonce opened up about her pregnancy stating that her Pregnancy with Twins Sir and Rumi Was 'Unexpected' and ‘Extremely Difficult.Beyoncé‘s pregnancy with twins Sir and Rumi wasn’t exactly flawless.

In her new Netflix documentary film Homecoming, the 37-year-old singer opens up about the struggles that she went through while carrying her two youngest children — explaining that she developed preeclampsia during what she dubbed “an extremely difficult pregnancy.” we are glad she is fine and in good shape now.
Beyonce Drops Surprise 40-Track ‘Homecoming’ Album. According to Variety Beyonce has dropped a surprise 40-track companion album of her “Homecoming” 2018 Coachella performance to accompany the Netflix documentary about the event that arrived early this morning.

The album includes two bonus cuts near the end: “Before I Let Go” and “I Been On.” The former is a cover of a Frankie Beverly & Maze classic featured in the documentary’s closing credits, while the latter is an updated version of a song that was uploaded to SoundCloud back in 2013; “Bow Down” was included on the singer’s self-titled album that year.

I think beyonce is a strong woman a role model to young girls on how to stay strong and keep pushing on matter how hard the situation is.

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