Thursday, April 11

What's your biggest fear about love?

Can you look back and say it's been a good ride? however not an easy one. How much more pain can you feel, how much tears have gone down your cheeks and how strong were you?.

Sometimes we overlook the power of attachment and love, it's one of the strongest and greatest feelings put in us by God. Unfortunately, falling in love sometimes can't be helped but our actions can be controlled. Have you ever loved to the extent of having so much fear that something might just go wrong, meanwhile everything is going perfectly well?.

Do you know that when love breaks you it affects your whole self, no matter how much you try to act strong, love affects your thinking, but what matters the most is that you picked up yourself and dusted yourself like the king/queen you are.

We all have our biggest fear about love, for some, it's not being able to see the person/people they love just because death came too soon, some are afraid of falling out of love, while some are so afraid of repeated situations, etc.

Well, in this series of mental health I will share with you all what I am afraid of about love.
 All my life my Dad has been there for me, my Dad is the definition of selfless love, no matter how hard the situation plays out my Dad was always there for me. I can't describe the love my dad has for me. I want heaven for him. I am so afraid of not getting that kind of love again in my life, will someone ever love me that way? can that kind of love ever exist again in my life?. 

What is your biggest fear about love?

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  1. This post really spoke to me!

    Just like your dad, my dad is my best friend in the whole world. The love he has for me is endless. He has always been there through thick and thin, and I can't seem to find someone who loves me just the way he does. Selfless and without betrayel. I am going through a very painful breakup with my fiancé of four years. For the past 2 months my dad has been there for me through every step. Redecorating and painting my appartment, helping me with literally everything, and listeningh to me when I need to vent and cry.

    Dads are THE BEST! We should thank God we have them sweety <3
    Give your dad a big hug from me


    Tamara Chloé


    1. Your dad is an amazing Dad, I know a lot of dads who wont even be there but he is standing by you at this time and this is so beautiful of him. I also want to mention that my dear, stay strong, you will be fine. God is in total control.

  2. my biggest fear is falling out of love and losing the ability to love. I think it is always best to be the one who loves because love enriches us. I always find it hard to love once I get disappointed in somebody.

    1. That is another fear a lot of people have, well we just have to try and pray that God leads us to the right person.

  3. I think my biggest fear is getting hurt. But now that I'm older, I feel like there's no way we won't get hurt in life. And if we use that excuse, we would miss out on so much!!

    1. That is true, we will all get hurt at some point, we will all get lesser than we expected but we keep pushing and moving on.

  4. I always try to concentrate on positive things and not to think about negativity :)

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    1. That a good one dear, but yeah we are in real life.

  5. This was such a beautiful post! I think it's wonderful that you are so open and honest about what scares you - and how truly powerful love can be.

    1. Yes dear, all real here. Stay blessed.


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