Hot boy summer is gone, but not forgotten. As the temperatures start to drop and the days get
shorter, dating slumps might be hitting us a little harder than usual. If you’re getting back into the
dating scene, use these steps to be fully prepped for #CuffingSeason.

1. Get to know your date.
  Most people — 75% of women and 59% of men check out their date on social media before a first date.
 Use social media as a tool to get to know your date beyond what’s in their Tinder bio.
 Reference it if you need to break any awkward silences, but don’t be creepy!
 For example, if you saw that they went recently went camping, maybe ask if they like the outdoors.

2. Location is everything
 The first date is your opportunity to get to know that person and for them to learn more about you.
 Find a quiet restaurant or bar that has areas where you can escape the noise.
 Don’t meet in a nightclub where you are doing more shouting than communicating.

3. Present your best self
 It’s okay to be nervous, but make sure to smile and be positive and friendly.
 Prioritize personal hygiene, get a fresh haircut and use an acne treatment to prevent any breakouts before the date.
 Put on your favourite outfit, but don’t overdress for the occasion.

Can you look back and say it's been a good ride? however not an easy one. How much more pain can you feel, how much tears have gone down your cheeks and how strong were you?.

Sometimes we overlook the power of attachment and love, it's one of the strongest and greatest feelings put in us by God. Unfortunately, falling in love sometimes can't be helped but our actions can be controlled. Have you ever loved to the extent of having so much fear that something might just go wrong, meanwhile everything is going perfectly well?.

Do you know that when love breaks you it affects your whole self, no matter how much you try to act strong, love affects your thinking, but what matters the most is that you picked up yourself and dusted yourself like the king/queen you are.

We all have our biggest fear about love, for some, it's not being able to see the person/people they love just because death came too soon, some are afraid of falling out of love, while some are so afraid of repeated situations, etc.
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