Wednesday, April 10

Quotes of the day : 1

Quote 1: When you walk in dark foggy road, don't stop keeping walking you will find your destination.

Quote 2: Elegance is not what you wear but what you carry.

Quote 3: Never let your dignity bow in front of the ignorance, the only important is being is you. It's not selfish but called "self love."

Quote 4: When you feel broken and lost, all you need is that last hope all will be fine.

Quote 5: One day you will thank the storm for breaking you so bad that you fell in love with yourself while reforming.

Quote 6: Connect to your almighty and get your soul aligned. "The happiness will be within", and you will need no reason to be happy.

By Rumisworld. Follow on Instagram.

Photo by Banter Snaps on Unsplash



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