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Promise rings- symbol of love : A romantic gift for her

 Heartbeat jewelry - a romantic gift for her

No matter the reason to present her a gift, whether it is Valentine's Day, the anniversary of a Wedding Day, her birthday or the day when you met each other, every girl will be pleased to receive some jewelry as a memorable gift. However, not every piece of jewelry will satisfy and impress her. The well-chosen jewelry should fit her style, be in her taste, well-designed and the main point - it has to reflect your feelings otherwise it would be a disappointment for both of you. 

How to choose a meaningful, romantic and sensual gift for a person you love? 
It is a pretty complicated task and everything depends on the personality of your woman. If she prefers romantic and playful accessories, she will be delighted  to have heartbeat necklace or ring. This kind of jewelry is rather chosen for young girlfriends than for status women. 

What is it like?
 Heartbeat pattern is a zigzag line of EKG, which reflects the pulse of your heart when you think about your girlfriend. Heartbeat rings and necklaces are very popular among customers. What else can mean more than the beating of your heart, represented on the piece of jewelry? If you want to shorten the path to the heart of your girlfriend, express your feeling through such a romantic gift. This piece definitely will bind you together.

Apart from heartbeat jewelry, there are charming and elegant rings with heart. Your girlfriend will be delighted with the heart necklace styled in silver or gold, especially when it is decorated with gemstones or Swarovski crystals. 

Are you ready to wear a couple heart rings? Then it would be another good option of what you can present to your girlfriend. Every girl likes things for couples: the same hoodie, same pajamas, and couple jewelry as well. It symbolizes love and devotion to each other. 

Another one pendant that can be found almost at every jewelry store is double heart necklace. Delicate pendant of two hearts bound together will make a lasting impression on the receiver. 

What else can impress your girlfriend? If you want to emphasize vitality of love, you can give her an infinity heart necklace or ring that is timeless classical jewelry. 

Do you want to make the most memorable gift for someone you love? Heart locket necklace is a great gift for all women: mothers, grandmothers, girlfriends, wives, sisters and so on. You can put a small picture or a message with insightful words inside. 

Overall, jewelry is the best gift to express your emotions to girls and women. To make it more personalized you can add an engravement of some text. Be thoughtful and creative, while choosing the jewelry, because it will be worn for many years, reminding about you. 

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  1. A nice jewel il always a good idea! ^^

  2. What a nice idea, thanks for sharing!

  3. great gift ideas and tips.

  4. Love jewelry... even more ones that have a special meaning.


  5. Love the Heartbeat jewellery what a great romantic gift xoxo Cris

  6. It is interesting to read about promise rings. As much as I love jewelry, it is hard to wear them when I work out or use the computer all the time. I love your ring!

    Nancy ♥ exquisitely.me

  7. Aww I never thought to get a promise ring with my partner but it's actually pretty sweet. I think it could totally symbolize a representation of your love. :)


  8. Beautiful ring hun!
    xx- Nina


  9. pretty


  10. Agree. Giving a beautiful ring is a sign of your love and who better to give one to then the person you hope to spend the rest of your life with.

  11. Jewelry is timeless and always a good idea!


  12. Gifting a ring is the best way to express your love. But now the trend has shifted towards piercing. Yes, most of the people are now doing piercing on their ring fingers. This is painful but its a unique idea to show your love.


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