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Hey loves! I am so excited to talk to you about the Princess Cut White Sapphire 925 Sterling Silver 3-Piece Bridal Sets. This stunning set is perfect for any bride-to-be or for anyone looking to add some sparkle to their jewelry collection.

First of all, let's talk about the metal color. The silver shade of this set adds a touch of elegance and sophistication. It's a classic choice that will never go out of style. The S925 silver used in the making of this set ensures its quality and durability, making it a piece that can be cherished for a lifetime.

Princess Cut White Sapphire 925 Sterling Silver 3-Piece Bridal Sets

Now, let's dive into the gemstone details. The main stone of this set is a beautiful princess-cut white sapphire. The princess cut is known for its clean lines and brilliant sparkle, making it a popular choice for engagement rings. The white sapphire adds a touch of glamour and sophistication to the set, making it perfect for any special occasion.

The main stone size is 3*3 mm and has a weight of 0.4 carats. The set also features 144 stunning round-cut white sapphire side stones, with a total weight of 11.93 carats. The combination of the main stone and the side stones creates a dazzling effect that is sure to turn heads.


We learn a lot on a daily basis, and there is a great deal that we believe we understand but sometimes don't. Today, I'll explain the difference between a wedding ring and a bridal set. Is there a difference or are they the same? Continue reading to learn more.

When it comes to becoming engaged and married, one of the most essential parts that people focus on is the engagement ring, with the wedding ring arriving later, once the wedding preparations are in full swing. You'll need to find the perfect bridal sets and wedding rings that both of you can wear for the rest of your lives. Nonetheless, before purchasing one, you should determine whether you want a bridal ring set or a wedding ring set.

Engagement rings that come with a matching wedding band are known as bridal ring sets. A bridal ring set does not include two wedding rings that are exactly the same. A wedding ring set, on the other hand, includes an engagement ring and two other rings that look good together and can be worn together.

If you want to make a statement with your wedding band, the moissanite bridal sets and garnet wedding ring are ideal.

Have you watched Dubai Bling on Netflix? Oh my gosh, those ladies are super fashionable yet so modest, and that is what makes it even more beautiful. I can't even deal with the outfits; all the ladies rocked their looks. It felt like a cool, relaxed show of luxury and power. Some of the ladies loved diamonds, and I can see why. Diamonds scream luxury, and they make the perfect ring.

When it comes to bling, the ladies in Dubai Bling knew what they wanted, and that made me love the show even more. I did not even want the series to end; I loved the bling of it all, and that is what I am talking about. Women love the beautiful things in life, and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that.

It is established that women like diamond rings, but among other types of rings and questions of budget, what are the best diamond rings for women?

Jeulia Romantic Rose Gold Tone Cushion Cut Sterling Silver Mermaid Ring

Expect to see women obsessing over diamonds and flaunting their diamond jewellery collections on their outfits. The fact that most women like diamonds are sufficient evidence of the value that they place on them. Diamonds, on the other hand, come in a variety of styles, shapes, and designs. The round diamond ring is the most popular, but the heart, oval, emerald, cushion, princess, and teardrop engagement rings are also loved by women. It could be a ring, necklace, diamond-studded earring, or a lovely diamond bracelet. Adding a ring enhancer will improve the appearance of the diamond but overall, diamonds make women appear attractive and beautiful.

When ladies put on diamond jewellery, it is natural for them to feel exceptional. Diamonds are created in such a way that no two are alike. Women are drawn to diamonds because of the unique techniques used in their creations, and they feel as though diamonds are part of their everyday lives.

Jeulia Double Halo Pear Cut Pink Stone Sterling Silver Ring

Jeulia Avocado Design Double Halo Pear Cut Sterling Silver Ring

Jeulia Avocado Design Double Halo Pear Cut Sterling Silver Ring


Nowadays, more individuals get married every weekend, and staying on budget is critical to achieving your wedding goals and establishing a healthy family foundation. The sort of ring you choose is an important aspect of your wedding. Rings are expensive, and most people believe that if they don't get a very expensive stone, their love isn't genuine. However, this is incorrect because there are many valuable rings made from high-quality materials that will make you feel special, and that is why you should go for something unique and special like Moissanite bridal sets, which are suitable for all preferences.

moissanite bridal sets

Some people buy expensive rings without considering their financial situation. Don't go broke trying to choose a wedding band; instead, look for something reasonable. Eternity wedding bands are a great choice for a love that will last a lifetime since they represent unending love.

Are you planning a wedding in 2022? If you answered yes, you should consider getting a Moissanite ring. You might be wondering what to keep an eye out for. You're not alone with this. There are, however, a couple caveats to getting it correctly. Continue reading to find out what you should look for in a Moissanite engagement ring. 

Engagement rings

Moissanite engagement rings are becoming increasingly popular due to their beauty, affordability, and long-term durability. Moissanite is a silicon carbide-based diamond substitute. A diamond simulant is a stone that has a diamond-like look. As a result, the majority of moissanite on the market is created in a laboratory. In a lab, making a single moissanite stone can take up to two months. When it comes to choosing a Moissanite engagement ring, you can be sure that you and your partner will cherish your Moissanite couple rings for the rest of your lives. 

Oh my, I am super excited about the festive period because it brings about good tidings, glittering feelings, and lots of discounts. As you all know the lockdown made us all spend most of our days at home, most events went virtual, weddings were postponed, schools went virtual and we all had to stay at home to protect ourselves. For some people, their relationship became even stronger and yes they got engaged and will soon be married. 

Jewelry sale 2021

Tho statics showed that some couples weren't able to make it through the lockdown due to distance and other factors but if you have made it we are glad to help you find the best engagement rings for your loved one. 

Choosing an engagement ring symbolizes your commitment to one another for the rest of your lives. The engagement ring is a wonderful representation of a strong connection and endless love. The style of your partner should be reflected and complemented precisely in the design of your engagement ring. The engagement ring you choose will be with them for the rest of their lives, so you want to be sure it's the perfect one for them.

Before purchasing an engagement ring you should have a hint of what your partner adores to be able to give that fulfillment in it. Getting an engagement ring should not be an issue when purchasing one from a trusted brand.

As there are almost millions of content creators, celebrities, and influencers that post almost the same content every day, how can you be so sure that you are different in order to secure your audience? It is best to find your niche but at the same time, think of something trendy but is also timeless so that your content stays relatable at any given season. And among the content like that are content about events like birthdays, graduation, and most importantly, engagements and weddings. 

As these are often once-in-a-lifetime opportunities, so of course we want to take a keepsake of every moment and one of the best and most accessible ways nowadays is of course to post on social media. Because not only can this be the online album that you can visit anytime and anywhere, it’s also one of if not the fastest way to let people know about what happened and these moments specifically are ones you want to share!

When it comes to those events, you would really want to document everything as every moment must be shared and remembered. With all the adrenaline during those moments, it is hard to think straight hence, documentation might be quite hard. Take the best shots and shout it to the world, here are some tips on how to take a picture-perfect engagement ring!

Find an instagrammable engagement ring (That fits your significant other, of course!)

Source: Roger And Hollands

Of course, first on the list is to find an instagrammable engagement ring to ensure your subject is already “aesthetically pleasing” enough on its own because the subject can really make or break your photo, so find one that can already stand alone and do its job!

An engagement ring is a ring that indicates that the person wearing it is engaged and set to be married. This is mostly done in the western culture but has a wild spread that has been adopted by different people. Every moment counts so getting the best ring is very important. Shop the latest engagement ring styles below.

Are you searching for a special wedding ring for the one you love? Look for the best value badge to get the most for your budget! Choose a unique diamond to make your Ritani engagement ring one-of-a-kind. Explore stunning wedding rings handcrafted with precious metals and beyond conflict-free diamonds. Find the perfect wedding band for your style.
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SKU: 29720AR14WG-LD
Metal Type: 14kt White Gold
Band Width: 2.5-4
Sidestone Minimum Total Carat Weight: 0.5
Sidestone Minimum Clarity: VS2
Sidestone Minimum Color: G-H
Manufactured in: United States
Free appraisals and warranty included with purchase. 

SKU: W5B00547EMA8W
Metal Type: 18kt White Gold
Band Width: 3.8-5.8
Sidestone Minimum Total Carat Weight: 0.5
Sidestone Minimum Clarity: VS2
Sidestone Minimum Color: H-I
Manufactured in: United States
Free appraisals and warranty included with purchase


SKU: WEB00451CUK8W-18WG-2D60C
Metal Type: 18kt White Gold
Sidestone Minimum Total Carat Weight: 3
Sidestone Minimum Clarity: VS
Sidestone Minimum Color: FG
Manufactured in: United States
Free appraisals and warranty included with purchase.


Wearing rings has become part of fashion. Rings are no longer just for engagements and wedding ceremonies; they are now statement pieces. People use rings on certain fingers to work with a certain type of energy. Most ancient texts and cultures advocate the wearing of rings on particular fingers to induce a mood. For example, wear a ring on your thumb if you need to express your individuality.

Irish Claddagh Ring
The Claddagh is an Irish ring that features two hands holding a heart and is surrounded by a crown. The design is said to represent the qualities of love (the heart), friendship (the hands), and loyalty (the crown). The Irish Claddagh Ring features gothic-style hands, and the heart is made of a cubic zirconia crystal. It is absolutely a great gift to express your love for your girlfriend, fiancée, or wife!

Onecklace Irish Claddagh Ring

Rings by Onecklace

Florentine Ring

Florentine Ring
This beautiful Florentine Ring features a classy-looking florentine finish, which is typically seen on rings made of precious metals. This technique creates tiny cross-hatched engraved lines across the piece of jewelry. This is the perfect wedding ring to represent your love and marriage. It can be made with your choice of sterling silver or 24K gold plating.

Check out our Men’s Collection for unique pieces of jewelry for that man in your life.

Jewelry is passionate and sends a lot of messages to the heart. They go beyond design and quality; they are embodied in love.

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 Heartbeat jewelry - a romantic gift for her

No matter the reason to present her a gift, whether it is Valentine's Day, the anniversary of a Wedding Day, her birthday or the day when you met each other, every girl will be pleased to receive some jewelry as a memorable gift. However, not every piece of jewelry will satisfy and impress her. The well-chosen jewelry should fit her style, be in her taste, well-designed and the main point - it has to reflect your feelings otherwise it would be a disappointment for both of you. 

How to choose a meaningful, romantic and sensual gift for a person you love? 
It is a pretty complicated task and everything depends on the personality of your woman. If she prefers romantic and playful accessories, she will be delighted  to have heartbeat necklace or ring. This kind of jewelry is rather chosen for young girlfriends than for status women. 

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