Aug 19, 2021

How To Take A Picture Of A Perfect Engagement Ring Like A Pro?

As there are almost millions of content creators, celebrities, and influencers that post almost the same content every day, how can you be so sure that you are different in order to secure your audience? It is best to find your niche but at the same time, think of something trendy but is also timeless so that your content stays relatable at any given season. And among the content like that are content about events like birthdays, graduation, and most importantly, engagements and weddings. 

As these are often once-in-a-lifetime opportunities, so of course we want to take a keepsake of every moment and one of the best and most accessible ways nowadays is of course to post on social media. Because not only can this be the online album that you can visit anytime and anywhere, it’s also one of if not the fastest way to let people know about what happened and these moments specifically are ones you want to share!

When it comes to those events, you would really want to document everything as every moment must be shared and remembered. With all the adrenaline during those moments, it is hard to think straight hence, documentation might be quite hard. Take the best shots and shout it to the world, here are some tips on how to take a picture-perfect engagement ring!

Find an instagrammable engagement ring (That fits your significant other, of course!)

Source: Roger And Hollands

Of course, first on the list is to find an instagrammable engagement ring to ensure your subject is already “aesthetically pleasing” enough on its own because the subject can really make or break your photo, so find one that can already stand alone and do its job!

Look for background or location perfect for your subject

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After buying the Instagram-worthy engagement ring for your significant other, look for a perfect background or location for your subject. May it be on the finger of your now-fiancee or still in the box, placed in a special surprise location before popping the question, per se in a cake, in a stuffed toy, inside a bouquet, or something significant that has a meaning in your relationship and then snap! It may also be on a table with a layout or spread.

Add some props

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Some props that can be used are some things that can be seen at weddings. Like the wedding invitation, put on top of the wedding gown, inside the shoes, or on the ring bearer’s pillow. 

These are just a few of the ideas on how to take a picture-perfect engagement ring whether it be for someone that wants to start as a content creator or someone that just wants to document or share a special moment. 


Source: Pexel

Of course, one of the most important elements of a photo is the lighting as it sets the tone and mood of the image. It really is up to the photographer on how the lighting would go as per theme requirements, but as this is supposed to be not just a happy memory but a bright and sparkly one, the lighting suggested should of course cater to that energy. 


Source: Pexel

Raw photos are like the eyes to the soul, but definitely before posting you can still make arrangements and enhancements to the photo to show more of your heart! Adjust the temperature, brightness, tint, and whatever else you want to do, either by using presets or doing the adjustments yourself, it will make all the difference and for this memorable occasion, you simply want the photograph to be at its best!

Make it live!

Finally! After making sure to follow all those stated above, you can now post and share this wonderful memory with everyone! Whether a round cut, emerald cut, princess cut, oval cut, pear cut, heart cut, Asscher, emerald, marquise, pear, or radiant cut, or whether they’re antique, estate, custom, semi-custom, signed, or even a generational hand me down, people would want to know the details hence the perfect photo is simply important to capture all those and make the ring do the talking. 

Final Thoughts

Above all these tips said above, the most important thing to remember is to capture the moment in your memory and make the most out of the present situation. A proposal is an important celebration of love and life of two people joining together forever and you may want to post every moment and share it with the world, but the most beautiful moments are those shared with whom you love the most and no picture posted online can ever equate to that. The picture-perfect engagement ring may just be the best when it is captured in memory.

The most picture-perfect ring is aesthetically pleasing but is also significant to you and your fiance and no outside opinion should outweigh that. You will know if that is the ring for you. You will feel it in your heart that it is meant to be, like your relationship with your loved one. 


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