Tuesday, August 24

Mixa Intensive Care Dry Skin Cream Review

I decided to change my body cream in summer and I am loving the feeling. The body cream I use in winter was a bit heavy for my skin in summer so I switched to Mixa intensive care dry skin. Tho on this cream it is written Rich body milk, intense nourishment, dry and very skin but it suits the weather perfectly. I wanted a cream that won't make my skin or so oily. It suits my skin in summer but in winter it will be too dry for my skin. The effect lasts for 24hrs as it nourishes your skin intensively to prevent dryness. 

Mixa's nourishing body milk is designed for girls who have dry, sensitive, or irritated skin. The cream will help in quickly moisturizing body skin, making it smooth, silky, and velvety. Milk is completely safe to use on skin that is prone to allergies because of its hypoallergenic nature.

Glycerin and oat milk help to nourish the skin deeply, regenerate it, and protect the epidermis from the damaging effects of the environment. Forget about the uncomfortable sensations of skin tightness and dryness! 

You will have wonderfully soft, healthy, and vibrant skin with Intensive Care Dry Skin Rich Body Milk. The most delicate milk is applied to the skin simply and evenly, leaving a subtle scent on the body.

I will recommend this cream for summer, when it started getting cold you can change to a deeper moisturizing cream. 

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