Friday, August 13

63 Artistic nail design ideas by @Nailboxsaigon

Your manicure can be inspired by the beautiful hues that can be found all around us throughout the summer, such as bright yellow light beams, vibrant green foliage, and baby blue ocean waves. It's time to move on from your regular nail art onto the bold daring summer nail art. The coolest summer manicures are nothing if they're not bright. 

Here are some popular nail trend ideas for your next summer manicure, whether you're just searching for a new colour to paint your nails or a nail artist seeking your next design-oriented design to wow your clients. These adorable designs and patterns, by Nails from Chinh (Nailboxsaigon), are ideal for soaking in the sun while flipping your hair, on the beach sipping a mojito.

Nail art

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