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Tuesday, March 19, 2019

May Body Depilation Bikini Cream Review.

MAY body Крем для депіляції бікіні 100 мл отзывы 
(Sensitive Skin Aloe Barbadensis And Allantione Pro Skin Line Bikini Hair Removal Cream)
Shaving creams are gradually multiplying in the beauty market and different brands are putting out all kinds of shaving creams but one concern is how good are these creams? how well do they work on our skin, how sensitive and what are the compositions?.

Generally, there are shaving creams for both men and women, but you will agree with me that most companies target the female market because women always strive for perfection such as a smooth skin free of hair. I have tried other products that weren't so bad but one product that didn't go so well with my skin is Veet. After Veet application, I start feeling a burning sensation on my skin after a very short time which leaves my skin darker and sore from the burn. I do not have sensitive skin, so I was surprised at the outcome. I started using another product called Caramel it was ok and good but recently, I decided to try out the May Body Sensitive Skin Aloe Barbadensis And Allantione Pro Skin Line Bikini Hair Removal Cream and here is what I have to say about this product.

Опис товару 
Жінки завжди та в усьому прагнуть до досконалості. Небажана рослинність на тілі змушує відчувати себе невпевнено. Крем для депіляції MAY body ефективно та швидко видаляє волосся, не пошкоджуючи шкірний покрив. Засіб розм'якшує волоски й дозволяє безболісно їх видалити за допомогою спеціального шпателя. Підходить для будь-якого типу жіночої шкіри.

Склад крему збагачений доглядальними компонентами, які інтенсивно зволожують епідерміс під час депіляції. Крім того, засіб містить суперефективну формулу проти вростання волосся. Після використання крем не викликає дискомфорту й подразнення. Шкіра стає гладенькою та приємною на дотик, виглядає доглянутою і здоровою.

How to use?
Apply the cream to your skin and evenly distribute it so that it completely covers the hair.  Leave the cream on the skin for 5-10 minutes says the brand but I will advice that since this product is for sensitive skin and is milder than the normal, so for those with a harder hair texture you can leave the cream for about 20-30 mins for a cleaner effective outcome.  Gently clean the area with the rubber shoulder blade which is found inside the pack. Do not allow the cream to dry off completely. Rinse thoroughly with water after the procedure and wipe dry.
MAY Body depilation cream removes hair effectively and quickly without damaging the skin. Suitable for any type of feminine skin.
PS: This is a bikini cream but it can be used on the legs and armpit area.

Rubber blade.

Як використовувати 
Нанесіть крем на шкіру та рівномірно розподіліть його, щоб він повністю покрив волосся. Залиште крем на шкірі на 5-10 хвилин, а потім обережно очистіть невелику ділянку лопаткою. Якщо волосся легко видаляється, приберіть крем, що залишився на шкірі. Якщо необхідно, залиште крем на шкірі ще на кілька хвилин, але не більше ніж на 10 хвилин у цілому. Не допускайте висихання крему. Ретельно промийте шкіру водою після закінчення процедури та витріть насухо.

Outcome (After Shave)
I cleaned up and used the shoulder rubber blade to remove the hair. It was very easy to remove and still had a moist texture even after leaving it for about 20 mins. The reason why these products beat other products mentioned above is how mild it smells, how gentle it is on the skin and how easily it leaves the skin. 

No injury or pain
This is the first time in a long time, I am shaving without having my skin feel a little discomfort or sore. My skin was so smooth with no injury. I felt so good and happy with this product.
Deodorant Application
It is not advisable to use deodorant immediately after applying shaving cream because your skin might be more sensitive than the norm but I totally forgot myself and followed my normal daily routine of applying deodorant after having my bath but to my greatest surprise it didn't hurt at all. It felt so good and normal.

Generally, this product is perfect for the price and from my experience, I will say it is a good product that worked for my skin. If you decide to try this product, I will recommend that you do a patch test on your skin. The composition of the cream is enriched with care products that intensively moisturize the epidermis during depilation. In addition, it contains a super sensitive formula against hair growth. After use, the cream does not cause discomfort and irritation. The skin becomes smooth and pleasant to the touch, looks well-groomed and healthy.

Ingredients (Склад товару)


Buy here in Ukraine or search in any beauty store around you.
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  1. How wonderful that it didn't lead to any irritation or discomfort at all!

    1. I was so surprised, I hardly shave without having one discomfort or the other. I am totally feeling so good and nice.

  2. Thank you for the review! I always love learning about new products


  3. That sounds great! I have super sensitive skin!

    Effortlessly Sophisticated

  4. Sounds great, especially as it didn't irritate your skin. x

    Kate Louise Blogs

  5. I normally don't use these types of product because of how harsh they are, but this one seems gentle enough!

    1. This is very mild on my skin, I guess in just depends on what works for you.
      Thank you

  6. интересная новинка. посмотрю в магазине. спасибо за информацию!

    1. May Body is new and is growing so fast.

  7. Thanks for sharing this in-depth review dear!

    Jessica |


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