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LCF Highlighting and face contouring Kit Review

Хайлайтер та контурінг для обличчя LCF тон 2

Nowadays, you don't need a large budget to get good makeup products and slay hot. I am not so into makeup, so each time a product works for me and blends well I super love it. This LCF contour powder and highlighter is very good for beginners like me and also for a natural look.

One secret of feminine charm depends on your ability to apply your makeup to look well and fit you perfectly, tho sometimes our makeup doesn't come out as expected. No matter what kind of product you are using it all depends on your ability to handle the product very well. This product can be worn by women of all age due to its neutral shades. This highlighting and face contouring  kit from LCF is created by an innovative formula.

The highlighter application
You can apply it on your skin using a brush, I use my hands sometimes to enable me control it. It instantly hides small wrinkles says the brand, I do not have wrinkles so I can't say if that's true or false. It hides extended pores, uneven skin and gives it a fresh, invisible glow. This product does not smudge and does not crumble and it last for a long time. Nothing attracts attention like light radiation. This Highlight has a unique ability to emphasize features.

The contour powder application
This is not going to create a well defined contour look. One smart trick is to apply more than the normal but at the end you still see the defined areas.

What I think
I am totally ok with this product because it really shines and suits my skin, for people who love to apply body glitter this looks good on the skin and shines well under light effect, so it can serve as a good body glitter. The price is super friendly and I recommend this product especially the highlighter.

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  1. It looks nice but I probably wouldn't use it because of the glitter.

    Effortlessly Sophisticated

    1. Oh I get, not very likes the glitter ish...

  2. This LFC highlighter and contour kid sounds lovely. I really like how you applied it in such a natural looking and pretty way. You look stunning here, love yor braids too. I love natural make up looks, for me less is often more when it comes to make up.

  3. I can't tell the difference! Your skin naturally glows. :)

    Elle J. Nior

  4. This highlighter looks gorgeous on your skin. And it reflects the light beautifully! Thanks for sharing this with us!

    xo, Jackie

  5. It looks nice on you!

    Carina | https://carinazz.blogspot.com/

  6. wow its so pretty and dewy!


  7. The effect is beautiful, I like to know this palette! Have a great day.

    Blog Paisagem de Janela


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