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8 Ways to incorporate green into your home decor

8 creative ideas to incorporate green into your home décor

Green is a vivid color that can boost a room without making it appear overly bright and colorful. With the ideal interior design, you can make your home feel more like home. The colour is fresh, energetic, and always in style, whether you choose seafoam-green or deep-shade fern. It goes nicely with a wide range of colors, from neutrals like brown and gray to colorful shades of yellow, blue, pink, and other hues.

The color green is associated with life, rejuvenation, wealth, and peace. When it comes to decorating, though, it can be a wild card. We're taking inspiration from 8 designer spaces that include green décor through paint, accent items, furniture, and more to learn how to apply it strategically and stylishly. There's a green palette for everyone. If you need more proof, just have a look at the spaces below.

Green sofa

Green dining chairs

Bedroom with green beddings

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