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The best flowers to give on Valentine's Day

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To be clear, we encourage you to give flowers to those you care about throughout the year, but Valentine's Day is the one day when you can go all out.

If you're looking for some floral inspiration, we've selected a few bouquets that are sure to bring a smile to your loved ones, from cheerful sunflowers for your mother (don't tell us you were going to skip her!) to sophisticated calla lilies for your significant other and daisies for your best friend. This year, these lovely and fragrant floral arrangements are certain to bring a smile to your Valentine's face.

Which flower is most frequently given as a gift on Valentine's Day?


Unsurprisingly, roses are the most popular flower among lovers. According to CNN, an overwhelming 51% of Americans purchase red roses on Valentine's Day, which makes sense given their divine perfume and association with romance, passion, and beauty.

Orange or golden roses: Similar to red roses, orange or golden flowers convey a powerful sense of passion and emotional energy — similar to a blaze of fire.

Pink roses: Delicate, sensitive, and sweet, a bouquet of pink roses is ideal for communicating similarly delicate emotions.


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