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Home improvement ideas

Home improvement ideas

Maintaining your home space is important, particularly if you intend on putting your home on the market sometime soon, or if you simply want to freshen up your space. The best part about home improvements is that they do not always have to be large or lengthy tasks. Home improvement ideas or renovations are often discarded as they are out with the comfort zone of the usual, hoovering, disinfecting, or dusting however, they do not always need to be that complex! Continue reading as we discuss a variety of projects that you can complete to better your home both inside and out.


Let's begin with one of the pricier home improvement ideas, but potentially the one that will impact your home and family the most. Extension projects are becoming more and more popular, especially with the housing market rising, as families would much rather extend aspects of their home than follow through with the extra expense and hassle of relocating. Extensions can be made through the garage, basement, or loft conversions or most popularly, through a two-story extension attached to the side or the back of the property. Extensions are perfect if you require extra space or additional rooms within the home and can ultimately reduce clutter as there is additional storage space now added to your home. 

Add in feature walls

Feature walls are a perfect way to add dimension, texture, and also colour to a space and can be highly beneficial if your home is looking slightly bland. A common mistake homeowners make when selecting colour schemes for the rooms within their property is choosing a single colour and attempting to add dimension by altering the shades. For example, a grey living room, with a grey couch, grey painted walls, a grey carpet, and grey canvasses on the walls. Yes, we know...that's a whole lot of grey! Although the features within the room do feature different shades of grey, the room has little to no dimension within it and simply requires a pop! This is where a feature wall comes into play as it adds a focal point to the room making everything else look a lot less combined. Try opting for a textured patterned wallpaper, a bold textured paint, or even opt for panelling to create a significant feature wall.

Spruce up the home’s exterior

Your property's exterior can quite often be forgotten about however, a day or weekend spent dedicated to the outdoors should make a dramatic difference. Get your gardening gloves on to remove any weeding in between your driveway or stone garden areas, and bring out the pressure washer to remove stains or discolouring to paving or wooden decking. As well as this, why not take a trip down to the local garden centre, this could turn into a fun day out, and also means that you can accessorise your front and back garden with flowers and plants of your preference. While you're out here, have a lookup. Gutters are prone to collecting debris and waste such as broken branches, leaves, and even mould, and did you know, this can make them inefficient and result in them being unable to clear rainwater successfully? This task can be completed by yourself but may be difficult due to height restraints. Leave it to the professionals and click here to enquire about gutter cleaning services!

Upgrade appliances

Another home improvement idea is to upgrade aspects of the kitchen/utility space, after all, a lot of time is spent within the kitchen in particular, and if your appliances are beginning to become old and off-putting it may be wise to make a change. Purchasing new appliances such as a toaster, kettle, dishwasher, or washing machine could potentially save you money in the long run. As well as being brand spanking new, newer appliances are also more energy-efficient meaning that as well as adding a visual improvement to your kitchen/utility room space, you should also see a financial improvement in the long run!

Expand storage facilities

to reduce excess clutter around the home, adding in additional storage facilities is the perfect home improvement idea. This can be installed in the form of shelving, drawers, filing cabinets, or a bookcase. You could even turn this into a larger project by renovating the room underneath the stairs as extra closet space, or a loft conversion to store additional belongings that are no longer needed or regularly used.

DIY paint jobs on walls and skirting boards

The paint on walls and skirting boards can easily become stained and chipped over time, so a wise and easy home improvement idea would be to paint them. You can easily purchase paint and paintbrushes from your local home improvement store however if you have leftover paint from the previous occasion then even better! Ensure that you use masking tape and floor sheets accurately to avoid any damage to the rest of the room, and once the project is complete you will be sure to see a significant and revitalized difference to the space.
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