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4 ways to improve your immune system in the Covid era

COVID-19 is at alarming rates in parts of the world. Therefore, maintaining a strong immune system has taken on new significance as many of us wish to avoid the flu and winter colds, as well as concerning strains of the virus that causes COVID-19, whether Delta or Omicron.

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Unsurprisingly, marketers are capitalizing on our anxieties. A small business has sprung up around chewable, pills, and powders claiming to "boost" or "support" your immune system. Some even assert that proper food and physical exercise are all that are truly necessary to avoid illness. However, are any of these assertions true?

The most effective ways for maintaining good health

Vaccinate yourself

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When it comes to boosting your immune response, the COVID vaccine and booster dose, in addition to other recommended immunizations, are the best options. Consider vaccination as a quick reference guide for your immune system. When a viral invader enters your body, your immune system mobilizes to defend you. However, it must first determine what is attacking, which takes time – time that the virus uses to continue replicating within your body.

A vaccination familiarizes the immune system with the invader in advance and enables it to create a defence strategy. Thus, when the virus knocks on your door, your immune system can respond rapidly, possibly resulting in minimal symptoms or at the very least preventing major sickness. A booster shot serves as a refresher course for those lessons.

While the infection is possible even after vaccination, your immune system is trained to remove the virus more quickly, making the infection much less likely to be severe or life-threatening. We should obtain all accessible vaccines and boosters to raise our chances of having a milder form if we become infected.

Be well informed

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Numerous vitamin formulations and probiotic strains make claims about boosting or supporting the immune system. And, while some of those claims may be true, the reality is that they frequently do not work. Vitamins, for example, do support immune function, but only in those who are vitamin deficient – not in an ordinary, healthy person.” If your doctor performs testing and finds that you have a deficiency, they may recommend you get a vitamin drip in San Francisco. IV therapy delivers nutrients directly to the bloodstream, ensuring a high absorption rate. You can get individual vitamins, or vitamin blends to support whole-body wellness.

Nevertheless, probiotics have potential. The microbiome, a microcosm of organisms living in your gut, does play a critical role in immunity. However, specialists do not understand this role well enough to develop a product that can modify the microbiome to boost immunity. That may change over the next decade.

Put on your mask

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Finally, nothing is more effective in keeping you healthy than avoiding virus exposure entirely. While wearing a mask is not for everyone, it can help reduce the risk of spreading COVID to those who are not vaccinated, including children who are not yet eligible for the shot and those with immune system deficiencies who do not receive adequate protection from the vaccine. Masks are most effective when worn by everyone in the vicinity.

Maintain healthy lifestyle habits

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However, what about exercise and a healthy diet? Do they play a function in promoting the health of your immune system?

Yes, they do. Efforts to improve one's general health are never in vain. Healthy individuals are more resistant to sickness and frequently fare better when infected. Maintaining healthy habits can assist your immune system is performing at its best. Exercise and a healthy diet are not the only habits that can aid in weight loss. Additionally, you should strive to obtain consistent, high-quality sleep and control your stress level. Chronic stress and sleep deprivation can decrease immunological function.

However, if you wish to avoid COVID-19 and other viruses, these tactics should be used in conjunction with, not in place of, vaccination and other protective measures.

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