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Orange Photography : Health Benefits of Orange Juice

Orange juice is a liquid extract of the orange tree fruit, produced by squeezing oranges. It comes in several different varieties, including blood orange, navel oranges, valencia orange, clementine, and tangerine. Orange juice is enjoyed around the world.It’s naturally high in vital nutrients, such as vitamin C and potassium. Plus, commercial varieties are often enriched with calcium and vitamin D.

1. Rich in Several Important Nutrients.
Orange juice is high in many nutrients, including vitamin C, folate, and potassium.
An 8-ounce (240-ml) serving of orange juice provides approximately.
Calories: 110
Protein: 2 grams
Carbs: 26 grams
Vitamin C: 67% of the Reference Daily Intake (RDI)
Folate: 15% of the RDI
Potassium: 10% of the RDI
Magnesium: 6% of the RDI

2. High in Antioxidants.
Antioxidants in orange juice promote health by preventing oxidative damage — an imbalance between antioxidants and unstable molecules known as free radicals.

3. May Help Prevent Kidney Stones.
Kidney stones are small mineral deposits that accumulate in your kidneys, often causing symptoms like severe pain, nausea, or blood in your urine.
Orange juice can increase the pH or urine, making it more alkaline. Studies show that having a higher, more alkaline urinary pH may aid in preventing kidney stones. 

4. May Improve Heart Health.
Heart disease is a serious problem, accounting for over 17 million deaths worldwide each year.

5. May Decrease Inflammation.
Acute inflammation is a normal part of the immune response designed to protect against disease and infection. (Info from
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  1. Mm I love orange so much. Trying to drink a fresh at least a few times during the week. And those photos are amazing, Melody! <3 | Fashion Blog | by Dess Markova

  2. I need to add orange juice to my diet. Thanks for sharing!

  3. This is great. It's always great to have knowledge of foods and drinks that are healthy for us.

  4. There are some great benefits!!

    Effortlessly Sophisticated

  5. i like orange juice! it feels so fresh and it gives me a lot of energy whenever i'm sick!


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